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This page is temporarily closed

Due to the great amount of stories presently being submitted to this site, we have to disable the submission process until we can catch up with publishing the existing ones, so this page is currently closed.

If you are still interested in sharing your ghost experience, please try again later (you can write it now in a document on your computer, correct and save it, and submit it when the page is up again). Considering that we have so many submissions, badly written stories will be the first to be discarded to make room for the others, so make sure there aren't misspellings and typos. Also, please make sure your story is in accordance with our submission guidelines.

Because of the great amount of juvenile and uncredible stories we receive from teenagers, from now on, only mature, serious experiences will be accepted. I would like to remind some to please not waste our time and energies with fiction. This site is dedicated to real ghost experiences.

The submission page should be online again next Monday, thank you for your patience.

PS: Please don't send your story via the other contact form, it is used for site related issues only, anything else is discarded.