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I joined this site to share my experiences and to read about other happenings.
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Things That Go Bump In The Day on 2015-05-25

This event happened around September or October of 2014 while I was staying at my mom's house in Missouri. This was my second trip out there, the other being a year before around the same time. I would like to start by mentioning the dog they have. He is an European Boxer that is about 2 years ol...

The Tables Have Turned on 2013-10-01

I really need to get this out and for someone to hear me out. There has never been a moment when I have personally felt threatened or afraid in this home. Over the years I have become numb to all of the normal day to day occurrences with the few that stick out. After I submitted my last story, I ...

The Past Few Years on 2013-09-02

Sorry in advance if there is any grammar errors. I typed this up early in the morning and I hadn't slept for at least 24 hours. So, I seriously have NO idea how to start this off. My last update was in 2010 and I think this is way overdue. I don't know where to begin so I'll begin with my last me...

The Past Year on 2010-01-18

I haven't posted in about a year and in that time a lot of stuff has happened. Like just the other day my mom had friends over and they were upstairs. I guess it was about 9pm when something really strange happened. Blood started dripping from the ceiling and onto the bed. What makes this really odd...

Spirit Girl on 2008-10-27

After posting my other story, I did research on the house. The history is not good at all. Later I was thinking about it when this strange light came on in my room. I got freaked out. In my mind I said "Show your self". Well... It did. It was a little girl. She started giggling then this burst o...

Is My House Really Haunted on 2008-10-20

My paranormal story sounds some-what fake but trust me, its all real. I'm only a teenager and have lived in my house all my life. Only in the past year or so I have been noticing a lot of weird stuff happening. The most recent thing that has happened to me was last night. I was in my room trying...

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Faith- It's quite alright! I understood it haha (: But as of if they have had any experiences, nothing quite to that level. Just a few unexplainable noises here and there, or just small things happening like doors being opened. I haven't been in touch frequently with either of them as of late so if anything notable has happened, I wouldn't know.

Thank you for the comment!
Date: 2015-05-23
That is quite terrifying. I can only imagine being such a young age and experiencing something like that. But it seemed quite harmless, maybe just a curious spirit of sorts? I've heard of encounters that young children had with friendly spirits where it merely wanted to, I would assume, play.

If you have ever done any research on the property, maybe something could turn up to help you better understand who or what even, is there.

Can't wait to read your other stories if and when you do share them!
Date: 2013-10-23
I honestly don't know if it is what you call wall walkers besides the eyes because I myself have never seen it. I've only been told about the experience, though it does sound very similar.

Thank you. I am going back home in 5 days from when I am posting this comment so I'll prepare for the cleansing once I arrive in Monday evening. Hopefully the freezing Fall weather of Tennessee hasn't set in yet.
Date: 2013-10-14
Could just be an old spirit lingering. But in a previous comment you said you sometimes get a vibe that the spirit doesn't want you there. Maybe something bad happened in the family and it resulted in something bad happening to this man. There might be bad history there that you aren't aware of. Maybe try looking into it with records or stories from your family.

Thanks for sharing,
Date: 2013-10-14
Truthfully, this doesn't sound like a doppelganger at all. What I have to ask is if your girlfriend actually saw "you" when this all occurred, or was is just your voice she heard?
If it was just the voice, it could just be a spirit, or possibly a demon. Not to scare you but, they have the ability to mock a person's voice. I'm not saying it is, just the outlying possibilities.
As for the mess in the shower, I believe its your cat. For one, I've never heard of a ghost using the bathroom somewhere. A cat however, yes. My cat is extremely clean and yet if I don't clean out her litter box every day, even I just skip it by half a day, she finds somewhere else to do her business. She could also be sick. When I was young we had an older cat and when she was getting close to her time of passing, she became really ill and couldn't control her bowel movements. Your cat could just possibly be ill so I advise you take her to a vet for a checkup. It couldn't hurt anyways as you always want to make sure your pets are healthy.
Hope you figure something out!

Thanks for sharing,
Date: 2013-10-14
Did you have one emotion that became strong upon seeing this animal? Like, did you feel fear, sadness, etc.
If you didn't pick up on any malicious emotions when the beast was in your room then I doubt it was anything bad. What it sounds like is a spirit of a dog. There are dogs that are big and bulky (i.e. My mom's European boxer, mastiff, etc.) Am I saying that's what it is for sure? No, I wasn't there. I'm just saying that it sounds like a spirit of an old dog who maybe lived on the lands or was wild and died there. As long as you haven't been physically attacked by the animal, I don't believe there is anything to worry about!

Thanks for sharing,
Udon- I definitely always try to put myself in the poster's shoes to try and understand what they experienced. But it definitely does sound like it could be an unsolved mystery. They're always the best though because it shows there wasn't an logical explanation.
Definitely keep us updated! I'd like to hear anything new you find out! 😊
Glad to hear that you were able to test that theory out! To even come close to the sound it had to be something made of metal or some sort of hard object. There's really nothing else I could think of that might have been overlooked that could come close to the sound.
(I took a set of my car keys and tapped it against the window to have a better understanding of what the sound actually is.) I definitely can hear the difference between the key and my fingertip. What an odd occurrence I must say.
Hope you are able to find something that matches the sound! If not, then I guess you just have a mystery 😊
Definitely an interesting story! Spooky as well. I don't believe it was a prankster or animal due to the fact they would have made other noises in their escape. In a previous comment you said that it was the glass itself being hit because of the vibrations so it couldn't have been an animal hitting another object.
With it also being so rapid like you said, it just doesn't seem plausible.
Unless there is one possibility; wind. Did you happen to notice if it was windy or not that night? Sure, it sounds weird with it stopping as you turned on the light but if you opened the door immediately, it would have stopped abruptly also due to the object being moved. That's the only thing I can think of that would replicate the sound and the situation.
Maybe you could try to replicate it with a fan or by barely wiggling the door to see if the glass is loose in the frame? I know windows do the same thing when the wind starts to blow, especially if the frame is old.
Also, welcome to YGS! 😊
After knowing that, sounds even spookier. The best thing I can tell you is to just do the research on said area, folklore, myths, sightings, etc. Maybe something will turn up that will help you identify this creature.
Date: 2013-09-21
As much as this is compelling, I have to point out that the mist in the pictures look very much like smoke. In image 5 I can tell that the person is in a coat which would mean its cold out there. Now, depending on the temperatures, it could very well be someone's breath. Not saying it is or isn't, just pointing out the possibilities.

Image 4 shows a bright "orb" that appears to be moving. That just appears to be a bug flying around. Bugs tend to be attracted to light (the flash on the camera). Also, when the flash went off, it reflected off of the bug. Very common.

As for the other "orbs", they appear to just be dust particles or such. Orbs are really hard to classify as something paranormal because of how similar they look to normal dust particles that are in the air. And being that you're outside, you probably kicked up some dirt and such when you were walking around which would explain the orbs in the pictures.

I'm not saying that's what these pictures are because I'm definitely not a ghost hunter or anything, just stating what I know and how similar they look to said occurrences.

I can see why you would never take the garbage out again. I would never even open my front door had I seen something like that.

On the other hand though, you said there wasn't any lights except from your garage approximately 300ft away. I know that your eyes tend to adjust once you're in an area with very little lighting, so do you know if at that point you were able to see clearly yet? That's if your garage light wasn't bright enough to actually light up the road.

As for the faceless bit, had you been able to see just a little, I'm pretty sure you could have made out the facial features especially if it was still eating AND looking at you. Considering you were focused on it.

Truthfully, I'm at a loss besides thinking it's some animal with mange but it still doesn't account for the rest of what you described. Maybe do a bit of research and see if anybody else has seen it?

Be Careful!,
I agree with CharlaC about you being sensitive to the paranormal. You're able to see/hear more than the average person can leading you to have a lot more experiences no matter where you go.

At the same time, it almost seems like the same type of things are following you. Which makes me want to ask, has anything significant happened to your family before all of this started happening? I'm not one to believe in curses, voodoo, all of that stuff but I've heard some pretty compelling stuff prior to this that makes me believe otherwise. Definitely worth checking out some family history.

Be Careful!,
Sounds similar to my own experiences with a little girl spirit. I like this a lot though. Just childish fun for Michael it seems!:)
Maybe your mom doesn't want to believe in this type of stuff. Some people refuse to believe what they see simply because it frightens them or don't know what it is/was. Some individuals are afraid of the unknown.

As for what you saw, I personally have never heard of demons manifesting nor poltergeists. It could be a number of things, even the moonlight bouncing off of the trees and tricking your eyes. I would suggest definitely try recreating the shape with some tree limbs and leaves, adjusting the lighting if needed.

There's a lot out there that we don't know about, especially in places with a lot of unexplored wilderness around. So you could have very well seen something that night. Try researching as much as possible about the area and what you saw. It's definitely a great place to start.

Be careful!,
Date: 2013-09-15

Thanks! I'll look into it once I get back into state. Right now I'm hopefully free from it for a couple of months.
Personally, in my opinion, it could have been a number of things. Not just of the paranormal stance. For one, don't approach strangers even if you don't if it's real or your imagination. If it is/was actual people, they could have been armed. Maybe look up information on the area that you live in if you truly believe it's paranormal. I live in the neighboring state of Tennessee and right where my house is, there was a old Civil War medical camp set up for confederate soldiers which could explain a lot of my experiences. Maybe it could explain what you witnessed.
Just be careful next time if you see "them" again. Grab your puppy, go inside, and lock the doors. If you think you're really in harm, I advise you to call the police to come and check out the area because you believe there is intruders on the property.
I hope you find out what it really was though 😲
Am I ever so glad this didn't happen when I was living in my apartment! Though I did have a random person walk in one night thinking it was his apartment /: Nothing paranormal though lol.
Great story though! Definitely one of the most interesting ones I've read. And very detailed. Glad to hear it doesn't happen at your new place! 😊
Awe, it's always good hearing stories like this one! At least you still have your loyal cat, even in the afterlife. Cats are seriously the best companions for anyone.
Thanks for sharing this! 😁
Date: 2013-09-03
Older cars, especially ones that have been heavily damaged in wrecks tend to steer out of course. My '94 Jeep did the same exact thing until I had a front end alignment done on it. As for the rust, it could have been anywhere that you couldn't see, etc. It's always best when buying from used dealerships to have someone professional look at it, test it, etc. So you don't have to lose out on money.
But, as BadJJ said, you were there, I wasn't. You know more about the situation than I do lol.