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Female, 18 and living in the Netherlands.
I have vague, unimportant premonitions. I hear some voices so that's why I always have my mp3 in (whats your excuse?)
I think a spirit lives in my house, I just find stuff in a lot of strange places (and no, it is not normal for me to find my mascara on top of the washing machine).
I like doing some tarot, but my friends and all are already getting nervous of that so I've never told them about al the above stuff mentioned (dont screw me over). Except with my little brother. Hes shiat scared of the house.

If you want to ask me something, that's all cool:)

Dont do drugs and don't play with ouija boards (do people never learn?). X
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Is Something In Our House? 2 on 2009-01-06

Before the Christmas vacation I posted a story about a ghost in our house and the problems it was causing. This is what happened next. Throughout the Christmas vacation I had absolutely no dreams. The ghost was gone too. How? On the first day of Christmas I went to the cemetery across the street ...

Is Something In Our House? on 2008-12-17

Just to get started a little something about me, I'm a sixteen year old girl from the Netherlands. Lately, weird things are happening in our house; sometimes I feel a very cold breeze going by my cheek, our cats avoid places in the house like some places in my room (like the middle of the floor!)...

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in the second clip, I think I hear at least two different voices, the first voice that sais I'm back I think is very different from the second one. The first sounds like an older men, like 40 or so and the second a much younger man, maybe in his twenties? The thirt one, I can't place but it is the only one I would place with the i-killed-em voice.

Hope this help:D

uuuhhh, too damn scary! So brave of you to do this! Sorry, can't help, hes just awnsering your questions and can't get much of that. I'm not even sure its the same guy because last time it was a wisper and now its a clear voice... Could he be getting stronger?


Date: 2009-01-13
haha! That's so cool! Ok, maybe he is annoying but at least he's a friendley one! Mine won't show himself or herself a lot, I just find little objects everywhere around the house.

Maybe you can look for a way to contact him so you can find out what he wants?

Groetjes, Helene
Date: 2009-01-08
I know what you mean, well about the dreams. I have had dreams too since I was little. Altough I can't remember much of them I try to keep a journal when I can remember something. Maybe you should try it?

I'm very, very new to this and am just not experienced enough yet, maybe you could try the book of Tara Ward? It's also on the internet as an e-book. It helped me a lot.

Hope to help,

Helena 😊
He is saying it with pride. I can feel him smiling, it makes me feel really uncomfortable and uhm, suddenly I feel very, very warm. Could the killer maybe died in a fire or such? Or the victims?

Oh and he said I killed them and then "sighted" with the smile.

I'm only on the beginning of my powers so I like to help all I can, but it also can be I'm terribly wrong 😊.
Date: 2008-12-21
Wow! Awsome that you have the guts to go ghosthunting! I'm too much of a chicken so I just talk to them, say goodnight and tell em to leave my brother alone 😆. You've also found a friend who wants to go with you, waaw=D.

Here, in my country, my friends would laugh at me (or at least giggle) if I told them what was going on. They "like to live by reality" I guess. Haha! What they don't know!

You're a cool ghosthunter so I'm going to read your next story.

Bye, bye Helene ❤
Thank you all for your posts! It's bin about a week now and I went to the cemetary last night. It was chilly (not in the degrees way) but I felt that someone walked beside me to the cemetary. I've visited my grandpa's grave and talked a little while in the nothing about my brother being so scared and me don't knowing what to do about the weird things in our house. It was very comforting for me!

My brother hasn't talked about the whole thing lately; he just wants some sleep. There are still strange things in our house like pens I find everywhere or cold chills around my legs. But I talked in the air and felt someone was listeling, it's kind of quite now. I like it this way, who knows, maybe it's a nice person whose keeping croocks away 😳...?

I also went to the ehm... Gemeente to check up on the house's former owners and such but there was nothing interesting there accept the fact that there is was a little "onderduikplaats" for Jewisch people so they could hide for the Germans in WW 2! Whoho! Hero's lived in our home! Anyway, I'm home alone now, it's half past eleven in the evening and I'm totally relaxed, no bad vibes or such.

Still, there is the dream-thing: My dreams are RELEVANT things, I live in a busy town, somtimes people jump in front of a train or get stabbed or even die BUT I NVER HAD THAT KIND OF DREAM. My dreams are stupid little things about school or something my brother is going to suprise me with. My dreams really don't have a message and there not long enough to get one clear out of it (It usually is 30 seconds). On one hand I'm very greatfull that they are so dull, one the other hand; maybe I could help a lot of people if I knew what was going to happen. (because a lot of old people live in our neighbourhood).

I have one more question: On our holiday in Spain I bought a neclace with a huge rock in it. It looks like the eye of a cow with the colors green, blue and even a little orange. I can't seem to find what kind of mineral/rock it is. I will post a photo later. This necklace stopped my dreams and feelings for supernatural things when I wore it. I've been wearing it from august until novembre and it was so huge for me! It seemed the rock felt like it made time go faster when I needed the time and made it go slower when I wanted my class to be over, hihi.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Oh, and I'm posting like this because there off for the holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear everyone! Or in Dutch: Zalig Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!