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United States
New Jersey
I live in central New Jersey. I'm married and have a grown daughter who moved to San Diego after graduating from college.

My wife and I enjoy road trips, long and short, and I'm an avid road biker. Bicycle not motor.
Ghost Stories from ABFine

The Myrtles on 2008-10-27

My wife and I left Natchez, Mississippi the morning after my encounter with Madeline. (This story is related in my first post-entitled "Madeline".) The next stop on our road trip was New Orleans. We were traveling south on Route 61 and not long after entering Louisiana I saw a sign for the city o...

Madeline on 2008-10-07

My wife and I were on a road trip in May of this year and made a stop in Natchez, Mississippi. We stayed at a former plantation house called, oddly enough, Monmouth Plantation. After checking in we were shown to our room by a very energetic and engaging bellman. When we asked him about a good place ...