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Tall Dark Shadow

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United Kingdom
Glasgow (click for map)
For 2 days a dark tall shadow or entity was following me around the house, I was in the kitchen and confronted this being and asked "who are you"? After I said this the sounds of clattering kitchen utensils sounded if they were thrown on to the floor, I jumped with fright of sound, later on that evening I was praying, I am a Christian and I seen it again this time an object fell on my head and and drop to floor, my head had small bump, I continued my prayers and put holy water about my house then it was gone. My son died 3 weeks later. I was not scared of this entity but didn't like the fact when questioned it did not like this and when praying it hurted me slightly. Few weeks after my son died praying again I heard growling. My son May he R.I.P. Died suddenly. Marhie

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