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My Kids And The Ghost on 2016-09-29

Its been awhile since I wrote a story, mostly because I was so busy with life and having two little kids running around the house. I've had experiences with spirits all my life, so has my mother, and other members of my family. I did some research into this and I probably have some empath abilities,...

Ongoing Events, Strange Smells, And Noises on 2014-10-28

Its been a while since I submitted an update to the events going on in my house, part of it may have just been I've been so busy with having two children under the age of 3 in the house, and everything being so busy. I'm still living in the same house my previous posts focused on. For details, yo...

New Baby And The Paranormal on 2012-05-16

I've previously posted stories about some of the activity going on in my home. I took the advice of everyone and had the house and the ground blessed. I'm Catholic and talked to my priest, and on the feast of Three Kings, all of the parishoners are given a home blessing package which consists of inc...

Married Life And The Ghost Or Ghosts on 2011-09-13

haven't submitted a story in some time because of work being so busy, as well as life being busy. Although life is busy, strange occurrences still continue at my house. For further details of the goings on in my house, please see my previous stories. My wife and I got married a little over a year a...

It's Getting Worse Update on 2010-05-24

I previously submitted some stories about my new house, and the things going on over there. I took the advice of many and did some investigating into the history of the house. It seems that the first owner was the developer of the subdivision, and built all of the houses in the subdivision. Guess he...

Strange Occurrences Continue on 2010-02-16

I previously posted two stories of the goings on in my house, the latest of the larger events occurring during Christmas time. I took a lot of the advice given except for getting a psychic to walk around the house. Anyways, to continue my narrative of what's going on, here I go: I moved into ...

White Figure And Poltergeist Activity on 2009-12-07

I haven't posted a story here in awhile, because the activity has actually decreased significantly, or has become tolerable. I moved into my new house 1 year ago. Ever since I've moved in, I've had activity from noises, to keys moving along countertops without me seeing the movement. It's a two ...

Strange Noises And Events on 2009-01-12

Let me begin by apologizing for this long story. To preface, I'm currently 28 years old, and a devout Catholic who is very spiritual because of some of my experiences that have been going on since I was young. I never played with an Ouija board, never was into the occult, Wicca, etc. I don't know wh...

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Date: 2016-11-03
I read your story about the poltergeist and this, and I think both are the same things. In my opinion, and experience I've had, poltergeists typically are forerunners to hauntings or are the beginning of a haunting. First thing would be to document all these events, write down what occurs and the time it occurs. Secondly, research where you live, the previous owners, ask around. I wouldn't start to dabble in EVPs and other things to communicate with the entity. You should be in fact finding mode for now. I've had similar experiences to you all my life, and I'm convinced that the spirit world and our world operate in parallel, most who can see spirits, don't allow them to see them. Its the equivalent to being in a party where no one knows you. You can walk around and no one will acknowledge you (the spirit world), if you know someone or someone recognizes that you know them, they tend to latch on either to communicate or sometimes worse depending on the nature of the entity. Like I said, first, I would try to figure out a rational explanation to this, there may not be one. The other question is how is your faith? Reason I ask, is that if you are one to see spirits, you will see good ones and you will see evil ones as well, you need to have a strong foundation so the evil ones don't latch onto you.
Thanks for all of your comments. I'm definately going to go with the 3 day house cleansing in addition to my house blessing I just did.

We got a packet of blessed incense some chalk on Three Kings Day this past year. This year was the only year I didn't perform the house blessing because I just didn't have time. I walked around the house the other day, and burned the incense. Had all the windows closed so the smell of the incense could permeate the whole house. Even went into the closets, basement, and garage. As I was doing this, I had a frank one way conversation with the entity, in summary, stating that this is my house. I commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, if good, I tried to encourage it to leave as well to the light. Took the advice of my priest friend, who told me to go through with the blessing in this way. The ceremony concludes with taking the chalk and inscribing some initials on the door frame to the entrance of your home. Did this for both the front door and back door.

After doing this, the house feels brighter and more positive, as well as the noises have died down. Last night, my dog and I sat in the house, and all was silent. It was windy outside, and not even a creak. It's funny, but the chipmunks have returned, and birds have started to congregate around the house. Again, I've done this before, and things will be good for a bit, and then return again, but I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic.

What are your guys opinions on children with imaginary friends? I understand that this can be a gateway for the demonic, and I guess this is what frightens me the most. I'm hoping its a little kid stuck in my house, which is totally fine with me, well not fine, but easier to deal with than the later.

I've previously heard what sounded like little kids playing in the house. I don't know if I'm crazy, but it sounds like its a muffled sound in the background, like a tv in a room down the hall. Is this what everyone experiences?
Date: 2011-09-09
As Moongrim said, you can look into court records, police reports, etc. Its hard to dig up stuff in these because of all the red tape you have to go through. I agree with checking with neighbors. Don't go up to them and ask, hey, have you heard of any thing weird happening in my house?

For instance, you can look at my stories, but I talked to some of the older neighbors across the street from me. (that's another key, no offense to the older population, but they always know what's going on in the neighborhood). They told me that a kid drowned in my back yard. I tried to dig this up in police reports, coroner reports, and got no where. Lots of red tape and chasing my tail in a circle.

Maybe the syringes are from an insulin diabetic?

I think you're doing a good job of trying to find rational reasons for these events you are experiencing.

I'm not sure if you're religous, it sounds like it if you had your house blessed. I'm Catholic, and put Crucifixes all over my house, and prayed alot. Seriously, my faith got me through some rough times in my house. I'm not fearful of the noises and occasional shadow I see.
Thanks everyone, totally didn't think about the energy and hustle bustle going on contributing to it. Now that I think of it, any time there is an argument or emotionally charged situation, the activity seems to pick up. If I'm stewing about something, or nervous about something the activity gets worse. Probably who ever it is, is feeding off of the energy.

The newest thing going on involves mechanical objects. I have a coffee maker (simple on and off switch) that turned itself on this morning, lights that I know were off, are on in the morning.

Answers to other questions: My future wife doesn't believe in ghosts, even though my whole family has talked about the occurences. She agrees there is something wrong with the house because of all of the pictures. Everyone's camera's can't be dysfunctioinal?

Thank you all for the help. I'm thinking about geting a ghost hunting kit to learn more about what is going on as well as getting the house blessed again.
Are you still living in the house your father was living in as well. It seems you may have a porthole there. Some people feel psychics are evil, others feel they're great. Do not, and I mean do not try black magic, voodo, quija boards etc. First things you need to do is to gather evidence, and document what is going on. Do some research on line for any paranormal investigators in your area. Contact them, tell them your story, show them your log of events etc. They'll be able to gather more information and give you some answers, and possible solutions which may involve some type of house blessing from a priest.
Date: 2010-03-04
I agree with ZiShu and Panda06. Spirits, especially evil ones may pretend to be what you may feel comfortable with. With my own haunting at my house (refer to my stories if need be), I feel like they're kids, but am very suspicious of this. Many of the worst demonic hauntings/posessions documented started off as 'harmless spirits'. They appear as kids, playfull spirits. They want to make friends, and then eventually, you're talking in tounges.

Just be careful. Stop playing with Quija boards, I'm convinced they're evil.

Good luck, thanks for sharing!
Date: 2010-02-06
definately stay away from the Quija board!

I've had similar issues with seeing things in the corner of my eye, feelt like I was being watched, sometimes you see things dart right in front of you.

My advice is to research the house, see if it or the land has any history to it.

Stay away from any rituals trying to contact what ever it is, you don't know what you'll get.
Date: 2010-01-23
What's the history of the Sawmill? Are any rituals being practiced over there? Reason I ask is that there may be a door opened which does happen with this sort of a thing, also there may be people there who don't want you around, and will do what ever to protect their ritual grounds. If this means chucking rocks at you, etc. It seems like a spooky place, so your senses are hightened. Did you take pics etc.

On a side note, be careful, there are some forests by my house, where satan worshipers have altars set up and the area is booby trapped. In my opinion, it's time for the forest preserve police to clean house!
Well, here is what I found out so far during some conversations with the neighbors. The house was the first on the subdivision. It's the largest one on it because it was the developer's house. He bought all the land, and put his house there first, and built it the way he wanted to. It has 2 sunrooms, used to have a pool, hot tub, etc.

As for the previous owners, I learned I'm the 4th one. No one knew much about the second owners, and the third owners I talked to are sort of hush hush 🤔 When I inquired about the house history, the wife of the previous owners asked, 'why,it's not like the house is haunted or anything', and went out of her way to say the house isn't haunted without me even mentioning any of the activity. She went on telling a story about her sister buying a house where a boy committed suicide, and that nothing like that happened here. So, I'm starting to wonder.

It sounds strange, but I'm getting used to the activity. Last night, I came home, my kitchen lights were on, when I knew I left them off while at work. I'm wondering if I'm being welcomed home or are they getting used to me? Very unnerving not knowing, and having no privacy.
Thanks for the comments and advice. I think the worst part is not knowing what is going on. Yesterday, I was in the basement, and could have sworn I saw a shawdow infront of me and then heard some running up the stairs. Life is getting interesting here to say the least.

How do you find a reputible psychic?

Thanks again
Date: 2009-09-20

What is the history of your house? Does anyone in your family notice something wierd going on? Does anyone in your family have a gift of being psychic.

The door slamming and the popping noise sound eerily like either a murder or suicide.

You have to start investigating the history of the house, collect data on what is going on. The usual, who, what, when where with added what is the weather like, who is with you etc. This won't get rid of what ever is haunting you or the house, but will give you a bit more understanding. I think the worst part of having a haunting like this is not knowing what is going on.

My other piece of advice is to get the house blessed also.

Lastly, but not least, stop with the quija boards. You may have opened up something that you didn't want to open.

Hopefully, everything will get better.
A few things:

1) what's with the screen name? Are you infact a satanist, if so, there is your answer to everything. It's all fun and games until a demon appears. Seriously, though.

2) if the question for #1 is no, then distance your self away from calling your self a satanist. Even if you aren't, the mention of this will bring about some evil energy, you'll act like a beacon to evil. Why create bad vibes around yourself?

3) Document your experiences: do they occur at a certain time? Is there a link between all of them, etc

4) Pray, possibly talk to a Christian/Catholic priest

I know I'm judgemental here, but I'm a Catholic, and have had higher education through Jesuits. The mention of satanism and wicca gets my blood boiling. I've done research and reading on satanism, and it's bad news. The appeal of drugs and orgies only go so far. You also don't know what you're messing with or open up.
Date: 2009-08-15
I would say this is some sort of evil entity, possibly a demon. Is your boyfriend religous, what happens if he goes to church? Is this hooded figure always there. The fact that the figure talked to him during a tough period in his life is distressing. If it was mental illness, this figure would talk all the time.

Not much is understood about posession, I would rec a book entitled 'Hostage to the Devi'. It's about 5 modern day exorcisms told from the point of view of an exorcist. In this book, Father Martin discusses each of the possessed. They all claim to have been stalked by a presence. The kicker is that, the presence doesn't just posess you, you have to somehow agree for it to be there.

What happens if your boyfriend uses Bible versus, or commands it in the name of Jesus Christ?

I'd be very cautious here
You need to start your own little ghost investigation. I mean start documenting what is happening, date, time, be as descriptive as possible. Take pictures, etc. Basically, gather evidence. You'll need this if you have someone investigate. It also gives you piece of mind in the sense that you may be able to organize your thoughts, and possibly find a logical explaination. Otherwise, the main issues with the experiences you are having is that you feel you're not in control. You have to do what ever you could to gain control, it's your house!

Some hauntings could be explained by various house hold things like pipes vibrating, etc. Another thing that concerns me about the house is the fact that it was bank owned. This may mean that there was some residual anxiety about losing the house. Compound this with someone dying in the house, these homes could be creepy and a prime set up for the paranormal.

I do agree with the house blessing. If you get a psychic, get a very reputable one. Don't do anything stupid like a Quija board or any seances. House blessings are a good starter.

Take care
Any rennovations will sometimes awaken spirits that may be attached to your house. I'm having the same issues with my house, it's almost expected that if I do something with the house something will happen. The last instance I had was I heard children laughing in one of the empty rooms. Anyways, I would definately have the house blessed, and even try to talk to them. Never, try a quija board or contact them by any means outside of speaking to them.

I wish I could tell you that it's going to get better, but the more you do around the house the worse it gets. Also, don't trust the ghosts as being good ghosts either.
Date: 2009-07-19
Sorry to hear what you're going through. I'm not sure of your faith system, or what your beliefs are, but my advice would be to make sure you are medically ok. Secondly, I would consult with a priest, you don't have to adhere to a certain religious belief to seek help. Go to a Catholic church, speak with the pastor.

As for the ghost box, how did you destroy it? I think you may have opened a gateway with that thing. These things frighten me because they're starting to become popular. Anyone could investigate wierdness in their house, and anyone could have a running conversation with something dangerous. 😲
Date: 2009-03-14
Your story sounds very familiar. I've had similar experiencies, and no one could explain them. I went on this forum looking for help, and now, I'm starting to understand what is going on. A sixth sense, I'm not sure of that. This notion was ruined by the movie, even though I thought it wasn't a bad film. It's tough to say if something is following you, or if you have a gift. I tend to think the latter.

Anyways, once I accepted the fact that I wasn't crazy and that I could sense these things, life got easier. Not understanding this is the worst and scarriest part. You'll see things, hear things, and have strange experiences in cemetaries, empty rooms, buildings (sometimes). You'll also find you like to visit 'haunted' places. For instance, Bachelors Grove, is a haunted cemetary by my house. When I visit there, I sometimes get light headed and feel pressure on my chest, which is how I feel I could sense spirits. But somehow, I'm intrigued by this place. The same holds true of a road by my house, Archer Ave. There are many accounts of apparitions around there along the road, and I enjoy driving there from my fiance's house in the middle of the night. I'm not sure why, but I do.

Anyways, I'd be weary of grave yards though, from my reading and research, there is so much sorrow and pain there, malicious spirits live for this and look for people to attach themselves to. Don't play with Quija boards or seances (I'm not sure if this spelling is correct)

My advice is that if you're religious in any sort, make sure you keep in touch with your faith. Nothing can harm you as long as your faith in God and His Angels is strong.
I'd be weary of any freqently appearing apparition until you know for 1000% sure that this entity is not evil. Is this the first time you saw what you thought was an entity? Not 'Emily' per say, but any entity. Did you have a imaginary friend growing up etc? I'm not trying to poke fun at the situation in any way. You may have a gift. Nevertheless, don't trust any ghost you see as a harmless being. I'm of the opinion, that sometimes spirits don't know that we could see them. They live in a parallel life, the moment they know you can see them, they'll pester you for something, maybe unfinished business, maybe a link to the living world, some of which desire this. I would definately research the location, but be weary of 'Emily'.
Date: 2009-02-22
I don't know if what you're seeing is in fact a demon or not. You may be one of these people who has some psychic ability and had the ability to see spirits. I think when you have this ability, spirits recognize it, and try to communicate. The same things happen to me, if you want to see my story, check it out.

To me, at first, I didn't understand it, so it freightened me, but once you understand it, you become more comfortable. I agree with having "a spiritual blanket" or "a spiritual back up/war plan". As I said before, most of the times, you'll see harmless, wandering spirits. There are those occasions where something more sinister will appear. Is it a demon, I'm not sure. Demons are tricky, I don't know much about them, but they can hide behind a child, or appear as a child. They can take many forms. My best advise is protect your self. Pray for God to protect you, envoke the name of God, Jesus, Saint Michael when something doesn't seem right. You have instincts for a reason. God bless you.
Date: 2009-02-22
I think you should believe your children. Children have a gift in which they see things and tell things like it is. They don't let other's perceptions, or their concept of reality interfere with what they see/hear/or feel. They see things and say what they saw.

I was one of these kids also, no one ever believed me, but I knew of the experiences I had. As I got older, people told me they couldn't see anything or feel anything, so I began to ignore these things, and somehow, when I became an adult, I could almost turn off or block experiences, which may or may not be a good thing.

Anyways, when people die, either violently or peacefully, there is a aura or feeling around them. I'm a physician and have witnessed this many times with dying patients, or those that aren't critically ill and die. I've had conversations with patients doing seemingly well in the am, and them stating that they see someone in the corner of the room watching them. The few times patients have confided this to me, they said they feel it's a peaceful presence. To make a long story short, some of these patients die a short time later. Can I explain it? No I'm a firm Catholic, and my faith helps me explain what science cannot.