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lady-glow (13 stories) (2880 posts)
4 years ago (2017-12-06)
Since these dreams began when you moved to this house, it is possible that something in the house is triggering them. Would you be able to find the history of the house? Perhaps asking the neighbours about the previous tenants or any strange happenings before you moved in.

It would be convenient to perform a cleansing or blessing of the place, according to your faith but, since you have established not to be a religious person, I suggest for you to try the "Cleansing and shielding method" of one of the members of the forum.

You can find it in the following link:


Keep us posted and thanks for sharing,
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
4 years ago (2017-12-05)
I cannot answer your specific question about the spirit you are encountering, but I can absolutely confirm that dreams can be paranormal in nature. I base that on a lifetime of experience with dreams.

I'm not going to go into detail at this time because I want to get a supportive message out to you as quickly as I can. There are people here to can better provide answers regarding spirit types and related matters.



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