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Grandpa's Falling Star on 2008-11-04

I have another story to share on which I'd very much like your opinion. I don't think inside the box and believe that coincidence exists as well as the paranormal. In this experience, I don't believe it to be coincidence, but I would like to know your thoughts on it. It happened 13 years ago. My ...

The Invisible Ghost Party on 2008-11-03

My story dates back to when I was about 13 years old. That would be about 14 years ago. I was staying with my aunt and uncle in a town 12 kilometres from my hometown. I loved staying with them, because they lived in the woods and I used to take long forest walks with their dog. Their house was, as I...

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Thanks for your responses. This was the first time that I indeed felt something when someone else didn't, so you can imagine that in the past, I have doubted my sanity a few times. My boyfriend knows about my "higher senses" and is very supportive, although he never had any experiences.

I think it was for the best that I didn't join the party with my music, I'm kind of into heavy (melodic) metal and I probably would have scared them away instantly 😜
Date: 2008-10-31
Hi whitebuffalo and snailbug, no fighting please 😉 You're both right I guess... Expert can be a relative term if you put down the question as to what an expert actually means. That differs for every person I think. I think an expert is someone who knows what he's doing, can explain what he is doing and why and proves that what he does is or can be succesfull. You don't always need exper (t) ience for that. Others think experts are people who know a lot about something... Anyway, is the picture posted yet? I'm so curious!
Hi Angelsma. A beautiful story really. Goes to show that loved-ones visit their loved-ones. I personally believe that my grandfather, with whom I never had a real bond because he didn't like small children that much (I was told), is my guardian angel. It's just a really strong feeling I have. And I certainly do believe that animals have a soul. Because human beings consider them the lower lifeform, does not mean that they don't have a soul. We are not the ones to judge that.
Date: 2008-10-31
That was indeed a real friend. By visiting and helping you she showed you that you were really important to her. Cherish that and keep the memory alive, like you did by posting this story.
Date: 2008-10-30
I have the same question as Surya: you made it seem as if it is a normal thing to bring out the board if your grandma visits. Why did you HAVE to try? Those things are indeed pretty dangerous if you don't know exactly what you're doing and even then they are dangerous. But I don't think that you're crazy, it is well possible that you were spoken to in your mind. Maybe you can look up the history around the house or neighborhood or something? You never know what you may come across...
Date: 2008-10-30
Difficult to judge. It is known that too much alcohol can cause psychotic episodes. This experience has many similarities with a psychotic episode. When you scare bad enough, adrenalin overpowers the effects of the alcohol so to speak. That could explain the coherent messages. I'm absolutely not suggesting that you're a drama queen; it could be that there was indeed a presence, but that the alcohol influenced you're perception and maybe made you react heavily to this presence. It's a shame your friend didn't see anything, that would've made it easier...