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Could It Be My Dad? on 2009-02-25

My father died about eleven years ago, the house where I grew up in gave me the creeps since I could remember, even before my father's death. The house is still in our family and one of my brothers; let's call him James, stays there now. The night my father passed away my other brother "John" we...

Liebig House 2 on 2009-01-21

I went back to the Liebig house. This time we decided to sleep there for the night. We made our beds inside the house and started a fire outside the house to grill our meat and for extra light. While we were outside we all started to smell pipe tobacco, I was the only smoker there but even I smell...

Liebsig House on 2008-12-02

I am new here, not English so please sorry for my spelling. I live in Namibia in Windhoek. 20 km outside Windhoek there is a house called the Liebig house (you can Google it or just Google ghost house Windhoek, you might see a picture of the house and read about its history). One morning my wife a...

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I think you watch too much movies... Sorry don't believe the story.
Date: 2009-10-28
With all respect, this sound too much like some horror movies I have seen, looking down stairs into the dark or into a basement is movie material, but who knows mabe I am wrong 🤔
Date: 2009-10-28
Now this is a very good story, because some of this stories here is just not true, but this one is exelent.
Date: 2009-10-14
Kericho I don't want to take you on about your opinion towards ghosts, some things you say here is true, and I also wanted to ask a few questions here that seems to happen everytime like the girl in the white dress thing ext or most and I say Most posters here is from the US. But these people here are my vriends, they are never rude to someone else, they have their opinions towards ghosts ext. I also believe in ghosts and I find the paranormal very interesting. And lastly what nationality are you and what makes you a not foreighner on this site? I am from Africa, yes I am white too! So that makes me a "hyper-superstitios" person and a foreighner? Let me ask you how you came to this site, I think you googled it! So in that case you must also be interested in the paranormal or you are just out looking for attention. 😉 And XXnel this kind of thing is common in africa with tooth, hair, nails ext being burried in a form of witchcraft
Date: 2009-09-30
MMMMMMMMM I wonder about this one 🤔 This sound almost like a story I hears before
Date: 2009-09-10
It might be that your mother was right. I am sorry but this does not sound real.
Date: 2009-07-15
very nice story, I wonder what happened in that apartment, mabe the landlord knew? It would be interesting
I don't know what to say to you, The only thing I can tell you is that I know about the hissing part, I don't want to scare you but I had tried to help someone who was possesed, he claimed he was the son of the devil, he used to hiss like that at me. I want to know does your child have the urge to walk around naked? (just a question) this is what I experienced with this person I knew, anyway he is now in a mental institute after he threw a petrol bomb into the neighbours house
I like your story, I wonder what your horse were thinking when you said hi to a ghost 😊
Date: 2009-02-24
That is mabe a old cemetary where your house is build on or mabe just a single grave frome years back? ThatRandomGuy, I don't want to be rude or nasty but how can you advice someone to use a ouija board.
Hi Sinobiah, this story reminds me of one of my own, I am in Namibia and we also had a tunnel like that underneath our school, in the begining of your story I thought you were in the same school. The tunnel under our school also is next to our sport field about 1.5 km long with satanic drawings on the walls and end up on the otherside of another school in the bushes. We also attemted to walk through it but never did, it is scary as hell. Great story, Of what I know about that tunnels... I DO BELIEVE YOU.
If you say its not electrical, then so it is, and I will never think you are crazy I can't say what it can be but I am sure someone here can give some advice.
Good luck.
Ok, I don't know what it is, but try this, how many electrical cables run through your roof? If possible find that out, and find out if the cables is conected somewhere opposite your bed (in the roof) or is there something close to you that use a lot of electricity? The reason is that electricity can sometimes give a high energy level and it can have some effects on you like, scared, feel sick, see things, skin irretations. Dont get me wrong I do believe you but that can also be the cause. 😐
please do, mabe we can figure out what is going on there later... Mabe its the spookvrou between Swakop and Walvis 😆
Date: 2009-02-02
I am now bussy reading a book, the books name is Ghosts of south africa, from what area are you, they give nice stories of almost every part in south africa... Mabe some of it can relate to that house? You can buy the book at CNA R100. 00 it give a little too much history and explaining why it can be haunted at some places. I would rather write in english here, so that our vriends can understand us, but please my english is very bad. 😆
Hi there, I am also from Namibia, Windhoek, I would like to know are you in Windhoek, the reason is that I have reason to believe that some of our neighbourhoods is haunted, like Academia, and hochlandpark, but I am still investigating tha situation, If you van tell me in what neighberhood you are I would apreciate it, if you don't want to I respect your privacy.
Date: 2009-02-02
Hi Izanne, I am glad I am not the only african here, I am from Namibia. Afrikaans en al.
So was the vase broken? I guess if it was it would be difficult to explain that to your mother 😐
Anyway it is a good experience you had
Date: 2009-01-26
Nobody spoke this time, It can be that the smoke was his, and I also cnt figure out who this woman is, but I will keep you updated on my research.
Date: 2009-01-23
The wood we use, don't smell like tobacco, I saw her just standing the first time, this time she was walking, so I don't know what kind of hunting this can be