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During last year, my maternal grandmother unfortunately passed away, so suddenly I was left distraught.

I want to write what supernatural events she has experienced which she told me when she was alive.

One day after visiting a relative, my maternal grandmother was walking back home in late evening and it was turning dark very quickly. That is when she felt a goose-bump and felt herself directed to the cemetery at St.Martin. She continued like this until a friend of hers saw her and stopped her. She was shocked to see herself going in that direction. He took her to his house where he and his wife took care of her and then he brought her to her house.

The street where my grandmother lived was not different either. Her neighbor on the extreme left had an old tree in her garden which dated years back. People and those living in the vicinity told the neighbor not to cut down that tree as it had been here for long but she had already made up her mind. After the tree was cut down, every night at mid-night there was a cry of a woman coming from the placement of that tree.

She used to live in a huge courtyard. One night she went out to bring back the utensils that she forgot to bring inside.That's when she saw a man in white walking quickly pass her from a tree nearby to the gate. She told me that it was not a human at all but a spirit.

Years later when she moved in her new house ten years before 2017, in August 2017... (as I mentioned in my other story, Trapped), she told me that during the night while she was asleep, a man shouted at her door loudly. Through the curtains, she could see a silhouette of a man but when she peeped or look at the window or at the door, there was no one...

One year later, she passed away in August on my father's birthday. A coincidence or destiny. But wherever she is, I know that she is in peace...

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