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The Shadows Near The Tree on 2018-01-28

This is actually my first story which I am going to tell and is actually based on the encounter of my best friend who lives in the neighborhood. This experience is neither terrifying nor horrific but I am scared though, and a little worried about this incident. So here we go, This first started o...

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Well,the thing that made me believe Rachel can sense ghosts is from our childhood when we were playing tag along with the kids of our colony when she suddenly remarked of feeling unusual near one of the houses in the colony which later found to be inhabited by the ghost of their daughter, she even had experienced one when we were of only 10 as something strange chasing her, but unlike me she was brave enough to deal with it. And she is quite funny but is serious about these stuffs and I believed it. I know that there are some stray dogs around but they can never jump such a high wall and can enter in the house... So, I am actually worried about it cause this has gotten really strange lately so I am going to post a part 2 of it.
Date: 2018-01-28
Personally,I believe that it has attached to your mother for all these years then maybe this entity is related to your mother's past and thus,wasn't able to break ties with her. And maybe this attachment is the cause it can't leave this world or something like that. It is just a personal belief, so don't stress on it. 😉