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This is the truth which had started everything...

Long before all those supernatural events that had occurred in my life happened, long before I was born, a supernatural event happened to my paternal grand-mother...

This truth was hid from me since last year where I tried my best to reconstruct the story...

Back in time, in the mid 1900s, my father and his family lived in Port-Louis.As far as I know them, they led a normal family life until one day my paternal grandfather did not see my paternal grandmother beside him in bed, he woke up scared and searched for her. This led to my father waking up eventually.

It was way later that she was found at Champs de Mars asleep. Every night like that even if she was tied to the bed, nothing could do. The situation of the family was at its worse. One moment she was there and the other moment,disappeared. My paternal grandfather was so scared that something worse could happen to his wife... Even when she was pregnant...

After finding no solutions, he finally went to a religious priest where the latter tried to find a solution to it. The early remedies did not work. He decided to evoke the evoke the entity to find a given explanation.

Well,the entity was a French woman who had died very early in her mid-forties. Her spirit saw my paternal grandmother (I do not know how but I know that she used to dry my father's uniform at night for the next day...) and was relished by her fair skin and her beauty. Feeling jealous, she decided to take possession of her. When my paternal grandfather knew this, he pleaded the entity to leave her alone but this did not work until one day all stopped after my paternal grandmother delivered her last child...

I do not know if it was the same entity who attacked me or my dad years later... For me, all what I have lived through is that an entity did come... But why or what is the reason... I do not know...

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alshaad (3 stories) (6 posts)
1 month ago (2019-03-10)
To be true to you, there are much details which I do not know myself and it was a very long time...
But what I can tell is that a friend found her because that as much I know. Both of my paternal grandparents passed away years ago and all these details went with them. Being from a Christian family, I think that God has everything planned for us.
RSAChick (92 posts)
3 months ago (2019-01-21)
I got déjà vu when I saw alshaad's response to lady glow end with: take care 😨

To alshaad: I was wondering how the entity knew it was your grandmother's last child.
This all seems a bit off.
Lady glow has great comments and questions.
Hope you can answer them as thoroughly as possible.
lady-glow (11 stories) (2335 posts)
3 months ago (2019-01-21)
alshaad - I have read many stories where people report ghosts taking and hiding their stuff but, so far, none where a whole full grown person has been transported to a different location defying all the laws of Physics.

In order to believe that, like you say, I would need to see it happening before my eyes. Regardless, I have few questions about your narrative and I will appreciate if you can answer them.

" one day my paternal grandfather did not see my paternal grandmother beside him in bed, he woke up scared and searched for her."

Was there a special reason why your grandfather got worried instead of assuming that his wife had, perhaps, gone to the washroom or to check on her child/ren in the middle of the night?

"It was way later that she was found at Champs de Mars asleep."

Who found her? How far away were the Champs de Mars from their house? Did your grandfather report her missing and got the help of the authorities to go looking for her?

I apologize if it looks like I'm nitpicking your story, the truth is, I have a very active imagination and need to know as many details as possible in order to prevent my mind from filling up the lack of information in a story with outlandish assumptions.

Back to my question, I see that the Champs de Mars is a horse racing track spread on a fairly large area. Do you know where your grandmother was found (a bench, the ground, gravel, grass, stables)? Whoever found her must have had a big scare perhaps mistaking her for a dead person!
How much time did it happen between the moment your grandfather realized she was missing and the moment she was found?
I find it odd that she didn't wake up registering that she wasn't in her bed. Didn't she get cold?
I'm sure she wasn't carrying her purse with an ID, I'm curious to know if whoever found her knew who she was and was aware that she was missing.

"Every night like that even if she was tied to the bed"

Do you know if your grandfather ever tried to stay awake through the night to see what was going on? How long did these events lasted for? Did this happen every single night? Was she always transported to the Champs de Mars?

From your previous comment "I mean attached to the bed but the rope was broken and she dissapeared."
It's odd that someone or something with the ability to 'carry' a person through solid walls would need to brake the rope, don't you think?

So your grandfather took his wife to a priest and he was able to communicate with the spirit causing all these problems only to find out that your grandmother was possessed.

Did her personality changed over the - months?, years? - during which she was possessed or did she acted in accordance to her usual character? Did the spirit say what was the relevance of the Champs de Mars in her life and/or the way she passed away?

Meaning no offence but, did your grandmother's appearance changed after childbearing, specially if she had numerous children?
Do you think your grandma's looks and age could have been the reason for the jealous French woman's spirit to decide to vacate your GM's body perhaps to move into another lady?

From your answer to freakedoutfreddy "In ancient times, it was like this".
Ancient times?! This didn't happen during the Pleistocene, did it?;)

Anyway, I hope to hear your feedback.

alshaad (3 stories) (6 posts)
3 months ago (2019-01-20)
Yes she vanished. No where to be seen. I mean attached to the bed but the rope was broken and she dissapeared. She would not walk away because anyone in the family would have seen that.

I do not think it was that, spirits are not great people. It is not a joke either.

Well for for you it is but for me and for those people who have seen or been told it, we can confirm that is real. As the saying goes, one has to see to believe. I do understand your reaction and I hope that it never happens to anyone. Take care.
alshaad (3 stories) (6 posts)
3 months ago (2019-01-20)

Yes,no jokes. In ancient times, it was like this. The characters are real people and those people were genuine people hopefully.
freakedoutfreddy (1 stories) (46 posts)
3 months ago (2019-01-19)
Dude, did this really happen? 🙄
Need more characters.😁 😁
lady-glow (11 stories) (2335 posts)
3 months ago (2019-01-19)
What do you mean by "One moment she was there and the other moment,disappeared."
Would she just vanish or would she walk away in her sleep? Did she really got tied up to the bed?

I guess the spirit of the French woman didn't like the idea of having to change soiled diapers and not getting a good night sleep... Such a lazy woman!

Quite an extraordinary and unbelievable story.😐

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