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im really interested in the paranormal for some reason... Probly because when I was younger I always experienced wierd things. I really like watching Ghost hunters on SCi Fi i love that show an i think the guys from that show are very professional in wut they do and how they do it.
I will be posting some of my own experiences so be sure to check em out.
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The Little Girl Won't Leave Him Alone on 2007-09-04

This is a recent story. This happened to my cousin's soon to be husband. We were sitting in my living room yesterday watching TV, when there was a little segment on this show having to do with the supernatural. My cousin and I started to discuss the segment and what it was about and somehow we got i...

Very Little People on 2007-08-31

For many of the people who come from Mexico you know that Mexico is just filled with ghost stories and myths. For all of you who don't know... Well now you know. There are many many stories and myths told in the town where my parents are from. I have heard about many of them through my parents who h...

The Hand in the Shower on 2007-06-23

This next story happened to me when I was about eight or nine. I was at my aunt's house. Now this house was very old and I had been visiting my aunt plenty of times ever since I can remember, probably ever since I was four or so. At no point in my life did I ever believe, or have the feeling that th...

A Haunting in Mexico on 2007-06-21

My stories begin from the time I was five or six, I believe. My very first encounter with the paranormal began when my mom, dad, brother and me were visiting some family in mexico and we were staying in this house we used to own down there. Now a little background on the town before I begin. Suppose...

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Date: 2007-11-18
hey I just wanted to tell you that I don't think that your the only person who has that ability. I have a friend who is very close with this girl hes known for years and she has the exact same type of visions as you do. She also saw the towers and she also is able to contact the dead. She told him that there are people like her that have that type of gift to help others. You have the gift for a reason wether you want to learn more about it is up to you and how you use it. :)
good luck and do keep us updated about the little boy.
Date: 2007-11-08
jping whether others try to tell you to play or not play with that board it makes no difference on what your choice will be, the only thing that we could do is advise you and warn you. It is however important that, if you do decide to play with the board, you know how to use it properly and what the proper method is. I have known a couple people that have messed with the board without knowing what to do and have payed serious consequences. I wish you luck. :)
poltergeistfan, I agree with you as a matter of fact I recently posted a story that dealt with someone I know who burned the board and had to pay serious consequences for it. My story is called "the little girl just won't leave him alone" check it out.
david, do you really think it should get to that extreme though? You know you need to get permission for something like that and he just sees her in his dreams its not like she is harming him. Its only as if she calls to him.
cupcake10132, Well according to him she seemed scary and she wouldn't leave him alone and she did scare him. And he would warn people that if they did something she would get mad. So I'm guessing she is evil. What other type of details would you need? I don't know every detail but I can get some from my cousin or him even.

well he never played with it... Worse... He burnt it... An I'm way to afraid to even go near one of those things from what people have told me.
Date: 2007-09-04
thanks a lot abby that's what I always thought as well. From what she had told me I didn't think these little people were harmful in anyway.
Date: 2007-08-14
hey, I agree with everyone. I don't see this spirit as being harmful to the baby, also when you were talking about the myth "la llorona", it is mostly based in mexico I have heard that version so many times in so many different ways and I am almost certain it wasn't her trying to steal your child. Anyways good luck. Take care
wow... Just your professors luck ey? Well those are quite the experiences. I don't know if this will make any sense but I heard that people are kind of like a radio... You know how your kind of browsing through on a radio an you can't quite get some stations as well as others? Well that's how people are. Many of us may experience many ghostly encounters through out our lives and these encounters will always be wherever we are or where ever we go. Some of us just have a stronger station than others.
anyways I hope all goes well with your profesor and you as well.
good luck
Date: 2007-07-12
i remember one time I stayed over my friends house, and we were bored. My friend isn't afraid of anything mind you and we started talking about ghosts... Well I did. Lol but she said "Oh come on jess don't tell me you believe in that stuff. Theres no such things as ghosts..." I started telling her about bloody mary and how it was the "in" thing in elementary school. She got excited and decided to try it. She said "watch jess I'll prove to you there's no such thing as bloody mary" an I told her that I knew that but I wasn't going to try to bring anything back and she kept calling me a chicken she even actually tried lifting me up an putting me in the bathroom. Haha she did it but she took it as a joke and that was that.
im glad everything turned out fine with you.
good luck
Date: 2007-06-27
hey! Thank you for the advice it will be taken. It does seem to make sense to do research before jumping into an unknown situation. Thank you once again.
wow this is an amazing story. I'm just glad you got out of it ok. It seems all this spirit really needed was a friend.
much luck
an take care ;)
Date: 2007-06-26
you know as a matter of fact things like this have happened to me. Lol
But I think Shane summed everything up once again. Lol jk
The things that scared you the most happened separately through out the years? Hmmmmm I agree with ewb9 I think it may just be a spirit who wants you to acknowledge their presence. I don't see any threatening nature to it from what you have said so I don't think there is much to worry about unless it starts to actually harm you in some way.
much luck
Date: 2007-06-24
i think many of us here do believe you because we have had similar experiences. Gut feelings are something to be followed. I have had some of those myself. I've tried going to a cemetry a couple times with one of my friends who isn't afraid of anything. Lol. She would always say "Oh my god, ghosts don't exist. And if they do I want one to come to me if they don't their just scared" she would always say things like that. Well the first time we made the attempt. I felt a bit odd because the cemetery was located on the top of a hill on a lonely road. Very rarely did you ever see any cars come by at night. The thing was that there was no where to park so we had to park at a near by building then walk across the road onto a path into the cemetery. We started walking in an the farther we walked the stranger I felt. My friend of course was happy an carefree almost daring the spirits to come out. Well we were well into the cemetery when I couldn't help but fight the feeling someone was behind me or us I felt a strong feeling of being watched. I didn't really feel like we were in terrible danger at first it was just the feeling that made me uncomfortable. I told her what I was feeling and she said she didn't feel anything, that I was just being a chicken. I told her we had to leave... Like now. I told her I had a wierd feeling and she finally agreed. I do believe that there was something there watching or following us that night, and I do believe you when you say you experienced these things.
much luck Jess
I agree with evilblackwidow9 I have heard that things such as the man who you see or hear at the same place and same time frequently, they arent really ghosts. Their impressions left on earth. When ever something extreme happened somewhere... A war for example or a murder, Things are imprinted and they are just reoccuring as they did when ever they happened. As for finding out the history of the house I'm really not that sure how you could find that out...
you could start off by maybe going to your public library and researching on your area, then maybe narrow it down to the building... Maybe someone at the library could help you out with that.
much luck rosita
Date: 2007-06-24
cutiepie45 what is the name of the town in mexico you visit? I think though that its similar in a lot of towns. There were many battles fought out in mexico for one reason or another.
the house where my fathers grandmother lived had a lot of money burried... (she had plenty of it) she left the house and all her property to my grandfather right before she died but later on he died as well and the house was bought by another family who heard about the money. They of course dug it up and have never been in need of anything...
Date: 2007-06-23
not that I know of... As far as I know its just a female name... But now that you bring it up... It could stand for something... Wow I never thought of that. But if it does stand for something then what would it stand for...?
Date: 2007-06-22
yeah... I probably wouldn't stay in that house very long either. Lol
Did you ever find out anything dealing with the history of the house or who lived there?
much luck
martin, I thank you for your words. I feel better lol. I really do enjoy reading books about the paranormal, and I also enjoy watching shows concerning the subject. Hopefully I will improve on my knowledge and I will be able to better understand what goes on.
thanks again.
Date: 2007-06-22
wow... You know I was raised a catholic as well. My parents are from Mexico and although the majority of the people there are catholic, there is a great deal of myths and ghost stories that go around. So I have basically grown up hearing many of the stories told in Mexico. I am very big on the paranormal. It interests me greatly. Ever since I was a child I always knew there were things out there that we could not always understand or explain. I have never played with the Quiji board although I have been tempted many times through out my life and I still am very tempted at times. The closest I have been to playing a Quiji board was on the internet with my friend. Even then I backed out. Lol
I believe you are very lucky to have gotten out that situation the way you did, because others have not been so lucky. You are a smart person to not have messed any further with that board.
much luck
Date: 2007-06-22
lol could be. Or it could be he was telling you to get up off the floor. Lol
Apparently your grandfather is still thinking of you.
much luck.