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I'm Sure I Never Locked The Door


This story will be short, but it freaked me out quite a bit. I'll start off by saying I'm off work for the Summer (I am a classroom assistant) and recently had surgery, so I've been spending quite a bit of time in my bed. The way my room is laid out, I can see everything from my bed; the closet door is to the left of my TV, the door to my bedroom on the right, and the only window is to the left of my bed. With all of the background information out of the way, I'll get into my story.

I have an obsession with the paranormal, and since I haven't had much to do, recently, I was watching some "true ghost story" videos on YouTube as I laid on my bed. I had my door closed, but did not lock it, because my cat cries outside the door until I open it if he didn't come into the room with me, and since he has a very loud voice, I try to get the door open as quickly as possible. Around 2:30, my mother knocked on my door, so I yelled and told her it was unlocked and she could just come in. She fiddled with the knob, and told me it was locked.

I was very confused, because I knew I didn't lock my door and the lock takes a little effort to twist, so it couldn't have locked on it's own as I closed it. I stood up and made my way to the door-assuming it was just stuck and my mother couldn't get it open-only to find the door was actually locked. I kept repeating "I swear I didn't lock the door" until my mother asked what she needed to know and left. I was left standing in the doorway, completely freaked out because I know I didn't lock the door when I entered.

This event came only days after my curtains had been swaying as if my window was open (which happened every night for a week) when the window was closed and locked. I have no idea if I'm just freaking myself out with ghost stories or if these incidents have some real meaning behind them.

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kentucky_believer (9 stories) (20 posts)
3 months ago (2017-07-06)
Grim_reaper107, it was a twist lock on the doorknob (which doesn't move unless you squeeze it on two sides and push in as you turn it) and the curtains were blowing out from the closed window, which has no gaps or vents near it.
Grim_Reaper107 (1 posts)
4 months ago (2017-07-06)
Hi there Kentucky,

First of all I want to know what kind of lock it is, because there are some types of locks which lock themselves up easily due to high force...

Next thing I want to know is whether there was some kind of a sound (like wind blowing) while that curtain-thing happened...

spiritwaiting (34 stories) (804 posts)
4 months ago (2017-06-26)

I forgot to add, you may have shown what's in your home, somehow that you have noticed it, thus causing the curtains to be bothered no further.

I don't know for sure, but it could be. 😊
spiritwaiting (34 stories) (804 posts)
4 months ago (2017-06-26)

Use your first gutteral instincts. Do you think what's been bothering your curtains may have locked the door for a little privacy?

Maybe what's in the home is curious, about you and your room.

Also,I tend to do things without noticing I do them purely out of automatic doing. Then go wow ok can't believe I didn't notice I did that!

Not saying that's the case here, but it could very well be a possibility.

But the door locking, if it does take a bit of effort to lock, has me wondering.

Thanks for sharing
Melda (8 stories) (614 posts)
4 months ago (2017-06-24)
kentucky believer - I apologise for my blunder, I should have checked.

However I have now read a few of your stories - very interesting. I certainly won't forget you again!

Regards, Melda
kentucky_believer (9 stories) (20 posts)
4 months ago (2017-06-23)
Melda, I have had experiences and have posted several of them, here. Argette, the door was not stuck, the lock was turned. It is not loose and takes a bit of effort to turn, and I know I didn't lock it. I felt like I was paranoid, but after posting it the curtains have stopped moving the way they were and I could never close the door in a way that would cause the lock to turn on it's own.
Argette (guest)
4 months ago (2017-06-23)
Agree with Melda here. I think sometimes we want something "supernatural" to happen.

Atmospheric conditions may cause doors to stick. Sometimes, we are preoccupied and don't try hard enough to open, or we are in a hurry and turn the wrong way. I can't tell you how many times something like this has happened to me.

I'm not demeaning your account or discrediting your experience. After all, the mind can play tricks on us.
Melda (8 stories) (614 posts)
4 months ago (2017-06-23)
kentucky believer - I think you just might be freaking yourself out with ghost stories.

Have you ever had supernatural experiences before? Besides that, have you ever wished that you could have experiences such as those that you saw on True Ghost Stories?

I have had (and probably most people on the YGS site) many supernatural events in my life and reading or watching ghost stories do not affect me at all. I find many of them very interesting because I can often relate to them.

So having said that, I would be interested to know how these ghost stories affect you and whether you have had any other paranormal experiences.

Also, if you are obsessed with these stories, don't forget the power of the brain!

Regards, Melda

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