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Attached Demons Annoying Me I Need Insight


I've had these demon issues for about a year that follow me and appear to have attached themselves to me. A pastor told me it's an incubus but I'm not sure. They are around day and night and I've dealt with incubus holding me down years ago, then it stopped so I'm not sure if this fits the profile.

I know it's more than one cause I feel something stroking my hair and touching my legs at the same time, mainly the right side of my right leg and I think they are attached in both those places. They touch me all day. It started with me having dreams of marriage and children and dead relatives, which I believe to be now familiar spirits.

Then a bright light came in my room with sparkles like stars. I wasn't sure what it meant. I thought it was good and I held a pen and it wrote that it was Jesus, then later it said it was Lord Jehovah and now I know that thing is called automatic writing based on research. I never tried automatic writing in the past.

I spoke with pastors and one believed it was God and told me to communicate with it, which I did for months through automatic writing. Then I grew suspicious because it gave me Bible passages to read that didn't exist and then started to oppress me daily all day once I stopped writing. In the writing they acted like they were giving messages to me from a recent deceased family member and they were being "God" and passing the message.

Any insight? Don't know their legal rights. I'm going to try find a Catholic exorcist. I'm not scared. They just like to annoy me.

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inthelight (4 posts)
5 years ago (2013-05-10)
Diamondgirl - you are on the right track. I've been researching the supernatural and preternatural for almost 35 years. When I started down that path, I was a skeptic about most things, but mostly about the existence of God. What i've seen, heard and witnessed since then have convinced me beyond any doubt that not only is God real, but so are very, very, very evil things. They can come in many shapes, forms, sizes and can appear as ghosts of loved ones, angels of light, or anything else that may fool the unsuspecting into allowing them into their lives. They are first and foremost liars of the worst sort and totally dedicated to the torment and ultimate destruction of human life. They are more than capable of calling themselves Jesus or God or anything else they want to, and will gladly do so in order to gain your trust. You can use a very simple test to determine if something is of God, or of Satan. God is about love and forgiveness and kindness and will not hurt you, lie to you, or make you feel anything negative. If any entity lies, hurts you emotionally, spiritually, physically or mentally, or makes you want to hurt others - this is not of God. Anything you are told that contradicts the Bible is also not of God. I learned the hard way that if I focus on God, God will be present in my life, but if I focus on evil - evil will be present in my life. You are right on target about giving evil entities a legal right to interfere with you. When humans disobeyed God, we became like Satan, rebellious against our Creator. That act opened the door for Satan to interfere with our lives - it gave him a legal right in the sense that God has rules that even He and Satan abide by. God eventually provided a way for us to remove Satan's right through our belief in, and dedication to Christ. However, even a believer can renew that legal right for Satan by continuing to be rebellious against God - p0rnography, drug abuse, hate, envy, any association with the occult, idol worship, lust, if any of these things exist in our lives, we give the demonic the right to enter and wreak havoc. The only way to remove that right is to discontinue our rebellion and focus our lives on trusting and living for God. I recommed that you read a book entitled "They Shall Expel Demons" by Derek Prince. It offers sound advice and good insight into what you are dealing with. Pleas avoid any minister or priest who advises you to attempt to communicate with any entity - they are either completely ignorant of spiritual warfare, or they are evil themselves. Good luck.
SilverWings1997 (guest)
5 years ago (2013-03-22)
In order to keep demons, spirits, and/or ghost out of your house you should put table salt at the top of your doors and windows.
I did this (because I was being haunted, but i'll write my story when i'm able to) and I haven't had any more weird hauntings or the feeling of being watched since then.
~Hope this helps!
sds (14 stories) (1357 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-06)
Hi diamondgirl, I hope that you better look into and rule out the medical possibilities before venturing into paranormal. I feel it that way. I do not mean to offend you but that is my gut feeling.

Regards and respects to you.

Mortal (15 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-05)
It seems that the entity you mentioned is not attached to you. It could be attached to anyone revolving around your house which is rather fickle-minded for a demon. There are many ways for an entity to chase you out of their territory: manifest itself, disturb your sleep, whisper things which is unclear and make you go nuts thinking of them, physical torture.
As for the home cleansing, there are many ways to do it. Each religion will differ but methods revolves around maintaining a calm state of inner mind, getting a religious person to bless the house or changing certain layout of the house (which the Chinese call it 'Feng Shui')

A calm state of inner mind can be as simple as listening to religious music. You can even play it in the house the moment you are home.
Scientifically proven that exercise and positive human interaction can solve such problems.
Burning sage/ camphor is one of them, this is something which will work if you believe in it. As the smell will trigger some response relating to religion from your brain. Why? Because that's what religious ceremonies/ cleansing uses.
Buddist and hindu uses meditation. (Yoga master include meditating as part of their exercise)

Sometimes changing certain layout of the house. Poorly illuminated places often casts shadow which sometime create an illusion that there is someone at that dark corner. There are also instances which walls are painted red by previous tenant and gave a form of fear to new inhabitant that link any out of the norm with bloodshed-> filthy -> haunted.
Just an example:
You have mentioned room temperature goes way up at night. It means that the heat is unable to dissipate, even after sunset your room remains hot. This is very typical of stuffy, poor ventilated designs. In some religious context, it also means negative energy remains trapped in the house. That is also one of the reason that home cleansing involves opening up every closet, cupboard, window etc to let ample sunlight in and allow anything negative to escape. Again its whether you believe in it. If you have a perception of sunlight being harmful, probably won't work as your brain will give you negative response.
These fengshui master charge their customer a few thousands worth for such simple advices, whereas I'd describe it to you in simple, layman term without the use of compasses, magic mirrors, wooden swords, crystals ๐Ÿ˜œ

I can go on describing but ultimately the things that will work are things you firmly believe in. When rookdygin, shared his home cleansing method I believe it will work. Reason is that the method is similar to that I learnt from a Buddhist origin. Which is also why I feel no need to rewrite it in my own Buddhist context. If you believe that a catholic exorcist is effective, it will be effective to you. Hope I made it sound more logical and less paranormal because another way to rid a mind of demon/ spirits is to totally don't mention about it anymore.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-03)
No offense, but I'm not sure about this story. It just seems forced
imlovinit (11 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-03)
Im not even going to say anything but I'm sick of attention seekers and people going on about demons control me they make me say this, do this there in my head. For godsake get a grip and take responsibilty of your own life
BadJuuJuu (13 stories) (1034 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-03)
diamondgirl, you make a lot of references to "demonic dreams." You know, sometimes a nightmare is just a nightmare. Nothing more, nothing less. Reading your story, your comments, I suspect most of the activity in your life is the result of you psyching yourself up. Pendulums and automatic writing are very, um, subjective. In my opinion, both are the work of our own subconscious rather than any sort of entity. And please, do your own research, think for yourself, don't trust the word of every preacher you talk to. Preachers are human, and they can be wrong. One preacher said it was Jesus. One said it was an incubus (lol). Clearly, at least one of them was wrong. I believe they were both wrong, and by listening to those fools you've just ended up more frightened and more psyched up.
You saw a light in your room. Ok, did you try to figure out a rational cause for the bright light? Or go straight for the spiritual explanation? What I find really telling about the light incident is that the first time, there were no sparkles. Only AFTER you looked online and saw mention of sparkles did the light emanate sparkles. This indicates to me that you are very susceptible to suggestion. I also admit I find it a little disturbing how many denominations you mention. Catholic, Pentecostal, Deliverance Ministry... Pick one and stick with it. You're getting a lot of conflicting perspectives by bouncing from denomination to denomination. They all may believe in Jesus, but all Christian denominations believe and practice differently. Don't make things harder on yourself by trying to follow a dozen paths.
As to the relative staying with you who is now experiencing activity, I have to ask. Did you mention anything to this person about your own experiences? Could this person be influenced by your suggestion? Fear is more contagious than the cold. If you've let slip you believe you've had experiences, they could be reading more into run of the mill nightmares than they normally would.
I realize I probably sound like an absolute b!tch, and I apologize. I don't mean to imply that you're making things up, or imagining things. Some people are just not cut out to deal well with paranormal matters. For a lot of reasons, such as you asking your coworker not to tell ghost stories because you live alone, your apparant susceptibility to suggestion, I believe you are one of those people. I don't mean that as a dig at you either. I just think your energy would be better spent on anything that isn't related to paranormal interests.
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)
Man of mystery,

Thanks for the comment I don't feel those things really its more like hot rather than cold which I'm told is common with demons. My room temperature goes way up at night when I'm in bed. Also my ears tune in like I feel something enters the room and I hear buzzing/ringing.
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)

Legal rights is a term I've read about in the Deliverance Ministry that is a synonym for like an 'invitation' as in what could have made them decide to oppress or attack someone. What they may have done or been involved with to get on the demons' radar so to speak.
Miracles51031 (36 stories) (4802 posts) mod
5 years ago (2013-03-02)
diamondgirl - I apologize if this question has been asked and answered already. What do you mean by "Don't know their legal rights."
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)
I'm not sure if the cleansing you mean is with sage and incense I tried the smudging it didn't work maybe didn't do it right but I wipe the Holy Water on me and bathe in sea salt and it seems to help. Also I wear a Rosary and St Benedict medal.
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)

Also with the dreams they have diminished because I sleep with religious music playing in earphones in the night. But last year they were always dรฉjร  vu... Whatever happened at work, on the road would automatically replay like all the time so I think the communication started with the dreams.

To be honest one night I felt like my spirit was leaving my body I never practice those traveling things but it felt odd. I would feel so tired all the time and one night to be quite honest in my bathroom I think I heard children laughing like it was a portal or something. It was kind of like a scary movie but I didn't pay much attention. One night before the light as I was dozing off I thought I glimpsed an image of something but I dismissed it because I'm not into ghosts and stuff.

I want to get help because one of my relatives that lives with me now is having a lot if crazy dreams like it started with me and I don't want them to get hurt.
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)

Thanks for the reply I'm not aware of anyone in my family being a psychic and I think the automatic writing is probably what opened the third eye because I never had it before. I did the writing for three months under the pretense it was God.

I stopped the chain-ring pendulum from last summer and the automatic writing in November. I'm done with all of that believe me.

I moved but they have followed me so I can't tell if my old apt bedroom was a gateway or so possibly it was an apt so I'm sure if neighbors did anything it could impact me or a previous resident.

I will definitely try reciting scriptures are the assault to see if it helps.
Mortal (15 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)

Any past history of anyone in your family being psychic and had passed down certain 'skills' which you pick up without knowing? You mentioned about 3rd eye, white light (could be the white glowing aura which psychic claim they are able to see.) Psychic can only provide accurate divination to those of lower psychic level. Which also link to the chain-pendulum divination you have been doing for those lucky people. That is what some psychics explain how they work, which I can't believe 100%. I am not them and could never experience their 'gift' since I am blessed with energy level of below zero.

It maybe possible that both dark/ holy spirit is communicating at the same time. Certain distortion of message occur because 1 is communicating to your left ear and 1 is communicating to your right ear.

Does most of the dreams feel like deja-vu, same setting/ place/ time but with difference substitute involved? I am sure you are not the only person experiencing.

Have you experience the same thing while falling asleep in your living room? I am trying to understand whether your room happen to be a passageway or centre of warzone? If it is just your room, probably making some changes to let ample sunlight into your room will help also decorating it with bright colors.

As for the demonic mind rape, try reciting the bible after each nasty experience to see if it helps. The messages they give confuses you and everyone else. To the extent that we can't identify is it incubus, incumbent or in-cuba-terminator.

Cease all further contact. Do home cleansing to see if it helps. By ignoring, give yourself time to let the 'gift' to sense all these wear out (if you really are psychic). Whichever action that you find divination-related, avoid carrying out.
Good luck.
Manofmystery656565 (6 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)
Do you feel cold chill, problem sleeping, feeling like your being watched. Feeling sheets getting pulled in the middle of the night. Mischievous spirits will disguise themselves as good only to tourment you. Is this what your expieriencing? I am Here if you wish to talk.
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-02)
Hello Diamondgirl.
I know what you are talking about with the chain and pendulum. It was shown to me once. I tried it several times but nothing happened. In all honesty, I think the pendulum moves due to the way you move it with your wrist, if that makes sinse. I really don't think this caused the spirits to attach themselves to you.
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)

They mentioned the Trinity because at first they wrote their name was Jesus then when I decided to not write after that day because I was scared days later I was on my computer one day surfing and out of nowhere the mouse moved with my hand to motion the name Lord and when it declared it was Lord I got the message through automatic writing in a church service the following Sunday. I had asked are you Lord, Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth of all that is seen or unseen? And the repsonse was yes and they restated everything in that order. They (Lord) claimed they sent Jesus to me but when I didn't comply (after the first writing) they decided to come and call me to 'their kingdom'. What garbage I can't believe it even now.
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)

Thanks for the information you were apparently responding when I was typing my long reply.

I've told it/them to leave many times and they wont. I know it's not of God because if I see the light and sternly rebuke it it moves away for a little.

This is really a big mess but I'm not scared just annoyed now because I have strong Faith in God.
diamondgirl (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)
Rook-Everyone thanks for the replies! Here I have my responses to you.

To answer your question I am of the Christian Faith I believe in The Trinity and I sometimes attend Catholic Churches.

Now to state what I think may have done to invite this drama is that I used to hold a chain and ring like a pendulum and let it swing left or right to determine the sex of future children for friends, myself etc because someone did it to me years ago as a 'game' and I saw it as a game to be quite honest I didn't know a demon was involved but I did it like over 10 years and nothing odd happened. I also have asked yes or no questions but I was fine I guess in retrospect that was dumb doing something I knew nothing about. I would just hold it and let it swing or so.

I don't know if it is related but I realized I had my first 'demonic dream' like a year and half ago after one of my relatives passed and I dreamt of 'her' and it was like she was mad at me trying to harm me-familiar spirit I believe because she and I were ok with each other. Everything was ok until last January I met someone and I went to a funeral shortly after (could a spirit have followed me from the graveyard I don't know) I lost touch with the person and like a few weeks later I dreamt of two positive pregnancy tests.

I then dreamt a few weeks later of this new person I met seemingly in the same dream along with one of my olllld long dead relatives that I've NEVER dreamt of.

Ironically this person that I met recontacted me like weeks later and I met up with them once he came by my home we only talked nothing much. He told me wasn't a believer in God but I don't think he is an evil doer or anything I just say that because somehow he was spiritually in this drama with me.

We didn't interact after that then suddenly my dream world gets infused with him and I start getting tons of dreams everynight demonic scary ones and everything I talked about in the day or happened in the day I would relive in my dream like something was watching me.

I've been always into dreams and have pre dreamed family pregnancies in the past so when I started having this influx of them I would read the dream dictionaries online which I now see is a form of divination. I had a dream where this demonic voice spoke I don't want to re -utter to give them any power.

This happened for like 3 months and then when I left work one night like in July 2012 I felt pressure in my head like when a ghost is nearby I felt that yearssss ago once when I believe I was infact attacked by an incubus it used to happen many times but went away for like 6 years which is why I think this isn't the profile. The pastor that mentioned the incubus is a Deliverance Minister so they understand the spiritual realm.

Now back to the head pressure like a week later at work someone mentioned something about a ghost story and I told them not to talk about it because I live alone. Then like days later it was like something heard me out of nowhere this bright light woke me up as I was sleeping in the night and then I researched online I saw people said Angels bring light and sometimes 'sparkle'. The next day the 'light' came with 'sparkles' (so ironic) permeating my entire room and it was veryyy misty/cloudy. I tried to rebuke it but it remained and I had a Bible on me it moved my hand on to The Bible then back off in little movements it was warm and I was wondering WTH I thought it was good because I didn't feel afraid and I wasn't harmed.

The next day I told a friend and she was wondering what this thing was there for because I woke up and the sparkles were still in the room right over my bed. She was wondering what was the message from this thing so I thought to hold a pen cause I wasn't going to talk and walllaaaw the madness began stating it was Jesus and I sought religious counsel a pentecostal preacher who said it was God he even witnessed the automatic writing and here I am months later with these things attached I believe through automatic writing and drawing because I didn't feel them on me before that. My hand would feel warm as I was doing the automatic writing or drawing now I know it's because the spirit was right there I thought they were holding the pen/pencil not channeling through me.

It told lies and I don't want to repeat everything to give them any power but they said I was a Prophet of God and I am going to marry that guy I liked and have a family LOL I have to laugh because it was such a lie like a movie to be honest. And it pretended to give me messages of that family member I dreamt of being mad at me. Giving me messages about her from Heaven to pass to her family.

After sometime of writing I started seeing these 'spirits' in my home and 'shadow people' or whatever but once I grew suspicious of non-existent Bible passages I was being told to read I ended it and that's when the torment started.

Most of my dreams are of some indian people (I'm not racist in any way I'm just relaying the info for analysis I like every race) who I don't even know, I also sometimes dream of exes and I wonder if it's all related to soul ties so I've been trying to break them. I was told at a deliverance session that the spirits wanted me out of my apt but when I left they left with me. I know some people already moved within weeks I just don't know my neighbours are of that race.

I see some dark images in my 'third eye' I believe they call it.

Anyways I know people may think I'm crazy but I'm not I've been medically evaluated and I am the same person I've always been. I still work and do everything as I normally do. I just went through a lot of emotional anguish dealing with these attachments day and night all day every day. They are definitely weaker because I pray everyday and repeat Bible verses, use holy water and sleep with a Bible. I started saying some spiritual warfare prayers and they have been working. I've repented to God for any occult or divination and I'm working with him to release me. I've been water baptised and try to live a Holy life. I take responsibility for everything no matter what I was told or what I was aware or unaware of, I just want to move on with my life.

I don't know if my apt was haunted and it moved in on me because I had the first demonic dream of my relative like 6 months after being there and I lived somewhere before that for like 2 months but always somewhat felt a presence... Could it be the ring-chain (simulated pendulum), soul ties? Witchraft against me? Some heirloom with demonic attachments? Not sure what started everything. But my life was much better before that's all I know. I feel much better now though than when the torment started last November.

I was thinking of the Catholic exorcism because I just need some help I don't know if I fit their profile but I'm willing to give it a try. I feel more comfortable with religious people despite being misled in the past but I forgive them.

I threw out all the automatic writing/drawing and cut them up.

Sorry about the long post but I wanted to provide as much detail as possible. Anymore insight? I appreciate everyone's response.
CharlieCheshire (1 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)
To be honest, I'm maintaining a degree of healthy skepticism here, but here's my best guess:

An incubus isn't anything that a Christian pastor would expect to deal with. I highly doubt most trained Catholic exorcists would know the term, or use it, if they're aware of it. As someone with extensive background in Catholicism and knowledge of various Protestant and Lutheran sects, this sounds very, very strange to me.

I do not recommend that you go to a Catholic exorcist. I was taught that the Vatican will not grant an official exorcism unless they believe your life is in danger, and if you're not Catholic, it's going to be even MORE difficult to get one.

It seems like you're mixing a lot of different faiths here (Catholicism, Protestantism, "spiritualism" with the automatic writing and familiars), and with all of this dabbling, it's possible that you may have attracted something that's mischievous (I haven't seen anything actually malevolent here, unless there's something you aren't telling us). Asking it/them to leave and some kind of banishment/cleansing/both-combined ritual would probably do it, I think.
valkricry (39 stories) (2783 posts) mod
5 years ago (2013-03-01)
Dear diamondgirl,
First, I'm sorry that you are having these experiances. But, I have to say, I find it odd that a pastor would tell you you have an incubus, and with this more recent one, a pastor encouraged you to communicate with 'something' claiming to be God. Generally speaking, clergymen tend to go the other way, and try to dissuade such ideas and action. Mind you, I am not saying that they could not have, but that I find it odd. Also I do not know what denomination they were of, and some religions and their practices are beyond my scope.
You spoke of seeking out a Catholic priest for an exorcism. I can tell you this; In determining whether a person is possessed by the devil or his demons, the Church would first make sure he underwent thorough physical and psychiatric examinations. Eliminating these natural causes, Church officials would seek other signs: unexplainable physical phenomena, such as levitation or the uncaused movement of objects; the knowledge and usage of archaic languages which the person would have no way of previously knowing, such as speaking Aramaic; and the secret knowledge of a person's life, particularly the exorcist, which no other person would know. The devil also reveals his presence by acts of anger and violence, and through blasphemous, sacrilegious, profane, and obscene remarks. The bishop would authorize an exorcism only after serious examination and a careful weighing of all of the evidence. - So, I do not think you would qualify. Along with Sceptic-Ari, I would urge you to eliminate any natural causes for these 'demons' by seeking some medical help first.
I would also echo Rook's sentiments on the '64 dollar question'. Perhaps with your answers, someone can offer some real help.
Sceptic-Ari (2 stories) (604 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)
Dear rookdygin,
Thanks for being so encouraging and accommodating as well ๐Ÿ˜
And please call me Ari, if you like.
Yes,keeping it grounded as you call it, I feel that the investigations should always start with the natural then move over to the super๐Ÿ˜


And what's wrong with my keyboard...grrrr
I would like to retain my extra "a" from the "regarads" please... Thank you.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4380 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)

You do not need my permission to offer your advice or give your opinion, both are very much welcomed and at times help keep us 'grounded' in reality. ๐Ÿ˜

I simply addressed the first questions that came to my mind as I read this experience... Let us hope the O/P returns and replies.


Sceptic-Ari (2 stories) (604 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)
Dear diamondgirl,
Thanks for sharing and kudos for seeking help.

I got some questions, if I may?
Seeking rook's permission too, since he was here first...
With utmost respect, have you ever considered seeking medical attention? It is always better to rule out normal conditions first before looking for the paranormal.

Do not feel that I belittle you... I do not do that... My friends may testify if needed.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4380 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-01)

Ok I'm confused... I 'get' that Lord Jehovah and Christ can be one and the same (Part of the Holy Trinity...Father, Son and Holy Spirit are 'one and the same')

What I do not understand how a 'Demon' could use their names while communicating with you. To say it is 'God', to attempt to convince you it is 'God' that I can believe but to call itself by either of those names... Sorry true 'Demons' (by my definition) can NOT do this. These beings are 'cast out' by these names and DO NOT take them upon themselves.

So in my opinion an 'entity' who has done this can not be a true demon but could, COULD be a malevolent, possibly non-human spirit.

Seeking a Catholic Exorcist seems a bit excessive when in all likelihood all you need is a Banishment. No one is possessed and all that really needs to happen is its attachment to you needs to be broken.

Now, the 64 dollar question... Why has this 'thing' attached itself to you? Could it be your own actions that have 'brought this on'. I ask because you speak of 'dead relatives', 'familiar spirits' and automatic writing as well as 'seeking' a Catholic Priest... These things do not normally 'mix'. So I guess my real question (s) to you is this... Where does your Faith lie? What, if anything, outside of Church teachings have you done that may have brought this on? These answers could help determine just what you are experiencing and help determine how to make it stop.



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