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My Great Grandma's House


My Great-Grandma lived in a little house in the small town of Curryville, Missouri. I think my Great-Grandpa and her moved into the house in the late 70's early 80's. My Great-Grandpa passed away in early 1986. My Great-Grandma had the sixth sense ever since she was a small child. When I was little I always loved to hear about all of her paranormal experiences. All the things mentioned in this story are from the house that sits in the little town of Curryville, Missouri. My Great-Grandma lived there until her death in April 2002. Now the house has been torn down.

An elderly woman lived in a house that stood where the house that my Great-Grandparents lived. One day the woman accidentally caught herself on fire while burning trash. She doctored herself but later on she died from her injuries in the house. The house was torn down and the one my Great-Grandparents lived in was built. Some of the wood from the original house was used. My Great-Grandma believed that this lady had something to do with some of the occurrences that happened.

One occurrence happened in the mid-90's when my cousin Robin, her husband Chris, her daughter, and two young sons were visiting. One of my little cousins was playing in the middle of the living room floor when something picked him up and threw him into the kitchen which was the room right behind where he was sitting. Around the same time my other cousins Neal and Lisa came to visit from Kansas. They stayed in the bedroom off of the kitchen. There were two beds in their room and since they weren't married my Great-Grandma made them sleep in separate beds. During the night Lisa woke up to an evil presence at the end of her bed. It was glaring at her as it leaned against the bed frame. She screamed and woke everyone up. She said it looked human but felt evil.

In the early 80's my Uncle Jason a child at the time slept in the bedroom off the living room one night. He said all night long he kept having horrible nightmares which he will not talk about until this day. When they moved him out of the room into the living room the nightmares stopped.

There are lots more strange experiences that happened in that house but none come to mind at this time.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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kat1985 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2011-02-12)
Yes, I believe that my Great-Grandma learned to co-exist with these spirits. There are other things that happened to her at this house which I'm trying to get my family to tell me & not only did she experience things at this house but several others which I will write about later. My Great-Grandma as I said had the sixth sense so some of these spirits followed her around. The house I mentioned was not only haunted by the lady who died there but others as well probably because of my Great-Grandma having the sixth sense so really they weren't connected with the house but with her. Thanks for commenting everyone!
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1276 posts)
7 years ago (2011-02-09)
Marjie, I believe kids are protected and off limits, considering the grandma had lived there for years no problem... I was just wondering if it was more for a reason... You can't blame the Author for leaning toward something evil here... But sometimes you just gotta look beyond the obvious... Like that old saying there's two sides to a story... If the walls could
Miracles51031 (36 stories) (4802 posts) mod
7 years ago (2011-02-09)
Daz - hey there mate! 😊 You brought out a very good point. It never even crossed my mind. Could be the ghostie woman was trying to get the little boy out of the way of something. Good job, Daz!
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1276 posts)
7 years ago (2011-02-09)
Kat1985, I would suggest if your grandma felt that these hauntings were related to the previous tenant then perhaps that explains the experiences that occurred during the 90's and afterward... Perhaps this Lady was ok with your grandmother and a little less tolerant of others that came into the house... A little extreme however throwing a boy into the kitchen, I do believe your story and perhaps that experience was for a reason of its own... I may be bending a long bow with this theory but perhaps throwing him into the kitchen may have change his movements and actions on that day and kept him safe from something else that may have occurred? You would be amazed how some things are intentional for reasons we can't see comming... I just feel your grandmother was not over concerned about it and understood how to co exists with those who have crossed I'm not putting the demon stamp on this story just yet although I'm sure others would... Thank you for sharing your story...

Daz 😁
Miracles51031 (36 stories) (4802 posts) mod
7 years ago (2011-02-08)
kat1985 - it is very possible that the old woman was/is "haunting" your great-grandparent's house. Especially if they built on the exact site where her home stood. To her, it may not matter that the home doesn't look exactly the same as her home did, it's still her home. These "strangers" are in her home and she doesn't want them there. So she tries to scare them out. History has proven this time and time again. Most of the time, there can be a peaceful co-existence between the non-living and living. Sometimes, especially when a child is involved, there can't be.

I've had the same experience with nightmares that your Uncle Jason had. For 5 years I had the same 3 nightmares over and over. One of them I don't remember at all. The other 2 I remember clearly. The other one I think was so horrifying that I've completely blocked it out. But once I moved from my parent's home, the nightmares stopped. Interesting thing about it: my younger brothers moved into my bedroom after my sister and I moved out. They both experienced very bad things in that room.

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