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Seriously Bad Dream


I'm not really sure if I was experiencing a ghost when this happened, but maybe someone can help me figure out what did exactly happen. This was about two months ago and it started out as a horrible dream. I dreamed that I was with my family and we were about to get into a car to drive somewhere. I don't know where, but from what I remember of my dream, I don't think I wanted to go because I jumped out of the car from the back window in defiance of my dad's orders. The next thing I know, it was like we were at the scene of an accident, even though no one was hurt and there was no accident.

The police were there talking to my family and I was off to the side away from them, wrapped in a blanket. I started to run away and my dad started to chase after me, and for some reason I knew he wanted to kill me. Now it was just him and me running. I was able to get pretty far while he was chasing me but all the sudden, I began to run slower and slower, like I was running in sand, until I was barely running at all. Then he turned the corner and came right up to me with a knife in hand. He stabbed me in the stomach and then pulled it out. Then he stabbed me again in the shoulder but instead of pulling the knife out he dragged it up from my shoulder across my throat, like a diagonal line from my left shoulder to the top right hand corner of my throat, but when it reached my neck I was completely aware of the dream.

I just couldn't wake up. I could hear and feel myself choking and gagging and I felt the knife dragging through my throat. It was so real. Every bone the knife crossed I felt it crack. I wanted to scream so badly, so that someone might here me and come fully wake me, so I tried with all my might to scream as loud as I could. It finally worked and a piercing scream escaped me. My eyes were wide open at this point. I stared at the ceiling for a few seconds out of fear and shock.

Then I tried to get up but it felt like something heavy was on top of me and I couldn't move. I felt myself trying to move but I wasn't. It didn't feel like I was paralyzed. It felt like a force was holding me down. After awhile I was able to move again and I was so scared to look around my room because I felt like something was there, so I just pulled the covers over my head as tightly as possible and went back to sleep.

When I slept I had another dream. Only I thought it was real because in my dream I woke up and told my mom about the dream I just had. Then my friend came over because we walk to school together in the morning. She was in my room and I was in bed, and her eyes turned black and her face changed. She looked so evil. She started taunting me about the dream I just had and I realized it wasn't her voice at all. In my dream I knew she was a demon disguised as my friend, and the demon was tormenting me with my dreams. Again I woke from the dream in another dream if that make sense.

This kept happening through the whole night. I thought I was never going to wake up, that I would be trapped in an endless dream. When I finally did, my mother came into the room angry because she said she came in to wake me up before, and that I was going to be late for school. I start crying because I didn't know if I was still dreaming or not. I get chills whenever I think about it. I have never been so scared in my life. I felt terrified

Before that night I had never really had a bad dream. It wasn't just scary, it was evil. I don't think I ever want to feel that way again. If you can help explain it to me, I would much appreciate it.

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winterset (4 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-22)
I find this story very intriguing. Very believable and very well written. It struck a familiar chord with me. Thank you and well done!
bandet888 (78 posts)
7 years ago (2010-07-22)
You could have just had a bad night. I know what you mean when you say you wake up and still dreaming. You didn't actualy wake up but dreamt that you woke up. Its happened to me. After the first dream you woke up from and couldn't move your body may simply not have been fully awake. Had you have any paranormal experience when awake? I can normaly tell when I'm dreaming. The five senses aren't quite the same. I KNOW when I'm awake. If I can't tell whether I'm awake or dreaming it's automaticaly a dream.
Kiringirl (4 posts)
9 years ago (2008-09-20)
WOW that's really interesting and I can relate. Only one huge difference, in my dreams I'm usually attacked by humans... I believe that when you sleep you enter the astral plane, meaning entities of all types roam around. Mostly lower class including demons. And people like yourself. With practice you'll be able to control your dreams... It also helps to keep a b.o.s (book of shadows) or dream journal
purplequeen12 (2 stories) (69 posts)
10 years ago (2008-02-16)
OMG! 😨 I am so sorry you had such a terrible night! It's not fun getting scared like that, don't you agree? 😕 I hope it doesn't happen to you anymore. God bless!

Purplequeen ❤
brianh1903 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2007-11-23)
if you have found out anything new about what may have caused this you should let me know because our dream pretty much sounds the same. Especially with the waking up and telling our moms in the dream...
brianh1903 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2007-11-23)
wow when I read this it kind of scared the shiat out of me. I had been searching on google trying to figure out what happened to me which was very similar. I was dreaming about something normal, I was with a friend then all of a sudden the friend turned into some sort of demon and started attacking me in some way. After that I woke up in my bed scared as hell and went upstairs and told my mom what had happened. Things seemed normal for a while then she turned into a demon and started messing with me, kind of torturing me in a way. After this I woke up in my bed again scared and went upstairs to start my day and the same thing happened except with my brother. I kept repeatedly "waking up" in my room in this dream fully knowing I had been dreaming yet it was the realest dream I have ever had. Every time I would wake up I wouldn't be sure if I had actually woken up and would be scared to go upstairs, but even more scared to be in my room so I would go up there and people in my family and friends kept turning into a demon and telling me stuff like it wasn't going to let me wake up from the dream and laughing at me and doing weird shiat to me. Sometimes I would start to actually wake up and I would know this for a fact but I would be really drowsy and slip back into the dream without knowing it and then end up being suprised to find out the terror is continuing. I could not tell the difference between this dream and reality what so ever and I found my self trying to figure out how to escape the dream, in the dream. I am not a religous person and never believed in demons but I'm pretty sure that something somehow was messing with my mind during this dream especially since I read what you said because it is very similar. My email address is brianh1903 [at] if you want to email me.
PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-27)
hi My dreams come true the bad ones I have wrote a story on it on the psychic experience website. I know how your feeling its horrible going through bad dreams it can also upset you as well. I think you need help if something is attacking you I have never been attacked in my sleep but I do have dreams of my future. 😐
ellycat (guest)
11 years ago (2007-05-09)
when I was around 9 or 10 I had a bad dream I can't remember the first part but I thought I woke up and I was so scared and I pulled the covers over me head and went to sleep I then heard my uncle calling me (even though he doesn't live here) so I went to him his voice was coming from the bathroom the door was shut but the light was on so I went in inside the bathroom there was a ghost talking to a decompsing head and a skeluton they looked at me like I was interupting them and then they had a evil smile on there faces so I shut the door and ran into my room and pulled the covers up to try to go back to sleep I couldn't e I could hear tthem try to get out of the bathroom but for some reason they can't open the door I then felt like a pillow was over my face I woke up then and was gasping for breath with tears in my eyes
treanibean (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2007-05-09)
Gee, I really feel for you, that sounds like a very bad experience. I do believe thow that when you dream you are being hurt it is normal to wake up and feel pain there. The mind is very powerful. I have really tripy dreams sometimes and wonder, ' gee where the hell did that come from,' and then realise it was triggered from a recent thought or something I saw on telly. Maybe that's what yours was from.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
11 years ago (2007-05-06)
Dreams are a way for the subconsious mind to express hidden feelings or emotions that are being repressed. They can also be wishes or longings we have. I don't think you were being attacked by demons, you may have a malicious spirit attached to you or your home. Try burning some lavander incense in your room before going to sleep at night and see if this helps with the problem.
Qtgrly111 (2 stories) (58 posts)
11 years ago (2007-05-06)
Like you said a demon was obviously haunting your dreams. But as to the pain you were feeling, I have dreams where I am getting shot, and I wake up, I then feel as if some one had just punched me there, like a thousand times. You may not be religious, but if a demon is attacking you in your sleep, every tme you wake up, you should probably say a prayer.

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