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Sri Lanka
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Kittens on 2018-02-14

This is my third story. I promised to share how my grand mother communicate with me through dreams and with that being said I will share the story how my grand mother was sent away to the light. If you've read my previous story (Loku Mama) I explained what kind of a person she was and how she passed...

Loku Mamma <3 on 2018-02-02

This is my second story. In my first story (I told you so!) I mentioned that I saw my grand mothers spirit and she started communicating with me in my dreams and black kittens. We call our grand mother "Loku" Mamma. Loku means big in Sinhala language. The first spirit that I ever encountered was Lok...

I Told You So! on 2018-01-24

I only have few experiences and thought of sharing the most terrifying experience which happened in 2017 September. When I was 16 years old I saw the ghost of my Grand mother and after that she communicated with me through black kittens and strange dreams which I will share in a future post. Then on...

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Date: 2018-02-19

I agree, she taught me well, To love and to help. Most of all she showed me how to be happy by making someone else happy. She always told me you don't have to donate a million to a charity to feel good you just have to throw a biscuit at a stray dog, help someone to cross the road, be mild, speak the truth, greet with a smile, those are the things that gives a purpose to our lives. I hope she's proud of me for trying my best to follow her path:)

Love - Pinka
Date: 2018-02-18

Hiii:) Thank you. No matter where we are, where they are the memoirs will always stay, the love will always be there, We might not see them psychically but they will always live in our mind and heart. I know she's there somewhere watching me and I hope that I make her proud and smile ❤
Date: 2018-02-18

Thank you Leo:) And yes I'm will be one hell of a COOL Gran LOL I salute your old man and sending lots of love to him! My father is also the same. A fun loving, sensitive, smart man. He had a rough childhood as well but he never gave up! We are lucky to have dads like them and thanks to him this girl knows how to survive a hurricane! I hope you are spending time with your father, I miss mine, I will be seeing him next month.

We are lucky to be able to admire the nature and eat mud! Seeing 2 year olds with I pads makes me wonder what they will become when they are teens!

I'm going to raise my children in a forest or a farm because I need them to have the childhood I had. To love nature! Again I wish your old man a long, healthy happy life for the amazing brother/ father he is! ❤
Date: 2018-02-15
Muah, Thank you! I know right? Lol I wanted to give details as much as I could and to keep the story short. Sorry if you've faced difficulties reading my story. Much love ❤


I can't open the link:/
Date: 2018-02-14
LuciaJacinta, AugustaM & RCRuskin,

Hi all, Thank you for your kind comments. I strongly believe that she's watching over me. In my next story I will tell you how her lovely spirit used to sit next to me and pat my head, sadly we had to send her to the light. Still I feel her presence and her perfume time to time, not as strong as it used to be.

Grandmothers are the ones who loves us the way we expect to be loved. No restrictions, no rules, they simply spoil us and keep on loving us no matter what we tern out to be. My prayers are with you all and your loving grandparents. I know our only wish is to have more time with them. I KNOW that all of our loved ones are watching over us from the other side.

RCRuskin - Yes I know what you mean, you fall in to this trance and I don't know how to explain. It's like losing track of time right?

Again I thank you all for your heart felt comments. Love to all of you and your lovely families. Stay blessed and be safe! ❤ ❤ ❤
Date: 2018-02-13
Hi shenny

I am from Sri Lanka. This is the first time I heard that Police are allowed to take their family on an investigation? So you are telling us that your uncle was okay to take young teenagers on an missing person case not knowing what is about to happen? That girl could have been kidnapped by criminals and could have been a gun fight and your uncle risked you and your cousins lives? Also I searched for a Sujatha Ananda missing person / suicide case, couldn't find anything about it. I like the way you write, very catchy and you are talented, thumbs up for that:) your story doesn't sound real.I'm sorry if I offended you! Cheers!
Date: 2018-02-08

Hello! Drama is on repeat at my place lol I hope that your problems are sorted.

We cleanse the house every Saturday because whatever the protection we did will last only for 6 months. So clock is ticking and we are planning to move to the house that me and my boy friend purchased may be in April. The spirits that was trapped in the bottle will return after 6 months. That's what the Guru said. There were two ladies who had their eye on the property that we currently live and they couldn't get hold of it before they passed and they passed with greed. That's the main reason why those two spirits mingle in the house causing us problems. Guru said that she released those spirits to a cemetery and will return when the protection expires. Before that we need to move out. My concern is will those spirits follow us to our new home because i'm pretty sure that they must be furious with us because we tried to banish them. We thought we banished them but guru says otherwise.

Thank you for your incite and STAY SAFE!
Date: 2018-02-06
Hi, Interesting story and I hope you are holding it together. If you still have a trouble with what you are going through try to get in touch with Chip Coffey, an American psychic investigator, I don't think you are dealing with demons. I think you have a gift to see what we can't see. Chip Coffey will be able to direct you in the right direction:) GOOD LUCK!

Hi, I am from Sri Lanka. Please Belive me Dumi is not a Christian as he told you.

Sri Lankans practice a different kind of black magic. I know it has been over 5 years and I hope I'm not too late to shed some light on you.

In Sri Lanka there some people who think they are "gifted" they think they hear various gods. Please google these gods (Sohon Kali, Kadawara appachi, Badra kali, Kalukambili appachi etc) These people who have this gift start a place called "dewalea" because they can look at a person and tell them their past present and future like they have been spying on you. Just like Dumi was able to predict you. Some people are to genuinely hep people, some will help evil for money.

I must tell you that some people who has this gift of talking to unseen gods are able to control spirits. They can order them to do things for them. You said you felt like that he laid a spell on you right? That's must be it.

If we take a possessed person to one of this dewalae this gifted person can ask a spirit who he controls to pull out the spirit that possesses a body. They can ask a spirit to posses a normal person. They can order a spirit to go to a certain house and make them suffer. These gifted people use sea water, river water, spring water and various kind of oils which was chanted to keep this spirits in control. May be the holy water Dumi said must have been some kind of a water. Because you can't tell the difference.

He must have showed you some of the chanted water and spread crosses just to trick you. You said he was kidnapped and soon after he left Sri Lanka.

When he was kidnapped his parents must have seeked helped from one of these places. (Because people often go to these places to find missing people / to find good jobs/ to win a case/ to bail someone out from prison/ to pass an exam/ anything you could imagine) If that's the case there's a huge possibility that Dumi must have got this talent from one of those gifted who encourage evil. You could have contacted his parents and ask. Because even politicians in Sri Lanka go to these places.

And yes people who are gifted doesn't really know that they gifted unless a person who has the ability to recognize and inform them that they are gifted. (Mostly Hindu priests only recognize the gifted coz the above mentioned gods are Hindu gods) Example: If I go to the hindu kovil and the preist there recognize me and tell me that I am gifted and if he ask me to practice the ability then only I will be able to gain full control of it. Otherwise the gift will just fade away.

May be Dumi must have had the gift and was advised to practice it. He must have got help from one of the gifted to fly to USA or he must have helped himself to travel. Who knows! In Sri Lanka the "gifted" are very rich and fortunate coz they take money to help people A LOT OF MONEY!

Dumi must have attracted a spirit when you moved to a new place. That's what you must have seen and possibly possessed you.

Anyway I know it's too late. I knew right away what exactly your Ex is. These places can be found everywhere in Sri Lanka, some are fake some are the rel deal. Once I went to the "Dewalae" to get rid of my dead granny who was attached to me.

I hope that I shed some light on you. Dumi is no CHRISTIAN! He must be someone who is "gifted" we call it "Warama" in sinhala in case if you are interested to google.


Hope you are keeping well in present!
Hi Anon20,

Im sorry for what you are going through. I Agree with what you've said about God! He just couldn't be happier with the dinosaurs and had to create us!

Anyway I am from sri Lanka. Once I went through something similar to you. I started hearing voices in my head which was a whisper and it bothered me a lot. Then I started to get pains, Specially my calf, back, shoulders and forehead. I couldn't sleep. I became very aggressive because I was sleepless and tired. I couldn't concentrate and had to quit my job! My life became a living hell.

So my boyfriend took me to one of these people who do rituals to cure people from supernatural whatever you called sicknesses. (I had medical checkups and turned out I am FINE!)

As soon as I walked to the "Dewalea" that's what they call that place. The lady there said that my dead grand mother is attached to me. She's trying to communicate with me (Explains the whispers) and she rub and massage my body every night out of love she has for me (Explains the physical pain).

The lady "Maniyo" told me since she is a good spirit it has no intention to harm me. But she (My dead granny) doesn't know because of her presence around me, i'm suffering mentally and physically. Because of her whatever good that comes to be get blocked (Explains why I quit my job and had a rough time) So the "Maniyo said that she need to do a ritual to send my granny away. So she conducted some rituals, Cutting lime, prayers, and we had to offer food and fruits. I have to wear this thread with a metal attached to it so spirits can't come near me. Soon after that the whispers stooped and there was no physical pain. I started to work again and going on.

As per "Maniyo" someone who wants to hurt you can put a spirit, demon on you unless it's already attached to you. My case it just happened. In your case it could be just a stupid demon saw you and decided to bother you OR a nutcase who hates you want you to suffer.

Therefore, my best advise is find out what happened to you, might be a good spirit or bad you never know and who did it to you and get help and get rid of it. Because taking more time to resolve the issue will eventually lead you to your downfall. Come to Sri Lanka i'm more than happy to take you to the dewalae:) That lady really saved my life. I heard whispers that's why I thought I should share this with you. Hope I've shed some light on you.

I don't believe in god either coz if he was real people shouldn't be suffering at all. Why he wants to make us suffer, the things he created? I don't understand! If he was real world would be a better place. And yes! People who have faith on God might tell you first you need to believe in God to get his help. That's really selfish of God. I've seen devoted people who are unable to afford for a good meal. And again, to believers, I respect your beliefs. I'm just not buying it!

ANON Get help SOON!
Date: 2018-02-01
Hi, Such an interesting story. I came to Negambo beach with My boy friend few weeks back. He was driving at a normal speed (Because I nag a lot if he exceed my comfy speed limit) suddenly a women with messy hair in rusty clothes A gray top and a torn black skirt jumped in front of our car. Somewhere close to the browns hotel. We thought it's a less fortunate lady (A begger) My boy friend braked and this women started walking slowly in front of the car from left to right eye bowling my boy friend. She had a death stare to be honest. So we waited until she cross and my boy friend slowly started to drive and right when we passed her we turned our heads to look at her and she just vanished. She looked solid like a living person! But there is no way a living person could vanish without a trace or run and hide in 10 seconds! After reading your story... I think it must be one of the rape victim.