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Martin (602 posts) mod
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
It seems Demonbinder speaks as if his religious beliefs were facts. In the world of paranormal, ghosts and hauntings, I'm sorry to say, Demonbinder, the Bible (and your VERY conservative interpretation of it) is just a religious book among many others in this world, and not a very extensive one on the subject at that. Do keep an open mind and don't flaunt your ignorance about other religions with so much conviction. You say that demons can pass themselves as angels, spirits or as anything else for that matter. Well, that's a very convenient way of denying anything that may not fit exactly into your narrow dogma and never learn anything. Good luck with that... But that's not what I would call an investigative mind, which, by the way, is what got us from the dark ages to the modern world.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
Excuse me, please, adelvita, but I have a question for Demonbinder.
Your comment, "The problems here are that, if this is a burial ground, it is very likely that these grounds have been dedicated to the spirits, as Indians are known to worship them..." has me wondering where you got all of your facts.
WORSHIP spirits? Where were you given this information? We do NOT WORSHIP any spirit save for the Great Spirit. And rightfully so. HE is the creater of all things, and therefore deserves nothing less from us. He comes to many different religions under a variety of names, but His essence is still the same.
In that we RESPECT the dead, is that where you get the idea that we WORSHIP them? That we set aside a hollowed ground for our ancestors to serve for a final resting place? That we feel that the ground is holy as we pray for the guidance of The Great Spirit to carry them over?
WHITE people used to do the same. They used to LEAVE their ancestors lay where they were entered into the ground or thier moseleums. Same practice, only WE try not to move, or build above their resting places.
Thank you.
gothgirl (32 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
so its kind of like beeing in the real amityvill horror... Not to kwl anyhow I think you should move out. I know you don't have the money but the way I look at it is ether you move out or they carry you out but ethr way your going to have to go.
I do believe you can curse it out and I also do believe a priest can come help, but you have to understand that that house or apartmnt or ground or whatever wil alwayz have a open "portal" to the other side and I think one way or another its going to atrackt more or other demons or spirits and sorry but I'm not one for the sugar coating thing, but when that stuff comes back (and it wil) its going to come back with a mission.

But after all said and done the choise wil alwayz belongz to u
Demonbinder (66 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
Any spirit, other than one sent from heaven (an angel) is malicious, and an entity sent straight from the depths of hell to cause torment in someone's life. These spirits like to mask themseleves as a "being" that wants what is beneficial to you. However, that is not the case. There is no possible way, a creature, created in the likes of all evil, can possible care for you or your well-being. Yes, it is evident, those "demons" want the house to themseleves, and would much rather you guys leave. The problems here are that, if this is a burial ground, it is very likely that these grounds have been dedicated to the spirits, as Indians are known to worship them, thus granting the spirits authority over the area. This is where your conflict arises. They have good case against your being there.


If you are a child of God, they must scatter. All over the Scriptures, God talks about his protecting his children. There are many verses you can even use against them, and the only time they will be effective is if you are strong in your faith. Your case does not seem as if it will be an easy one, which is why you should immediately take up intense fasting and prayer. "For he will give his angels charge over you..." (Psalms 91), ask God to forgive whatever mishaps you have done, and to claim that household and area as his, and he can do that. After all, his very name causes the depths of Hell to tremble. Ask God to seal that household with the blood of Jesus, and make it his own, and to drive out every evil force at work there. You will notice immediate change, but beware, they are stubborn. They must comply. Sternly tell the spirits "In the name of Jesus you bind and rebuke every force of darkness at work in that house, that you have given the house over to Jesus, and they no longer have authority over it." Do this with the aid of family too, and make sure you go to every part of the house and do this.

Email me at treygcs [at] should you need any help
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
Different emotions are sometimes the cause of failing health, also sleep deprivation can cause the symptoms of numerous illnesses. I, too, went through a period of time in which I had a few discouraging experiences with some Entities and miscarried three times during this period of time. I was angry, and I did blame them for it happening, but then I actually found peace in the situation. I know that sounds lame to anyone who really has no clue what that feeling is all about, but they were not the cause.
I am most curious about this dream that your husband had. You say they showed him all of the sites? Is there a possibility that you checked out all of the things that he described to you from the dream? If so, how accurate were the places that they pointed out? As they seemed to have a kinsman-ship with him, perhaps this was a telling dream in which many of the answers you seek can be achieved through their guidance.
The poisonous spiders have been making their way across the states. We have had many cases of the Recluse Spider appearing here in Indiana, and it is assumed that they are arriving with the importation of certain produces. They have actually hit pretty close to home when my husbands cousin was bitten by one and had to go through many painful hours of antivenom treatments and skin grafting. USUALLY, according to what HE was told, they travel in groups, and it is not often that there is just one that needs destroyed.
I am VERY interested in helping you out with this. I DO have a background in dealing with a few of my fellow brothers and sisters who were not able to make it to The Land of Many Summers.
You must be made aware that not all Beings who seem to be evil are solely evil. If this were a demonic presence, most generally there are not a group of beings letting you know this. Demons have the ability to work on their own, and tend to "steal the thunder", so to speak. There ARE, however; ANGRY ghosts who can FEEL every bit as evil as what I would imagine a demon to be.
May The Great Spirit guide your thoughts and dreams, and keep all things holy at your side. (Or whomever/whatever it may be that is your Higher Power)
Draycon (13 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
Thats a good point, wish I thought os somethign as good as that to say, I need to look up information about the demonic
MNPROPHET (6 stories) (25 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
Wow that is scary,

My first thought would be you could be right about an indian burial mound. There are 70, 000 mounds in the citie of Minneapolis, most in peoples back yards. Though they can have a lot of energy they rarely are haunted.

But I believe you are experiencing a demonic haunting. Insects are usually associated with an earthbound demon, not a ghost. The fact you have failing health also is a symptom of a demonic presents, it is harder for you to fight back when your energy is being sapped. Shape shifting in to the apearence of your boy, is a way to manipulate you, possibly pitting you against your own son. Devide and conquer.

I would fear that this will only end in a possesion if you do not move out.

If you want to talk more, please contact me at my secure web site through my prophile.
Draycon (13 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-10)
Evil spirits, get the house blessed and advise the spirits to leave. No one should be going through that well... Evil people yes they can rot in a hell hole but yourself no. I strongly advise getting the house blessed but apart form that there is not a lot I can say apart from you will be in my thoughts

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