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Just recently *2011-2012* I'm studying to be a secondary teacher, High School that is and hoping to be an English/History teacher. In the past I've worked as a film maker, radio Disc Jockey, landscaper, builder, office clerk & barman (for a wee while) so, literally, I'm a jack of all trade (but a master of none). I'm currently writing a novel (a crime/thriller) and write short ghost stories and crime stories.
I've lived in Australia for nearly 40 years and became more frigging Australian than the bloody Aussies themselves. Most of my paranormal/supernatural experiences occurred here in Australia or sometimes over seas and, yes, I have witnessed some pretty weird shiat.
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The Miner on 2013-01-15

I've just returned from NZ no more than a week ago and I can't stop thinking about the strange man I saw while tramping through the forest. If you know New Zealand then you would know about the Fox River. I joined a walking tour which took 15 days tramping through the South Island exploring. It was ...

The Family Who Wasn't There on 2012-04-04

Hey I'm back again. I've a ghost story I would love to share with you all. It's a strange one, as usual so here it is. I've just moved to another town out in Western NSW about seven months ago. I'm a history/English teacher at the local high school (my first year) and moved with two other first ye...

Agna on 2012-02-20

2010, what a strange year. I'm backpacking through Europe, cold, damp and damned lonely. I finally arrived in London and found employment as a barman in a small, Victorian pub, attended by regulars from some of the offices that was surrounding the old pub (if I remember correctly, it was called the ...

Joshua on 2010-10-19

My girlfriend has a son named Simon who has an imaginary friend, or so we thought. There would be times I would hear Simon talking to someone in his room, as if he was holding a conversation. One wet afternoon, a few weeks back, I was editing a music video clip. I was by myself in the house as m...

A Night Of Terror In The Bush on 2009-12-15

My tale takes place a few weeks back while camping in the bush. This was my first break in several months from work as I'm now a roadie for international bands (like Pink, Nickleback etc). I decided to go camping with two old mates up in the bush for a few days, far away from the world as possible. ...

Strange Things Inside The Store on 2009-07-08

G'day, I'm back with another spooky tale. Okay, I'm working in a small co-op shop in a very small country town in the bush. The shop used to be owned by a man who was an alcoholic and he was found dead about six weeks back. Now for the spooky bits. My job is to look after the gardens as I'm ...

The Boy In The Bush on 2009-05-20

I was just 17, thrown out of home and found myself living on a hippie commune. Self imposed exile I like to call it. Anyway, I fell in with a pretty cool and funky crew and we were all into the same thing: Bushwalking. One wet Saturday we were bored. I came up with the idea of doing some bushwalking...

The Haunted Yha on 2009-03-17

2000 was the last time I went on holidays. I took a trip to NZ for a few weeks, backpacking around the South Island (do it, it's worth the trip). I just finished doing a ten days walking trip around the forests of NZ and said goodbye to the people who I did the trip with (and was glad to see the las...

The Box And The Quilt on 2009-03-02

*Waving his paws at everyone* I know I promised you my granny's stories but here's one from my family's experience. It happened to my sister, her husband, and again, my brother, G. G is now, by this stage, in his mid 20's and living with my sister and her husband (who also got a great spine tingling...

Vanishing House Of Windy Willows on 2009-02-17

Back again! This is not my story but one of my brothers' experiences. It has to be one of the strangest stories that stuck in my mind for years. I'm not revealing my brother's real name so we'll just call him G and my other brother E (both older than me so I wasn't even thought of when this happened...

The Gateway To Tir-na-nog on 2009-02-16

It was my first trip overseas in 1994, back to my homeland of Ireland where I was born but I was brought up in Australia. Ireland, the mystic place of fairies, poets, and ancient heroes... And the supernatural. I stayed with my sister in West Cork in a lovely little stone cottage with a stunning...

The Haunted Department Store on 2009-02-16

Wasn't long after the Little Old Lady incident I headed down to Sydney where I got a great job as clerk in a big flashy department store (name withheld). It was an old building built in the mid 1800's. Now, where my office was located was away from everyone else in a small pokey office, no bigger th...

The Little Old Woman And The White Cat on 2009-02-16

It was the summer of 1987; I was 19 years of age. Fresh faced from a hippie commune and found myself a job in the main town. I was lucky because I struck gold with a lovely house that was built in the 1920's and on a leafy street, very middle class. I moved in with a woman and her four screaming kid...

The Christmas Ghost on 2008-12-17

Going back to 1988 I was on holidays in a small country town in Australia named Murwillumbah. I was up from Sydney where I was working (actually in a haunted department and I promise to write that one out, too) and was up visiting my parents. We went out to some Christmas Do and came back a bit...

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Date: 2013-03-08
My ex G/F once told me she saw a young girl while working in the local Hospital. The girl was wandering the hallways late at night... Never found out who or why she was haunting the hallways. I reserached the histopry of the hospital and found there were many a young girl passed away in that hospital...
Date: 2013-03-08
LOL poor bugger. Should find out who the chick is and why she's haunting these places for
ever find out who the woman in the cupboard was? Should do a bit of a history research... Might some wrid story attached or a legend
Date: 2013-02-22
wow great story. Many hotel rooms hold strange and wonderful secrets (some dark). Interesting experience 😨
Fergie, sorry but I gave up on the book as it was chewing up the time that I had commit to teaching but now I'm resigning from teaching at the end of this year... Brats are getting too much to handle and besides I'm finding it boring 😆 but anyway I haven't seen the ghosts for the past two weeks now. We're used to them now and will be sad to leave at the end of this year... Got a life to live...
Date: 2012-04-24
wow! I had an experience like that while travelling through Ireland back in 94. I saw a little man sitting in the tree watching me and me watching him... Never ran so fast in my life 😐
they're harmless, even though my G.F. Said she had her hair pulled by someone a couple of nights back (20/04). Now and then I would find wet footprints on the floor or the mysterious smell of pipe tobacoo...they're still here 😊
Date: 2012-02-29
Hey Dan, great to be back. I've been busy with life 😁 but I thought I should get this story off my hairy chest. I have another one that happened last October but I won't put that up yet as I've things to do through Uni... Becoming a high school teacher and that's scarey 😨
Date: 2012-02-27
Okay, sorry about the confusion but I'll do my best to explain. Though I saw the ghost herself but like most ghost stories, people just presume that she's still buried in the house. Her body would've been stored in a trunk off some sort but maybe they didn't leave the body in the house and buried it elsewhere. I didn't get to investigate this as I left the area to go elsewhere so I just took the story with a truck load of salt. Her parents would've left heart broken because their daughter was missing. I sww this woman in a wedding dress, I presumed it was a wedding dress as I saw the tail end of it... Read the story again... I agree, it might be just a local legend about how she died. Again, I'll repeat, I saw this woman going up the stairs and, as I explained, the rooms above were empty. Sorry if the story was confusing but at the time I was confused and I did question the old fella about the story, which I should've added, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said that he was brought up on that... I wish that I got around to investigate it and find out more... Maybe he just jesting me but how can you explain me seeing the spirit
Wow, sounds like the girl was pissed off at you because you were getting older and she remain forever young.
Date: 2011-02-06
wtf? What drugs are you on, scarey22? Ruin a perfectly good story with your holy-than-thou crap! Anyway, ignoring what that holy fool wrote, this story puts me in mind of a ghost story I heard about some bay in Victoria (Australia) where there's a woman's ghost that wanders the track... I don't know much about that one but this one wasn't bad... Except for that stupid comment that the Holy Fool put up
have you looked into the history of the place? Something bad must've happened there and wonder why Stacy didn't like you? Find that weird and spooky.
Mate, check the history of the street, find out if there were any slaves buried anywhere close to the street. This is what I would be doing, going to local historic society and going through old files dating back to the Civil war or find out if any young African-American girls died there in the past fifty/sixty years. Great story by the way
I had an experience almost like it when I visited Toowong boneyard a couple of years back. Dutton Park got a weird repuation to it, like Toowong, full of dark secrets and a mysterious history... You got a fine eye for details
Date: 2010-10-22
I told Sammy, my G/F about showing the photo of Joshua to Simon... You won't believe this but when Sammy showed him the photo, Sim looks up and says: That's Joshua... I was there and my spine went icy cold... I don't think Sammy seen the boy ghost, yet... But I was somewhat taken back for it was same boy I saw, too. 😨 he's lonely, I reckon, so he chosen Sim to be playmate. I wonder what will happen when Sim gets older, where wll Josh go to now? I don't believe in saying follow the light, he wants to stay here with his nephew and his big sister and he's very welcome to... I spoken to Sammy's mum about the experience and she knows that Josh is still earth bound and very happy that he found a playmate...
Date: 2010-03-19
I believe your mum. See my story "Gateway to Tir Na Nog" and my experience with the fairy folk
I don't live in the outback. I live in the bush. There's a big difference. Miss Hill is correct. A Yowie, believe this or not, is actually a cousin of the Bigfoot. Recently I told the above story to an Aboriginal elder and he nearly shat himself. He told me that he, too, saw the same creature when he was a teenager back in the 40s, well, maybe it wasn't the same creature but you never know. These creatures are believed to be a strange beastie that evolved over the years (centuries). To be honest I was shiatting myself. I've left my job as a roadie and hardly see those two guys now since that night. One, I believe, is now a Hare Khirsna. Freaked him out so much that he went religlious. The other one, he vanished. No one knows where he is
[at] Cookiekitty999, I live in Australia and we don't have bears. I couldn't say a giant roo so the only detail popped in my mind was a bulldozer, which it did sound like but not a bear, not here in Australia unless it smuggled on board some plane and parachuted out 😆 but seriously, though we don't have bears here. I have heard stories about ABCs-Alien Big Cats like Pumas and Panthers. A mate of mine back in the 80s saw one and it scared the shiate out him. But not a bear.
To coolboy, what drugs were you on? 😕
Fishlover, the history goes back to the Indigenous Dreaming. I'm not sure about the legend but there is a ghost story about people vanishing up there dating back to the late 1800s.
You know we never thought about that. We were too s**t scared and wanted to be away from there far as possible 😨