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Always had a connection with ghosts and spirits and currently live in places that are a little haunted to my home in france where half is uninhabitable by some really creepy "something" that resides there. GET ME OUT! Tee hee!
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The Hand And Shoulder In Scotland on 2008-11-11

As I have stated in my profile, ghosts and I have always had connections. I have many stories to tell... here's the first. I'm fourteen years old and in Scotland for a school trip (for fun). Actually, a few things happen on this trip that were completely unexplainable to me. Next to the Edinborou...

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Scary school! I have freaky stories too from my school, but nothing like that!
Very interesting story, and very glad you have moved on. Life will always continue. Best to go with it.
Date: 2009-02-06
It's good your boyfriend could let go. Guilt is not good to live with. Sad story!
i hate funerals at night, although the dead people really don't but me. Scary story.
thank you for all the comments... I understand how you feel when you say it is a human hand. I'm not going to try to change your minds on that. You may think what you want to.
I was far away from people so it was not any live person I was aware of.
It was on the courthouse rhodes68 said. Thank you for the clarification.
Great story! That must have had a great impact on your life!
I almost went on assignment once out of country for work and I received a phone call from my friend who had been killed in the line of work a year earlier to the day! He told me that I would die if I went, and believe me, I listened!
It's nice to know we have people watching out for us, isn't it?
i have also had several experiences like your own with the incubi. They do not talk to me any more, but they do touch me, and that, at least, has come down to a low simmer from the boil it was before. My roommate is never touched, but just the other day, something touched my cheek and then hit me across the face - something that has not happened too much with me.
Thank you for sharing your story!
Date: 2008-11-10
ive been attacked by incubus before, and it was very much like your experience. It was scary the first time, but the next few times it was more interesting! 😆
Date: 2008-11-10
cool story, chloe! Pretty scary, though! Did the figure ever have light around him?
Date: 2008-11-08
so this may be an odd question: even if you don't know that there are ghosts in your presence, can you still use an Ouija board? I have used them in cemeteries and stuff with my friends, but I was just wondering...
Also, can you make your own? Mine was destroyed one night, (scary story, I'm on chat if you want to hear it) so I was thinking paper and a marble or something.
Thanks so much!