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Toddler Terrors on 2018-01-24

So this is my first story I've posted on here and I'm really intrigued on what you all think. I've recently moved into a two bedroom flat with my two young sons, my oldest is 3 years old and he's always been a very caring and sensitive little lad, but recently we've had a few things that have made...

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Date: 2018-02-03
Thank you guys for commenting back! We didn't go to any circus because as it turns out I'm actually petrified of clowns.

And we've heard of the toy manufacturers but my little boy doesn't actually have any of those toys.

My job hasn't been cut off but for the last two weeks now I've had to be off sick because I fell off a ladder at work while holding a huge spanner (not the best idea I know) but as I fell I landed on my back and the spanner landed on me so now my backs in pain.

When we go threw the months where it's active it honestly can be more positive but then we get bad things also occurring

I've got a meeting soon with my local priest this weekend to talk about it. I feel awful thought because before this I have never been religious always thought it was all nonsense but since all off these activities are happening I'm really questioning my beliefs and I'm also going to talk to him about getting my boys christened!
Date: 2018-02-02
Hey guys! Sorry I scared some of you. I'll answer your questions in this comment! Ok so the first one is I didn't notice anything other than my bank card was missing so I guess I didn't notice the knife because my mind was somewhere else. The knife that was under my pillow was a butcher knife which I suppose scared me more because of how sharp it was. I did go to sleep and my son woke me up screaming and being a single mum I guess I am more paranoid when things go bump in the night but both me and my son saw that thing that night, we had a few things happen before this incident but nothing to make me think this is serious but it seems now things are slowly going threw stages where for a couple of months nothing then for another couple of months it can be awful for us. "Mookie" as far as I'm away means nothing to do with culture or our neighbourhood and my son has only just started saying it since this incident. What worry's me is as I've said I'm a single mum and I am going threw some financial difficulties and I also work a lot I mean my kids never go without but it can be a struggle for me personally and I feel like whatever he was picked my bank card and a knife as a sign of my weakness if that makes sense? As far as I'm aware from what I've heard from other people is my village I live in my is quite haunted but I've never really got to find out how and why?