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The Gym Incident on 2008-11-04

I used to be a cheerleader for High School in an American School (South Korea). We usually went to one of our rival schools on a Friday, had a game on Friday afternoon, slept in their gym then had another game the next morning on Saturday. So we went to one our rival schools one weekend. After t...

Old Haunted Apartment on 2008-11-04

I moved to an apartment complex called Mi-Ree-Nae in Daegu, South Korea. It seemed pretty old, but it was spacious and my parents really liked it. (I was 16 at the time). One night, my dad turned on the karaoke machine in the living room and began to sing. To drown out the noise, I closed the do...

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Date: 2008-11-30

Hmmm, I don't see shadows when my head is inverted. That is the only time I've ever seen such an image.
It could've been the pipes, but that was the only time it's ever happened. And my sister (who also uses that bathroom) never heard any noises. But that is a possibility. It could've been just a one-time thing with the pipes.
We don't have caller ID.

Thanks! I hope this answered your questions. Please feel free to ask more! 😁
Date: 2008-11-19

I did not find out anything more. I tried looking up the incident on google, but there were none. But then again, it was a DoDD school and the media hides the negative things. I don't think I could spend the night again. Thank goodness, it was the last away game at that school.


Thanks for the information. It's very interesting. I will look into your stories this weekend.


My friend told me he wasn't bullied. But he didn't have many friends. He actually asked this one girl out before ending his life, but she rejected him.


I wish I knew the real cause of his suicide, but no one seems to know. He didn't leave any letters or messages. I do hope he finds peace.

Thanks all for reading, and I'm sorry about the late reply. I just figured they would send me notifications to my e mail when someone comments on my stories, but they don't! Hahaha. But now that I know they don't, I'll check this often.
Date: 2008-11-19

The figure didn't have any light around him. I thought maybe it was a shadow or perhaps my brother was being silly and tried to scare me. I tried to find reasons to prove that it wasn't anything supernatural, but I couldn't find any legit reasons. It couldn't have been a shadow, because the only light in the vicinity was the bathroom light, which was behind me. My brother is a lot shorter than the figure, plus he values sleep. He wouldn't waste his sleep time just to scare me. Weird huh?

White buffalo,

I called my mom in the house. I used my cell phone to call the house phone. Haha- I couldn't think of any other way to warn her. I was afraid to go out there, in case the burglar had a knife. I pretty much stayed up all night listening for any other sounds. I played games on my phone... Did some homework... I was very tired the next day and I paid for it by sleeping in class and getting in trouble.

I put my head upside down so my hair would fall to the front, so I can wash it that way. As soon as I saw this figure, I quickly rinsed my hair and stood up straight looking straight towards the door as I put a towel around my hair. The whole time, I waited for this figure to come back, but it never did. I opened the door and I looked into the computer room, and nothing. Hmm, I think after I saw the figure go into the computer room, it took me about a minute to rinse my hair and put a towel over it.

The scream I heard was not continuous. My showers lasts for about 15 minutes, so the entire time, this man was just screaming and screaming. I guess more like yelling, since he didn't have a very high pitched 'scream'. He would yell, then stop, then yell, then stop, it was on and off.

No problem with the questions. Sorry I took so long to reply! Jeez, I thought I would get a notification to my email when I receive a comment, but I don't! Haha.