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Creepy night

My self mitesh I'm from mumbai.
I'm going to tell u guys about my experience with paranormal activity. I don't know whether it can be called as paranormal experience.
Starting with my story. This incident took 2 years back I remember it was a time of diwali. Amd everyone knows how diwali is celebrated in city like mumbai
After all the celebration nd all I went home nd I had my dinner and was about to go to bed. In my house my aunty uncle nd my sister were there during vacation time I come to there house to spend my holidays. So my uncle aunty nd sister they 3 use to sleep together nd I was on sleeping on sofa nd was busy on my phone after 5 minutes I decided to sleep. Nd I took my self nd covered my self suddenly after 2 minutes I was feeling like something have caught me I was unable to open my eyes nd I was not able to move my self it continued for 2 3 minutes. Nd after that I tried with the full force to move my self nd I did it I got up nd sat for 5 minutes nd was thinking what actually was that. After that I have never experienced like that because after that incident I started wearing rozri. Nd the main thing is one lady use to stay in our house before in rent she hanged her self.
Can anyone tell me what actually happened with me?

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