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I like to read manga's and watching anime show and reading a little ghost stories because Iam a ghost hunter I like friends who are funny and energetic
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The Kid Playing In The Training Room on 2009-04-28

This is a very odd story. It was during the first weeks of our training and everyone seemed to be excited with the new environment that we have. Some of us are first time in this line of business so were both anxious and excited because we didn't know what to expect; others however were not call cen...

Employees On The 18th Floor on 2009-03-30

This happened when I was still working in Ortega's. The office was located in a twenty story building, most of the building is occupied by our office, there were also other offices and companies that are tenants on other floors but the 18th floor was vacant (during that time). Since I was working ...

The Ghost In An Old School In Bataan on 2009-03-18

As a member of a youth organization we hold conventions and overnight retreats during the summer and on times when there are less activities required by the school. It was March and our team decided to hold one of our activities on one of the prominent private high schools in Bataan. It was one ...

The Unseen Housemate 2 on 2009-03-17

This also happened in Sampaloc, Manila, and the same apartment that I called home for the past two years. I was always left downstairs doing the dishes and cleaning the house. I usually did it late in the night when all of the guys were asleep so no one would bother me while I'm doing my chores....

The Unseen Housemate on 2009-03-17

We use to live in an apartment complex in Sampaloc, Manila. The apartment used to be an old hospital building (the owner of the hospital and the owner of the building is the same family). It was a two storey apartment with two bedrooms on the second floor and the upper portion of the building had wo...

A Ghost In A Funeral Home on 2009-03-16

This is a totally true story trust me I lived it! Anyways here goes... One night me and my friends were cruzin' downtown in my 91 Buick (total piece of crap) which is a big old' boat of a car so it is very VERY hard to push when all of a sudden the car started to shake very violently then stalled...

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Well actually the boy was a bit translucent though he has a clear face no unwanted marks the only thing bothering was the injury at the back of his head well aside from that everything was perfect and his clothes seems to be like those of kids in the late 80's early 90's fashion and it might be that the ghost of his parents are those that are upstairs...
well it was along san miguel avenue and I work for only eight hours and I would like to reiterate that operations time span is 18 hours yet employees work for only 8 hours...
to clarify that the call center is located in the philippines and we handle accounts/take calls for customers based in the united states that is why we worked night shift since we follow U.S. Central standard time and since we are here in manila we have to adjust the clocks wherein 8:00 am cst would be equivalent to 7:00 pm manila time (when dst is observed in the US and when dst is not observed it will be 10:00 pm manila time)

We have three shifts opening, mid and closing wherein employees take 8 hour shifts though if you would sum it up the hours of operation is 18 hours with three shifts on an 8 hour basis'
Date: 2009-03-26
well with these story it was kind of heart warming what I can say about this is that it could have been someone who lived in that house (or in the location) if your family was not the first owner of the place who cares so much for a teenage relative that she misses the most. Sometimes ghost did not really, or hasnt been to the exact place where they mannifest themselves sometimes they also find a place where or transfer from one place to another where they feel that their presence will not be disturbed, or where they can feel that they are needed or that someone needs their help.
hi there... Whew that might have been some sort of residual hunting where the ghost does the same thing on and on since it was the last thing or maybe the thing that he loves doing the most when he was still alive. Might have been an old teacher who does not accept the fact that he is already dead that is why he is still coming to school as a ghost, he must have been so attached to the room that his spirit lingers in the room...
Date: 2009-03-24
hi there darren

Yup I believe in this because I almost had the same experience here in our country we use glass to play with the ouija board and after wards the rule is you should break the glass and in this case well when we asked the spirit for his name he said he is the devil; and then the glass flew up to the ceiling then fell on the table rolled on it until it fell down the floor right side up, kind of creepy, but after that I never played with a ouija board
Date: 2009-03-24

Hi there sweety, well yep I tried to comunicate with both of them with the girl running up and down the stairs I learnt that she was a former nurse in that hospital but she handled a patient from whom she contracted the disease and she was confined in that hospital (since she was an employee) where she died due to the disease as for the boy I was not able to get in contac with him
Date: 2009-03-24
hi ronYP

I'm not a hardcore psychic, but yes I kind of see them, feel them and if I would focus myself I sometimes talk to them so I can clarify why they are doing such stuff, or why they are still here and some things to better understand their existence and to learn how to coexist with them harmoniously. By the way are you from the philippines? Send me a message heres my digits 09279625969
Date: 2009-03-24

Yup iwas I was a former chapter head and then I even handled KFC well its so nice to know that you were once a participant of the youth camp. Where are you from?

Yup, I studied in two of the most prestigious catholic schools in bataan and yes I had quite a lot of experiences in those schools specially the one where I took up my freshman and sophomore years.
Date: 2009-03-21
I agree with streak and rami3l that the philippines was once conquered or occupied by the spanish, americans and japanese and some of the Filipinos were executed and some of their spirits lies in old schools hospitals old battle grounds churches etc... Even so I am a Filipino living in the philippines and I also encounter this paranormal activities and their histories about some spirits that wanted to be alone or trying to scare or communicate with us and trying to tell us what happened or how they died
God Bless
DeathKnight 😉
Date: 2009-03-21
You will get used to speak in tagalog it's OK
for you and yes the philippines has many paranormal activities and places like pampanga subic bataan especially from school old battle ground
Salamat sa iyo at magandang gabi sa iyo
DeathKnight12 😳
Date: 2009-03-21
Oh my God that story so scary being the only one early in that laboratory and I also experience some strange feelings in my body that their is a Ghost and when encountering a ghost always bring a rosary or pray for God's protection
God Bless
Date: 2009-03-20
Yes I agree with Tonith that some of the parts of the story are from a scary movie like the ring covering their faces and trying to scare you and stop watching scary movies you might imagine in your mind that their is someone you do not know and expect the unexpected
God Bless
DeathKnight12 ❤
Date: 2009-03-20
I hope that your love for your fiance will live forever and will never break apart even if he's dead and I'm deeply sorry and sad for someone close to you
God Bless...
DeathKnight12 😭
Date: 2009-03-20
yeah actually I know a lot of "songs of praise" I was a former member of YFC that was why I am used to such things and well with faith I am brave enough to face and identify them
Date: 2009-03-20
Thanks for giving me that advice I try that on my next ghost stories and those Praise Songs God Bless-DeathKnight12 😊
Date: 2009-03-20

Hi there, yeah guys it seems that your right. I was trying to get its attention on the third time that I saw it but it just faded away. I tried getting in contact with it whenever I was alone (should I say the two of us) but it never gave me any response. The lady whose going up and down the stairs (on my other story) communicates but the teenage boy does not. I tried to have a session with three of my friends and it was only the lady who keeps on communicating but the teenage boy seemed to be aloof. It was hard to reach him.
Date: 2009-03-19
I am so sorry about the lost of a friend or a loved one and I'm glad you feel a lot better now. That I'm also glad that the murderers were caught at least to avenge your cousin
God Bless
DeathKnight12 😭 😉
Date: 2009-03-19
Thanks for all the comments that you have given me and to always pray and ask for God's protection in order that some bad spirits will not harm you TY-DeathKnight12

😳 ❤ 🤔