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Are Ghosts Contacting Me? on 2007-06-07

Dear all, I'd love to share my unexplained stories with you... I've been always seen ghosts, spirits, devils! I will write more than one story that had happened to me, so advise me what would you think they are, and what should I do. I had a brother one year older than me, so when I was 4 years old ...

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Dear Abby,
I just want to tell you something might help you understan why my mother doest want me ao my brother to believe in these things, it is because a relative of mine she is now in her late 20's used to see demons and bad spirits when she was much younger, and these demons (as she says) they are seven, when she is alone or even sitting with anyone, she talks with something non of us can see! And she always keep repeeting the number 7! And everything she do must be 7 times! And she tried to commit suicide 3 times, like jumping from the top of a building. 2 times she didn't die, but have a severe injuries, and the thiered time my uncle saw her and pulled her back befor she through her self! When they ask her why she did that, her only answer is "they told me", and when they asked her "who told you? What do you mean by (they)?" she answers "the seven" or "the seven goblines/demons"! She has been to a psychatric and to many doctors, but no one could cure her! That is why my mother believes that we should not believe in them, because they'll control us!
dear all, it's me macy...
Abby you asked me to let you all know here if the advice and answers have helped me,
i'll tell you that the answers you gave, that my grandfather could be my brother's guardian spirit, I start believing that it is possible, but by the way,(my mother doesn't believe in such things, so she at that time told my brother that those where illusions and unreal/doesn't exist, and he should stop dreaming or thinking about them befor he become crazy... And since then he stoped seeing my grandfather, now he is 13 and he doesn't see such things anymore!

about that "the demon who were shaking me..." yes you convinced me that it might be a "sleep paralysis", or maybe, this is how I want to believe it is!

oh and by the way I've wriiten another article in (Psychic experiences) under "afraid of my visions", please cheack them and tell me what do you think?