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O. Helmer Handeland (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-24)
Hi there, I´m wondering...

For some Years ago I saw a American Ghost-movie in Norwegian TV.

The storry was about a single woman there lived together with her kids in a town, some where...

She get into a psycotic "night mare", because she was attaced by a invisible "monster", that touched her and some times raped her to.

At least she involved a friend into this case, and together they finaly catched the "Ghost" into a big ice cube (in a factory or something like that). Imagination or not, she realy felt that she was touched and weekly was raped by this offull ghost.

The only thing I can remember for shure, is her car, a wolksvagen, and ones the ghost even had a place in the car and it was nearly a acsident.

The actres, the movie-star, is very known in USA, but I cant remember her name. It is some one out there who can give me more information about this ghost-movie? It´s a thrue story, in fact.

Thank you very much, if you can help me.

GeniusFortuna AV Production

Helmer Handeland

oddhelm [at]

Ashlee (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-23)
tell the spirit or whatever is making you feel uncomfortable to leave and get out tell them to go to God because they're dead. And I also believe that the bible will help you.
lilSexy (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-22)
Like Martin Luther King I had a dream like that it was crazy you dig I was sleep and I open my eyes and my grandma was sitting next me and she is dead....
mrs Thakur (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-20)
Ive been having similar dreams for years now. the last one was very scary. I was sleeping and having a normal nonsence dream. suddenly I felt a terrible fear and instantly felt something holding me down. I atomaitcally started reciting one of the passages from the bible ( the lord is my shepard I shal not want....)and the thing instantly leave me alone. just memorise a scripture from the bible and recite it when you feel this force. I doe believe that God can help because it take ages for the force to leave me if I fight it with my own strength. But all I have to do is say jesus, god or begin to recite a scripture with all my heart and the force is gone imediately
Krystal (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-19)
It may be sleep Paralyisis. It has happened to me and just remember this... Do all your might to move your head Once you move your head you will wake up... you see Sleep Paraluisis is when you are in a state of Sleep and a state of awake... You may feel like someone is on you but really it is your body as stiff as a board... Just moveyou head... Ok!
Patrick (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-18)
That's happened to me and I have 2 things 2 say

1.You might just be tired.

2.use all you'r might to scream and if you'r parent's get mad you'll have a good reason
jenny (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-17)
My ex boyfriend had an experience like that. he said something pulled him up off his bad and slammed him down numerous times. He also said, it occured more than once. He thinks it was a demon.
Ashley (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-17)
Something like that happend to me! well I was sleeping in my bed and something was tickleing me. So I woke up and nothing was here.But it was saying wake up Ashlwy wake up! so your not the only one thats had something weird in your life!!lol
bianca (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-13)
that is so scary. You should pray and carry the bible with you and ware a rosery. And ask God to pertect you with the holy spirit and alot of angels.
bianca (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-13)
Um, Autumn, you are wronge about the bible. you should follow need to read it and understand it. Just remember that you are wrong!!!!!!! The bible is true in my life. Mabye not yours but it sure is in my life.
becky (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-10)
Remember the name of all names, and do not give attention to the devil because that is what he wants. Also remember that if you really love Jesus, He has ultimate control of your life, and knows everything about you before the foundations of the world, and will never leave nor forsake you. Take authority over anything that has come to harm you. The Bible says God gave us power over the enemy to step on serpents or scorpians. If you love Jesus, nothing by any means shall harm you.
Alan (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-08)
you guys are all weird!!!! Maybe you were getting raped!
john (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-08)
mate just chant the hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare, hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare you will find whatever it is gone...
Dejesus (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-06)
My experience was a little different but similiar.I dont even know where 2 start for some years now, I have been being held down by a force over welming in my bed.At first I used 2 think it was from my body being tired and and my mind waiting to wake up.But it occured to many times,one time it felt as if something caress me and held me at the same time and the only way was to submit and relax.i felt as if I couldn't scream,open my eyes,or I prayed.. when I finally got up I told my mother about it and she said it was the devil trying to take me in my sleep..i don't know what ever it is. it's scary it even happened when I was in bed with my girl friend snd she didn't notice a thing and that really freaked me I even sleep with my bible under my pillow
Jessica (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-06)
What ever it is Sleep Paralyisis or a ghost on top of you is still freekey
Ringlerum (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-03)
I am a person of science & yet I am also spiritual. I'll tell you this, don't let a scientist tell you it had something to do with your minds chemicals acting up or something.I too have had the same experience twice in my parents home.

I'll only tell you about the first. I went to bed around 12am. I don't know how long I slept, but I woke up laying on my back, it was still dark in the room, I could barley see anything, and I felt a force on top of me holding me down by my wrist. I could fill something straddled accross me. It was pinning me down. I tried to scream for help but it was like my voice was in slow motion and mubbling. I couldn't get my voice to raise at all. I am 6 foot & 210 pounds, I couldn't budge the thing off me. After about 2 minutes, it let me go. Funny thing though, the whole time It was on me, my senses told me it was mad at me. After I was able to move, I sat up and looked around. I was so tired though, I told my self, the heck with it, and went back to sleep.

Jennifer (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-01)
hey I had somethings happen to me but try sleeping on the floor lever your light on turn on your tv when you go to bed leve your door open have someone spend the night or befor you go to bed talk to him ask him what dose he want why are you here and stop what your doing cause its not funny k I hope you get this
Autumn (guest)
15 years ago (2006-11-29)
And what is the deal with god being brought into all of this? The bible is so contradicting, its not even funny. I don't understand while people follow the bible- it was supposedly written by a man who could speak to god. And yet, today, if someone were to write a book, and say that he could speak to god, there's a good chance he would be declared insane- with supporting evidence. The bible also implies that there are only two places to go when you die- heaven, and hell. So why, then, would god allow spirits to roam the earth at will? This makes no sense.
Autumn (guest)
15 years ago (2006-11-29)
It may not be sleep paralysis. There is a very good book, called "Grave's End", that details similar occurances, and the story of the spirits that were behind it. They were trying to communicate with her, by making her feel what they felt- trapped, suffocated, suffering. The spirits had died in a kind of tunneling accident (I don't recall the specs), some where crushed, others were suffocated. So that's what they were trying to convey, because they were suffering, and in need of help. So that could be a possibility. However, it could also be a cruel spirit. In any case, if they/it are/is hurting people, it would probably be best for it to get help to pass to the other side, where it would face its problems, including the desire to hurt people. There are probably more possibilities, and yes, still including sleep paralysis, but that wouldn't explain the other paranormal activity. If you really want to try to uncover the truth, do some research.

Also, there is a scientific explanation for sleep paralysis, and it does not involve soul traveling. Sleep paralysis is when the "trigger" that keeps you from thrashing about too much and doing things in your sleep that could possibly be dangerous, is still on, even though your mind is already awake. It hasn't kicked off, causing you to feel unable to move. I'm sure there is more to it than that, but those are the basics :)
billy (guest)
15 years ago (2006-11-27)
it is called sleep paralysis- it is a state between sleep and being awake- in order to protect yourself from walking while you are asleep your brain has a defense mechanism- it paralizes you- so you dont go falling down the stairs or something along those lines- it scares you because you think you are awake and you are not- when it happens to me(3 to 4) times a year my eyes aare opened and I can see everything in my room- read the spines of the books on the bookcase - and wonder why in the hell I cant get up- in a moment or two I am fully awake- and in a slightly different position than I thught I was while sleeping- hope that helps ease ypur mind- look it up- google it- sleep paraysis- it can describee it much better than I can- I would look to the supernatural as the last resort- when all other explanantons fail-
Nick (guest)
15 years ago (2006-11-24)
Yes you have goten atacked, I have gotin atacked alot to. very very painfull, one of them was a cemitary and I felt every bone in my hand cracking so me and my freinds started to run we sat down near the entrence anf I started to feel the pain again so I was like I'm being atack! we rain down this hill as fast ass we can to get to are bikes, I looked back as I was runing and I saw a ghost chasing after us, he had a cane ands a wight robe on.. I never ran so fast in my life.
Katrina (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-21)
My cousin just passed and the last 4 nights I am unable to sleep. The night he passed I woke to someone sitting on the end of my bed and when I rolled over he was rambling on about his wife and family. When I went home for the viewing and funeral it happened again, someone sitting on my bed. The next day his inlaws have lived in haunted houses and we shared similar experiences. That night I experienced a moth flitting in the shadows of the hallway, (it was winter whereas moths are not living). It shut down the computer, (which gave the hallway light), and the moth was gone. I finally rolled over and 20 minutes latter I felt someone holding me don so I couldn't scream. Each incident happens around 3 am. I have to take sleeping pills to get throught the night. When I went home, same experiences. Someone holding me down and I can't scream. I dismissed it to stress, anxiety and nerves. But the next night I woke to 2 very loud bangs either on the floor or ceiling and nails scratching at my comforter. I really feel my cousin is trying to connect to me in some way.
Martin (602 posts) mod
16 years ago (2006-11-20)
Mindy, those are the first symptoms of astral projection... if you stay aware long enough, you could find yourself getting an Out of Body Experience. Something pretty scary at first, I would imagine, but others swear it's an incredible experience.
mindy (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-20)
I used to get this feeling right at the moment before I go to sleep or waking up from sleep. I would hear this loud intense ringing in my ears, I couldn't move any limbs or make any noises. sometimes I would feel like I was levitating or feel waves of very instense burst of energy troughout my body. At times I would feel the sensation of pressure on my chest and or touching my feet. first I was scared but then I felt excited like it was some sort of spirit guided giving me energy. Whenever I became scared I would say a protection prayer. If I was still scared I would demand for it to stop and it usually did.
Garrett (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-19)
It's called sleep paralysis it has happened to me and some of my family members before. It used to scare me until I found out what it was. As for the other one goes with your father and step mother waking you up, sorry I have no explanation for that.
Katrina (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-19)
it is sleep paralysis which by the definition I have heard from sylvia browne is when your soul is visiting somewhere and your body awakes before the soul can get back so when you wake up you think your dying or already dead. the force that you feel on you is your soul re entering your body. sometimes when I am falling asleep and feel it coming on(the radio static in my ears) I roll around in bed haha and just try to stop what is happening cuz its more annoying than anything. (the first time this has happend I was really scared, but I'm not scared anymore because I know what it is)
rebecca (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-17)
i keep getting forces on my body well in bed.iam not asleep at the time but feel as if someting is pushing me down into the bed sometimes the force can be that strong I feel like iam being pulled down the bed as if something is trying to take me somewhere.i also find it hard to breath at the time I hear a werid noise that I cant explain.has anyone else expercience this?
Nikki (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-17)
another time it happened to me. I awoke from it. the trick is don't get fluttered focus. and dont give in. so when I awoke I asked my fiance did he not feel me kicking him and screaming he said no. I said lets switch side of the bed. and rap your hands around me if you feel me moving or mumbling. shake me. so we switched sides. then all of a sudden I awoke feeling him shaking against my back it started attacking him. I shook him and awoke him he finally believed me. and we said prayers together. and slept in the living room, so two people cant possibly experience the same thing in 20 min if this was a scientific explantation. this is real dont be fooled by these scientists they dont even believe in god.
Nikki (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-17)
I had the same experience, also my family as well, so I no its real. I was awake I can see everything around me but I cant scream or move. It feels like someone is tugging at your soul. at one point I was holding on to my fiance begging for him to help as he slept and watching my body on the otherside of the bed asleep. I felt a strong evil pressence that sits and beat on your chest. One event at the bottom of my bed hands were dragging me off the bed and I fell outside my self, my mom passed. so I quickly called her and jesus and the lord to help me. the enity soon left as my mother entered the room with a white lite. clear as day and came to my side of the bed where the enity was.and prayed. after that experience I put two bibles at the head of my bed stands, so far so good. this is not a joke this is real. if your not strong and believe in god I believe these spirits or deamonds can and will try to take your soul. and cause death to u.however I'm not scared anymore because when it comes I just call on the almighty and it runs out of the room. say your prayers at night that sometimes help.
New Jerzee devil (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-14)
A Native American once told me that if I were being plagued by a ghost to unroll a cigarette or put some tobacco on an open sheet of paper and place it under a piece of furniture in the room that the ghost frequented.Tobacco is a well accepted gift to a spirit and it really worked!.
david (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-14)
I seen a ghost walk though me and I nearly had a heart attack
renee allen (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-14)
leave the light on and turn all lights on and it will leave you alone

miker (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-13)
I also agree with Dennis. It's sleep paralysis. It's common and most people have had it. Although thye part about being woke up by the entity is not.
Cherie (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-09)
This happended to me many times..having my entire body stuck on my bed while I feel this awkward heavy feeling on top of me holding me down...It weird because my husband & kids are right near me in the room & they're sleeping just fine! What I do is just fight it off..pushing my hands forward. It works when I tell my mind to be strong...I know..It's crazy.
iridian & marlen (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-04)
she probaly wants to tell u something or a message about something.
dennis (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-31)
Get me, looking at ghost related sites on Halloween. This is definately just sleep paralysis, as already suggested in other comments. I've had 'things' in my room, 'things' jumping on my back and holding me down. One time, when I was sleeping on my back (which I rarely do), I had this glowing green humanoid figure with no face, with its fingers round my neck, throttling me. Interestingly, I was never physically 'touched' by anything, just had a sense of something being in the room, until I saw a documentary on TV about so called 'entity attack' and sleep paralysis. I guess that's suggestion for you. It's not pleasant, but it's nothing to worry about. Making a really concerted effort to wake up properly, works for me.
Kerry (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-31)
Out of body experiences, that's what it sounds like to me, I've had several, not good usually. They are very scary, especially when your spirit is very much awake and your body just lays there like a limp rag. I have an indian ghost who we apparently are living on top of his grave, he lifted me up out of my bed and held me by my foot up against the ceiling, I just screamed at him, which is so hard to get that scream into the physical realm, and just asked Jesus to intervine and he dropped me back down to the bed. I asked him if he would just tell me where he would like to be buried, I would make sure he would get his way. But he just grunted at me and breathed hot air on me, so I told him if he can't talk to me nicely don't come back, so far so good.
Kelly (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-31)
I've also had this happen to me, but with no visuals; I just woke up and couldn't open my eyes, couldn't say anything, and was struggling to breath. I had the strong sense that there was some entity in the room, but I didn't actually feel it physically on me. I was sleeping on my parent's couch after a lively night with many family members. I think when there is a lot of activity in a house, it can stir up these kinds of events. Still scary, though.
Susa (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-31)
I've just read your story, and I immediately remembered the story a friend of mine told me a few years ago. She experienced pretty much the same stuff, and even asked a psychic about her "problems". It turned out that under her bed was an underground-watercourse, that somehow made the "chi" flow round her bed.Her little adventure had an end when she placed her bed in a different corner of her room. Good luck (perhaps you even got rid of your ghost by now?)
Jewel (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-30)
okay lol dude it could be a rapeing ghost , a violent ghost that attacks u during the night, a spirit, or just a ghost, my suggestion is that u move out of the house and if the ghost follows u then it could be attached to u, i think its a raping ghost, u might wanna purify the house to be sure but before that call teh experts like ghost hunters, or a spirit median just to be safe, and yes they do exist dude, and i mean u zomnificent they are real they come from a different dimindion but those are stuck here because of unfinished business. and yeah i know about this stuff from actual evidence i have seen. not kidding
Siddhesh (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-30)
I agree with Martin, but you must be really freaked out to believe anything and let all go...
K-dog real name Kadafi (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-25)
This by far the realest story on this forum!.I can surely relate to this one because it happened to me on one occasion some years ago( the part about being woke by a ghost posing as your family member in the a dark but poorly lit place in a house.
jen (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-24)
Just say in the name of jesus whatever it is will go. People need to stop thinking this world is how we see it. They think we, believer's are crazy, but we're actually on the right path.
Kerry (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-22)
Sleep paralysis isn't generally a paranormal experience. When one is in REM, your body does not move at all. I'd be willing to bet you simply woke up from your deep sleep and couldn't move initially because your body didn't realise that you were no longer sleeping. The rest can be put down to dreams.
mary (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-21)
very well said robert, what i can say on the persons waking you up pretending to be your parents is actually a spirit called doppelganger, they copy the identity of a person to disguise themselves. they are usually mischievious spirits who plays on living beings.
Now the sleep problem that you are experiencing right now, is called the "old hag syndrome". It is believed that a witch or a bad entity is trying to hold your breath or suffocate you, thats why you feel as if someone is struggling you. Satisfied? anyways that is just the way as I see to it, but you may also try to consult scientific explainations to be safe...
take care. God Bless.
freaked out also (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-21)
I am going through the same things and it is a demon. We are having an excorcism nextweek. This deon wakes me at 3AM and growled and walked in the halls. Do research on Paranormal Societies in your area, they will help you!! God Bless!!!!!
Jen (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-20)
I am really bored with the sleep paralysis disguised as "Demons or ghosts are after me!!" thing. I had these experiences very often as a teenager and did alot of looking into it once I found out what it was. Hallucinations are common during this experince. Don't you guys read these other posts listing the same exact type of thing? No, I guess not - the first comment to Robert's post explained sleep paralysis pretty well, and yet two or three other posters then suggested having a psychic come in or the possibility that Robert lived on top of an old indian burial ground...I know it says COMMENT but it would be nice if people would read sometimes and try to learn things instead of just wanting to make noise.
Zomnificent (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-15)
You guys all need to exercise your critical minds a bit more. Demons? Ghosts? No. Sleep paralysis is when your mind reaches a conscious state without your body leaving the REM state of paralysis. The body becomes partially paralyzed when you dream to keep you from moving around and possibly hurting yourself. This also explains sleepwalking - people who leave the partial paralysis while dreaming. Sleep paralysis is a survival mechanism.

Also, check out hypnagogic hallucinations - hallucinations that can occur either before the mind enters REM state and after the mind leaves it. When you are in a dream, the dream seems real. Hallucinations are like that - they feel completely real, but they are all in your head. Certain parts of your brain are becoming more or less active, and that affects your perceptions. Parts of the brain responsible for critical thinking and reasoning are largely inactive during dreams, and that is why we can accept them no matter how ridiculous they are. Our rational minds are "asleep", not working to analyze the dreams.

It doesn't mean you are crazy, either. We can scientifically understand these phenomena, and it makes much more sense than the primitive spiritual explanation. We understand for the most part what causes the experience of "ghosts" - people who reject this science probably just WANT to believe in them. That is what makes you a crazy person - being unwilling to accept reality.

Think of it this way: some drugs can cause you to hallucinate. Entering in and out of consciousness can have the same effect. Do you believe that if you took a drug, those hallucinations would actually be a real, other reality - or that they are in your head? The same goes for dreams - do you believe those are another reality, or that they are just images produced in your mind, often recycled from daily images and past memories? And if you don't believe that hallucinations caused by drugs and dreams are real, alternate worlds, then why do you believe you are gaining access to some external reality when you hallucinate between sleeping and wakefulness (hypnagogic hallucinations)? If you don't use Occam's Razor - the simplest explanation, the one that fits the most with everything we KNOW, is the most likely one - then all of these explanations are equally plausible. A person who believed these things - hallucinations caused by taking drugs are real, dreams are real other worlds, and hallucinations that occur between sleep and waking are actually "non physical beings" external to the mind - would have no way of differentiating between fantasy and reality.
Adam (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-13)

Yes that is definately a case of sleep paralysis. But did you know usually the cause of this is not a ghost at all? In this case, it is probably a demon. A ghost in need would ask for it. A demon attempting to scare you and paralyze you while in a sleep mode yet awake is just evil.

I have a solution for your problem though, before going to sleep say this: "Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim" it means In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

I gurantee this will bring you guidance to sleep with NO MORE evil entitys attempting to crawl in your head or bed.
Martin (602 posts) mod
16 years ago (2006-10-12)
That was my first idea too... when sleep paralysis happen, your astral body is simply not fully integrated in your physical body, hence why you cannot control it yet but are able to perceive entities from the astral word (ghosts).
Cameron (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-12)
This used to happen to me on occasion and it terrified me. I awoke to find a 'man' in my room (sometimes I was face-down and could only feel his presence), I couldn't move, and he moved towards me and attacked me, or jumped on me and I couldn't breathe. Then I struggled and woke up properly, wondering what on earth had happened.
I told my parents but they had no idea what I was talking about. I thought it could have been a dream but it felt so REAL. It made me a little scared to go to sleep because it could happen at any point in the night. I don't know much about evil spirits but after the first couple times i figured it was all in my head and whatever it was couldn't harm me, it could only scare me.

I later found out on the internet it was probably 'Sleep Paralysis' and I did some research into Astral Projection. The next time it happened, instead of being afraid I immediately concentrated on floating upwards and a very strange thing happened! I found myself floating near the ceiling... but sadly it only worked a few times. Now i never get sleep paralysis and I can't seem to get an out of body experience! Slightly annoying but at least I no longer have 'encounters with Freddy Kreuger', as I sometimes called these dreadful experiences.

Take care man, have strength and do not be afraid. There are many others in your situation, perhaps this is just a passing phase some people have to deal with.
Daniel (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-12)
my name is daniel and this has happpend to me 2yrs ago. when i go to sleep i wake up but i can open my eyes niether and i can feel someone choking me and its strange because the only way for it to stop choking me is for me to take a deep breathe it scares me and i havent told any of my family members.. and im only 12.
e-mail :blackjacketwithhood [at]
Rachel (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-11)
When you feel it coming on, find the strength to say bugger off, and keep doing that each time it happens, eventually your body is use to fighting it off that anytime it happens your body will go into fighting mode, you will probably find that it will stop happening....maybe there is something that is weighing you down mentally and you need to get it off your chest!
ratterrier68 (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-11)
Yikes.......i don't know what you should do but.......i would get someone like a phycic to check out my house.....
Rebecca (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-11)
Hi - Yes, it is "Sleep Paralysis", but I have a different take on what causes it. Evil spirits, like what you describe, feed off the energy of fear - and what better way to generate tons of fear than to paralyze you while they appear to you. I believe your answer to all this is spiritual. You need to ask your Guardian Angels to protect you every night before you go to sleep and you also need to enhance your psychic protection in the form of aura and/or chakra work.

But, mostly, you just have to stand up to these things and tell them, with power and force behind your command, to leave you alone and to go to the light where they belong.

Good luck.
Lil_red231 (guest)
16 years ago (2006-10-11)
Hi robert. I think you should be finding out the history of your house. Find out the previous owner or something. Haven't you thought that maybe your lawn is an indian burial ground. Man I'm glad I'm not you.
Martin (602 posts) mod
16 years ago (2006-10-11)
Hi Robert, sorry to hear about your problems. I suggest you start searching for "sleep paralysis" for the paralysis problems. Here's a start:

I remember myself dreaming about something scary once and I was screaming, and at the same time I could hear my scream in the dream, I could feel my physical body mumbling some weird noises too, like my consciousness was split between the two worlds. When in deep relaxation, It can also take a few seconds before I can contol back my body. Maybe for other people like you, this process simply takes a lot longer while part your consciousness stay aware in a subtler plane where you can still perceive non physical beings.

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