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Jfreekao's pictureAaaah... Ossu! I'm an otaku/ghost hunter. I'm actually in a ghost hunt group called TIPS. What really got me into this is that I had a couple personal experiences. I'm a strong Christian and I am fascinated by the paranormal.
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Playing A Game 2 on 2009-02-23

All right, it's been awhile since my last story. This one is a continuation of that one, so if you haven't read "Playing a Game" then read it before reading any further. Now, it has been awhile since my last story, but my stepsister encouraged me to finish this two-part chronicle and give everyone w...

Playing A Game on 2008-11-11

Before I begin, I don't want to hear any comments telling me I did something stupid or that I SHOULD NEVER EVER DO THIS. It's just spamming and a waste of time and space. Secondly, my name seems to be a relatively important part of this story, so for anyone who hasn't seen my profile, it's Robby Har...

Childlike on 2008-11-03

July 23, 2008. This one happened when I went to a place in Missouri (no I do not live there. This was on vacation) called the Lemp Mansion. If you haven't heard of the Lemp Mansion, then you need to do a bit of Googling. Anyways, I was visiting my older sister when she brought me on a tour of the pl...

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Date: 2009-07-02
Well, Tonith, hauntings usually occur either in a place that someone was attached to in life (or, in the case of the spirit not liking where they are, bonded), or when that person has a lot of intense feelings during their life/when they die. The reason there's not much activity in cemeteries is because there aren't a lot of people who are attached to a graveyard in life, like an old folks' home. I've been to several graveyards with my ghost hunting team and found nothing (although at one, the whole team saw shadow people, but immediately after, before we had a chance to investigate, we had to leave)
Hmmm. This is a rather interesting experience. I have actually investigated these sorts of matters (I'm a ghost hunter, to put it bluntly). These don't necessarily have to be a bad omen, but usually a doppelganger is evidence of an intelligent haunting, usually malevolent. In other words, a demon. Your brother might be haunted by a demon, if he is indeed experiencing something paranormal. Have you tried finding out how hard it is for the door to close? If it's really easy to close, maybe there's shock coming from somewhere else in the house causing it to shut, or maybe the hinges or frame are angled to where they will close if the door is open at the right angle.
Date: 2009-05-20
Oh, I just now understood that last part about Race hearing them too... It was puzzling me. So this is definitely not your mind (unless it's like a poltergeist created from your mind and strong will). Hahah! That makes it even cooler!
Date: 2009-05-20
Oh, I'm a little late posting... Heheh... Sorry, community, for my long absences... Wow, what a helpful thing. Hahah. Something, whether it be a spirit or just your mind (Not saying it is, but you never know) is holding you accountable! Hah!
Date: 2009-03-29
Heheh. Sorry for the lateness, everyone. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can:


1) What I meant was that we didn't go after anyone in particular. We just decided "Let's pluck an angel out of the air." Very childish thinking. The reason we used a Ouija Board is because... Well, that's the most effective way we knew for contacting spirits. Meditation and seances don't work very well for me sadly. My specialty is tools.

2) Well, I suppose that I should've mentioned that we were using the board on the floor, as there were no tables in the attic (where Chelsie's room is). So the board was already on the floor. The pace of planchette was too fast and too steady to be our hands pushing on it... And we all had to scoot around on the floor really fast just to keep up with it.

3) In all of my sessions with the rods, including the ones that I did in that room without Vickie, they've all moved towards the same point at about the same speeds, give or take a little bit. This was very different. There was one that moved very fast and then the other moved slower than a snail's pace. It was a notable difference from any past experiences.

4) The hell thing makes since. Hell can be in someone's thoughts. If they have a desire and can't do anything about it, that could be considered hell for them.
Date: 2009-02-25
Heheh, that was actually our plan as well. We aren't quite sure that we were able to summon them... As you see...
Date: 2009-02-24
Yes. I couldn't have put it better myself. Dowsing rods can be used for a variety of things, and they happen to be my spiritual tool of choice, as well as the one I'm most proficient with (although, the planchette on the Ouija board moved extremely quickly and in a very short amount of time, so I'd say that I am just as proficient with a board as I am with the rods). Dowsing rods can be made out of a variety of materials, but copper seems to be the best, because it's a very strong conductor of electromagnetic energy and is not magnetic.
Date: 2009-02-24
This happens to me a lot. Hahah. Honestly, I think that this black blur could be an optical illusion like how your peripheral vision amplifies shadows. Were you watching a video at the time? The colour of light reflected on the wall could have produced this effect. Were you wearing headphones? Was anything on the screen moving? Sorry if I'm a bit pressing. Next time it happens, though, write down exactly what happened, what was happening on the computer screen, whether you were moving/turning your head at the time, etc...

Still, an interesting story...
Date: 2009-02-24
[at] Tonith: Well, at the time we didn't know any way to keep it from staying in the house rather than to destroy everything. I didn't think that it would go away immediately, but at least it wouldn't be bottled up in the Ouija board for however long it took to get it out. Also, when I was at home, for a long time, I thought the spectral lady in the hallway was just an optical illusion. Then one day in October, before Halloween, Mom said that she saw the white lady. Also, I seem to be sensitive. Spiritual tools like the Ouija board and dowsing rods work extremely well when I use them, and I can see orbs, and I've seen ghosts before. Not a lot. If I want to be able to be a true sensitive, I will have to meditate some more. It's hard to do that with a little brother and sister though. Hahah.

[at] Logan: Where did I ever say that I would use the board again (although I probably will eventually, after I get my spirituality more refined and controlled)? Please don't be so close-minded. Ouija boards don't just bring pain. They can be very enlightening. If you treat them irresponsibly like a game, then you will bring pain on yourself, but if you use it as a tool, and are conducting yourself intelligently and firmly, then it can be a very valuable asset to anyone concerned with ghosts.

[at] cthullu: Well we all just got sick and nervous. Hahahah! Chelsie wanted to stop, and so we stopped after the 666 thing. The dowsing rod was the creepiest, I thought, because they were moving so slowly and ominously in my hands...
Well, it's not impossible to run off the roadside. Again, I believe that this could very well be paranormal, but just for the sake of understanding, it should be tested.
Date: 2009-02-23
Hahah. It's just that in Part 1 I wrote "Don't post telling me that I shouldn't use a Ouija board or that I was being stupid" which is why I got angry. Also, the figure had disappeared before I told it to go away. I actually have two things to add to this story:

On the night that Vickie, Chelsie, and I used the board, we asked it a question (I don't remember what it was, but that's irrelevant) and the reply was 666... Kinda freaky.

Also, on the night I told it to go away, when I was telling it to leave me alone (I kept telling it over and over, firmly and confidently), I was feeling pins and needles all over. They eventually started hurting. Then they suddenly stopped. I've never had that feeling since... Very strange.
You're right. The man disappearing could very well be paranormal. You should try with a friend in the daytime and re enact that event, and see if the friend can find anywhere to hide within the few seconds that you looked down. If not, then we can conclude that this is paranormal.
Date: 2009-02-23
Hrm. I doubt this was a time slip, unless you fainted and there was nobody intelligent enough to call an ambulance. You're pretty lucky though. Animal hauntings are usually pretty rare, since there is usually nothing tying an animal down to Earth. Maybe that dog has moved on, and was just waiting for someone to play with it before it left.
Date: 2009-02-23
Ooh! This is a pretty interesting story. I think I've heard of hauntings in this Heritage museum... Where is it? I wold definitely believe a child over anything when it came to spirits. I mean, pretty much anything can happen in this world, and children are the most innocent of people. Honestly if a child were lying, he would've spun a really tall tale.

I think it's really interesting that this happened to your son. Maybe a ghost girl had a crush on him? Hahahah.
Date: 2009-02-23
I agree with Dalton. However, if you can't recreate it, and you're stuck with a paranormal theory, then maybe it was a demon. There is also the chance that you were dreaming, and heard something like you kitten purred, and your mind amplified it. That happens in some cases.
Date: 2009-02-23
Eh, well if you had read the first part then you may not have found it necessary to post that. Personally, I think that the Ouija board can be used responsibly, just not in the hands of an idiot. I did not use the Ouija board as a game. I used it seriously as a communication tool, not for playing some childish game. I put a lot of thought into it before I used it. I know that demons can pretend to be other spirits. This is, after all, about a demon.

I would appreciate it if future commenters did not post comments like the one below mine.
Ooh. This is interesting. I have no doubts about the figure of the man in the road, however, not saying this definitely, but the man walking toward you could have been an optical illusion that occurs when looking out of your peripheral vision. However, this seems to be a genuine paranormal encounter.
Date: 2009-02-23
Okay, for anyone interested, TIPS will be going back for an overnight investigation most likely on July 23 or 24, 2009. That's really the only date that we could work out.
Date: 2008-11-16
Oh, I forgot about the question about the spirit. Okay, so you've done the board before. Have you ever gotten a certain "mood" from something, a feeling, an atmosphere emanating from the board. Well, that thing happened. It was weak the first night, because Chelsie was so, "You're being so stupid. This isn't even real. You're pushing it." But it was there. And it was there the same way, and stronger the second night. Then, when the second one started talking, the atmosphere changed. Not a negative change, just different. As for what brought it in, the second night, after our session, I theorized that the Ouija board acts as a spiritual magnet, and that a bunch of spirits were attracted to it (from a believer's standpoint, causing the power outages in the kitchen and in the neighborhood), possibly moreso because of how quickly and well divining tools work for me. I don't know if it's 100% true, and I'm not putting all of my faith in such an answer, I used the dowsing rods, and confirmed my theory. (Again, the outages and weird happenings could be coincidence). Such a magnetism probably brought the second spirit in.
Date: 2008-11-16
Not at all! Happy to answer them!
Okay, Chelsie, during the proceedings, was sitting doing nothing. I suggested that she help, however, you can't make a horse drink from water. She found one of the passages from the Bible (the one in Matthew) and read it out loud.
As for the kitchen appliances, we pressed a whole bunch of the buttons, every number, every setting, END, ENTER, every button. I really don't know any other way to "test" the power on a microwave. Then we tried the toaster. We pushed the lever down, and it wasn't working. We unplugged it, plugged it back in, and it still wouldn't work. Within 30 minutes, if I forgot to mention it above, the appliances' power came on.
The next night, when ALL the power went off, it was off as far as we could see. Chelsie's neighborhood isn't on a block. It's a rather small town, and all of the houses are lined up on a street, you know, in a town there's always that one long street with three way intersections? Well, that's how that street was. Again, it was as far as the eye could see in one direction, and the power outage stopped at her house. I've never had the oh-so-wonderful experience of having a squirrel chew through the power lines, so I dunno. We didn't call the power company, because the electric bills had been paid and, as I've said, it was a small town, and it was about midnight. There wasn't even a ballpark in the vicinity, so I doubt it was a power overload or something. Whatever the reason, even if it was a coincidence, it was freaky, because we could even see the neighbor's lights on.
As for the "cheap shot," Part 2 will make up for it. I'll finish writing it in the morning.