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I think that it is important to share these informations to the world, whether you believe it or not. These facts have occured during the past week and are narrated to me by aunt (my mother's sister) who lives in my house (we are an extended family). 'La Marguerite' which means the Daisy, is a shelter for kids which is situated in Mauritius (I won't mention the name of the town). Not more than two weeks ago, my aunt was working in another shelter at Pointe aux Sables, Mauritius but all the children and the staff were transferred to 'La marguerite' by the government for reasons that I will not mention here. Note that my aunt has been working as a cook for a long time and she is responsible to cook food for all the children there.

'La marguerite' is a very big house which was seized by the government (I will mention why later) and it has a very big yard and enormous trees. A very peaceful view at first sight. Before shifting the children to this shelter, a group of the staff (including my aunt) were sent to visit and clean the place so that it becomes a suitable environment for children. The house was closed for a long time. When they entered the house, my aunt told me that she immediately had a bad impression. The house was not welcoming at all. The atmosphere was heavy and the place seemed to be desolate.

The next day, all the children (there were 12 children) and members of the staff moved to their new home. This is when strange things began to occur. The first night, 11:50 pm, staff doing their night shift reported something unusual. Lights went on in the children's room. Nouri, who was inside the room, opened the door to see what was happening as she heard footsteps. We should note that if there was a problem with electricity, all the lights should've went on, not only one specific room. Anyway when she opened the door, she saw a girl walking down the stairs, dressed in white. She immediately informed the others but when they came out, the little girl was gone. They all thought that maybe she was hallucinating. This is one of the many incidents that would happen there over a short period of time (one week).

The next day, the little girl is seen walking again at night by 4 staff members and lights go on and off without any apparent reason. Noises are heard in the kitchen at night, as if utensils are breaking but when they go to check, everything is calm and nothing is broken.

Staffs are scared to work there during the night and the children also do not want to eat, and they can't sleep with all the noise. Three little boys went to school and told their classmates that they want to commit suicide for no apparent reason. The case has been reported and they are now seeing a psychologist. As things were getting worse, my aunt wanted an explanation concerning the house, so she decided to talk to some neighbours and people who lived close.

Then people told her the truth. About 10 years ago, an old couple had been found dead in the bathroom upstairs and their body were in a decomposed state when they were found 2 months later when their son came to Mauritius to visit them. They committed suicide. The house was sold and the next owner hanged himself on a big tree in the yard and he had a daughter of 15 years old who slit her wrists and bled to death in the house for unknown reasons. The house was then seized by the government and no one lived there for a long time before it was reopened as a shelter. So it is clear that the house was somewhat haunted.

On the third day, the Ombudsperson for children came to visit the place upon hearing rumours of strange happenings. One of the staff told them of the incidents of the house and what had happened in the past. They showed no interest and thought it was a lie. They asked to see the room where the old couple had killed themselves. They saw it and everything seemed okay. But when they were coming down the stairs, a smell of rotten flesh or dead animal was in the air. They stopped to see what was wrong. Suddenly, one of the officers got a huge slap out of nowhere. Everyone was shocked and they all ran outside. I don't know if they reported the case to the ministry.

One last incident happened yesterday to my aunt. It was during the day at about 2 pm. She was in the kitchen cooking. Her cooking pot was on the oven. She was trying to remove the lid but in vain. It was as if something was preventing her from doing so. She called her friend and when they came back to the kitchen, they saw something out of the ordinary. On the table next to the oven, there was a huge knife and it was moving on the table by itself. My aunt would not lie to me.

So here it is, the incidents of La marguerite shelter for kids. I think that this house has seen too many bad days and the people who died there are not at peace. This place should remain inhabited.

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lady-glow (11 stories) (2373 posts)
5 days ago (2019-07-12)
Huh...are you by any chance talking about the shelter in the following links:


IF so, the time frame of your story is highly questionable.

"...Not more than two weeks ago, my aunt was working in another shelter at Pointe aux Sables... Before shifting the children to this shelter, a group of the staff (including my aunt) were sent to visit and clean the place so that it becomes a suitable environment for children. The house was closed for a long time"

This would mean that the events in your narrative happened sometime at the beginning of June 2019, nevertheless the information provided in the first article establishes that " the shelters"La Cigogne" in Floréal and that of"La Marguerite" at Belle Rose were also inaugurated in 2013."

I will appreciate your feedback.
Zaruje (12 stories) (166 posts)
5 days ago (2019-07-12)
Hello there Irshaad96!

We somewhat have the same case as yours. But in our case, it was a child development center (school) that we had built. The problem was that no parents would allow their kids to attend school, because apparently, they believed that a "kapre" (a mythical creature) was living there. So the teacher conducted all sorts of blessings to remove this creature but still the parents wouldn't let their kids go there. It went as far as our company sending us to that place to "confirm" this case.

Anyways, sorry for pitching our case in. I really do believe that, persons who died in vain, get stuck to the place that they died in. One of my recommendations, depending on your practice and belief, would be letting someone bless that place or I don't know, maybe to exorcise that place.

You said "the last incident" so did the activity lessen?

I would love to hear what happened and what your aunt and her friends did to cope up in that place.

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