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I have had a few supernatural encounters. Nothing particularly scary but very interesting all the same. My first encounter was when I was a young child (about 8) I went to church every Sunday with my parents and once when all the congregation where praying (eyes closed, head down) I saw a monk stood at the altar. At the time I didn't realize what I was seeing and did that thing where you open your eyelids wide with your fingers to ensure your not dreaming or something. I know I didn't imagine it and it was as clear as day. I let the moment pass without saying anything but remember it to this day.

The corner of the church where I saw the Monk I remember always feeling scared when I had to go in there and I would run fast through it, or do what I needed to do and get out quick smart. I wondered if this was just down to being young and not wanting to be alone in a church of all places, but when I go back now I feel the same and quiver all over. It was and still is a modern Methodist church built in the 20th century, carpet and stuff very nice - so not a drafty dark old place, that would create these feelings. - Think I will do a little research on its location.

Second times were at University. I lived with a girl and two lads. The girl had a mother that was a medium. I was studying design and had a large drawing board in my room. I would be drawing away and turn to do something or go make a drink and when I returned, turned back, my pencils, ruler etc would be missing. I would look on the floor to find if it had fell and nothing would be there. I never felt scared and would just say out loud "I am going down stairs when I return I want them back" I would do this and sure enough they would be back as is it never been anywhere. My house mate (the girl) said that she once awoke to a man in her bedroom, I believe her as she said she wasn't scared just could see him there.

Third times were many instances when I worked for an Architects practice in the Peak District. Our Offices where haunted by a similar ghost to the one in my Uni house. He used to walk up and down the spiral staircase in the middle of the office (it was a old house) we would hear his foot steps and see him from the corner of our eyes, also he would take drawing equipment etc. We never felt threatened just aware of him. Once on the ground floor, where our reception was I walked down stairs to find the receptionist talking to herself. I said to her, "who are you talking to" and she said "I thought you were just around the corner" and had been for ten minutes or so as she saw me come down stairs.

Also while working at this practice I had to spend many days on my own in very old Churches that were in the middle of the countryside miles from anywhere. I never saw anything, but I was always VERY apparent to me when I had entered a Church that was haunted. I would be able to feel a presence and also if they were happy with me being there or not.

I got to be aware of this as, all the churches were alike (dark, old, draughty) but some would feel welcoming - just like walking in to your house, others scary.

As I said I never saw anything and whilst surveying towers, crypts, chapels (over 2000 photographs) never ever caught anything on camera (I always checked) but always knew when there was a presence and if it was happy with my presence. If it was happy I would feel content, also aware of them, but not threatened - I used to talk to them to keep me happy.

If it didn't like me being there I would feel not scared just a deep deep sadness (I can feel it now) welling up from inside of me, getting stronger and stronger until I would not be able to take it any longer and I would have to leave or I would have gone crazy. I can only describe it as that sadness, not anger or being scared. Something like when your mad at someone and you bit your tongue, turn the other cheek, but your blood just boils and then you can't help yourself but explode in a fit of rage, or like suffering from vertigo and being high up and just waiting for you inevitable death so you have to get out of there.

I worked with guys that had done the same for almost 50 + years. It was never spoke about if you returned to the office with a half finished survey, it was just silently concluded, accepted that the spirit there was unhappy and there was nothing we could do about it. It happened all the time, and was just treated as an occupational hazard, and we would have to telephone the Vicar and ask them to be in the Church at the same time as we were there. Whether we were in groups our by our self it was always the same.

I have not experienced anything now for 4 - 5 years. I see things out of the corner of my eyes, and then quickly look to the area to find nothing there and nothing possibly that could have caused any movement to attract my attention. But no personal encounters. I have posted on the psychic web site associated with the site about my experiences under that banner that are daily.

I am very interested in all of this and would welcome a discussion.

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peterc (2 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2013-02-18)
Hi all,

I haven't posted in a very long time. But reading my previous post and comments got me thinking again, particularly the comment from Bellissima. Could it be that I have spirit following me or that I am just susceptible to little changes in my immediate environment? Supernatural or not.

It is quite often that I will feel a presence and see movement at the edge of my vision. Its always quite real and when I investigate immediately after I don't find anything and can't quite believe my senses. Having such a real experience, and trusting my senses has taught me how to distinguish between experiences and just...wind/ natural movement.

I try not to dwell on any experiences I have, as it can unnerve we terribly. It would however love to learn how to refine may awareness, does anyone have any tips?
Forgotten_angel (2 stories) (33 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-30)
Forgotten_angel (2 stories) (33 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-30)
you do not have to be psychic to see a ghost. They appear to a:tell you something b: by accident or wants to be left alone. Because I am a psychic (By the way- I am not as psychic as a door knob thank you very much. I see energy and spirits. I might go to a university
in NY to be a full investigator in 5 years) 😠
Abby (710 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
Dear Peter,

Perhaps, Martin can delete all the other comments not related to your story, but that would be up to you to make the request. If you can see past these unrelated posts you call arguments, you may wish to address those who did comment on your story with your own personal individual feedback. But that is up to you. I do not need an individual response, but if you have a question I will try to help you find an answer. Otherwise, I am truly sorry for the intrusion, and sorry that you have arguments in the real world. Nobody should have arguments as a part of their daily life. There needs to be a balance. I cannot speak for you or anybody else, but this is real life on the net or off the net for me, as this is truly who I am. Thank you for sharing your story and please re-read my comment upon it again. On your life journey, may you find peace and balance always.

Blessings, Abby ❤
Annie (202 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
Wow. Sorry to but in to your story, Peter but, Had, your comments are totally uncalled for. This is a forum of people helping one another. I don't see how your sewing's on Jinns, and your attack on Abby are helping anyone. I've gone back and read some of your posts. They all say the same thing. Abby has the foresight to help, give a helpful, "motherly" opinion. And, I truly appreciate that. She, Shane and Martin, along with many other posters on this site, have great insight. I think you need to look into yourself to see what they see.

Peter c, again, sorry for the intrusion. (We are a kind lot, are we not?) I have to say that yours is a very intriguing story. Please keep us posted on any new developments. I have to agree with Abby. You are on a new journey of spiritual awareness. Where that journey takes you is... Up to you. I'm hoping the best for you on your adventures. Cheers!

😁 😁
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
Peter, I would like to comment on your story, aside that it was a really good one, and very interesting. Maybe you've found two entities that are attracted to you. One being lonely and sad, hence the feeling of melancholy you feel sometimes, maybe a sad end to its time on earth, and another just hanging around to tease you and have you be aware of its presence. You say the missing objects always return after you ask for them and no harm done.
I just have to comment to the previous disagreements, sorry for stepping on your story. Hada, Abby IS our mother hen. She always has sound advise and encouraging words. I for one always look forward to her insights. She would never put down another's opinions and has every right to her own opinions and thoughts. After all, that's what YGS is about, support for open minded individuals with beliefs in what we write about. Your attack on Abby was uncalled for. I notice you have plenty of advice for everyone (which seems to be the same every time, only re-worded) and you find only your own opinions to be valid. You should be more open minded to others.
Shadowraven (5 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
I'm sorry too, Peter. Just felt the need to vent I guess. I hope I haven't upset you.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
I deeply apologize to you Peter. I hope I haven't given offense to you in responding to others here on your story. Thank you again for sharing it.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you always.
peterc (2 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
OK, OK let's all calm down and get back to the point of my post. Thank you to all those that have posted, but I don't really expect to read other people's arguments on this site. I have enough of them in the real world... Thanks for sharing though!?!?
Shadowraven (5 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
Well said Abby, Martin & Shane. Everyone is entitled their opinion but this is not the place to state them when someone is just wanting advice or insight from a PERSONAL perspective. We may not all agree with each post but to pick it to pieces and belittle someone is just wrong. I might not be as articulate as some here but I do know when something is offensive and Hada, Dear, I have also read many of your posts and some of your view points are an unnecessary onslaught of personal opinion ripping into someone else's personal opinion... Nothing more... Uncalled for and, in my opinion, rude.
Abby (710 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-17)
Dear Hada,

First my dear Hada, my comment was addressed to the author of the story, Peter. Secondly, it is Peter's choice to choose to address me and my comment or not.

Hada, I have read your many past comments on this site with great interest. For the life of me Hada, I tried to recall if we had any past heated debates, and I cannot recollect any. I honestly do not remember offending you to such a degree where I am now deserving of your present anger.

Hada, it is but your opinion about me and my comment, and respectfully, you have the right to your own personal opinion, as do I. I do not believe that Peter's story is quite the platform to show your dislike or displeasure with myself and my comments here on this site, but you have already let the jinn out of the bottle, and it cannot be returned. Thus, in the future if you are displeased with me and my comments, please have the respectful consideration to address and confront me straight forwardly. You have shown me who you are. I must honestly tell you that coming from my own personal common sense and self preservation, I will now stay clear of you, and may choose not to respond to you. I certainly do know when I am not welcome in another's space. So, I will honor "your" space and stories, by staying clear of them. I will however, continue as I am, and who I am in my own personal opinion and level of awareness. Hada, in the end, it does not matter about me, what matters is about you. I am sorry you feel as you do, and I wish you well.

With great appreciation and thanks to Martin and Shane for their comments on my behalf. Thank you and Amen to what you both said in your comments. It is too bad that we cannot all just get along and tolerate each other's differences. I am by no means without fault and like everyone else, I am still learning too.

I have learned that in human relationships there will be disagreements due to differences in opinion, but you work them out, and meet each other half way to make a whole together. Many times, we see in each other the mirror of ourselves and those things we fear, not about the other person, but about ourselves. Having a good sense of humor always helps too.

Here is to peace, less conflicts, more considerate and balanced debates and no more violence and no more wars! Make Love Not War! Laugh Power! Flower Power! Peace, Love and Freedom for and to All!

I apologize to Peter for my rambling intrusion, and if my comments offended you in any way.

Blessings, Abby (aka: spiritualist mother-hen sqwaking (sic) ludicrous, outright ludicrous comments. Hada thanks for that moniker. I wear it proudly.❤)
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-16)
Martin, Well put my friend. I never challenged Hada as he/she never gave cause up to this point. Religious radicals (I am not calling Hada one) love to teach intolerance to any and all who will listen to them. It doesn't matter if they are Christians, Muslems, Jewish, or any of the other 1000's of religious beliefs out there. Once they have control of these people they plant their beliefs deeply in them and their minds become closed to all others. I have friends from all walks of life and faiths, and even though we may not worship the same way, some not at all, we all keep an open mind and respect the others beliefs and traditions. Could you imagine a world where everyone was able to do so? Hada, being Muslem is just repeating what he/she has been taught all their life. Just like certain Christian sects believe that all ghost, spirits, entities are the work of the devil and some Jewish believe there is no after life so therefore there are no ghost. Who knows the ultimate truth? Whoes faith is the right one? I don't know, and probably never will. I would just hope that this world we live in could over come its intolerances and live in peace and harmony and everyone could ghost hunt in their spare time.😉😁

World Peace, Love thy neighbor, Luck in all matters to you all.
Martin (578 posts) mod
10 years ago (2007-09-16)
Hada, I don't think you're in a position to belittle other's beliefs, considering yours could as easily be called "superstitious" by many. Enter a room with the left foot by saying the name of a God in a language that is unfamiliar to most people here? (and the ghosts / entities that are concerned, for that matter). You have a right to your own type of faith, and I appreciate your views, I think they help bring multi-cultural solutions to people's problems, even though we try to promote a more "objective" and "empirical" study of paranormal phenomenons on this site, rather than a deeply religious and dogmatic one. But allow others to have their own views also, especially Abby who has contributed so positively to this site and helped many people who in turn have expressed their gratitude to her. Do read the comments guidelines about "religious conservative", it applies as much to christian conservatives as muslims conservatives (and others). And don't forget the part about being able to disagree and stay respectful of others.

Anyone who is not here to learn from people's experiences and other cultures but are here to preach their religion are not welcome.
Hada (36 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-16)
The below answer is one of the most sugar-coated, ridiculous comments I have read to date on this site. " You have begun a journey of spiritual awareness and let not reason overcome artistic expression and let not religion bind your soul, go Peter, my son where life will lead you..." What are you raising children on this site? Abby sounds like some self proclaimed spiritualist mother-hen sqwaking ludicrous, outright ludicrous comments. There are a lot of quack psychics/ mediums out there. I'm just sick and tired of the speel this one's been dishing out.

Now that I've got that out.

Your days at the churches sound interesting Peter as the devil and his minions prefer such locations. No doubt there would be demons lurking around
Abby (710 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-14)
Dear Peter,

This story title does not fit your story. It is not like who you are at all.

You are a sensitive and medium in your own right who has begun the journey of spiritual awareness. You have chosen your present profession in order to meld your artistic, sensitive, open mind with your clear thinking, practical mind; bringing to you a balance only you know how to handle. It is your practical self that binds your belief, but your artistic self that will free you from these ties that bind. Let not religion bridle your awareness. You are not one to stay still and you must go where your life and your zest for life leads you. Let your curiosity lead you to the next step and loosen some of your logical mind's analysis. You are on the right road, now go where it leads and be merry. --Abby
meg (2 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-13)
Hi Peter, well you sound very open to the paranormal! Thats great. I think how you describe your feelings about certain places is good, you are in touch with yourself and your surroundings. I have moved into a new house a couple of months ago, and I'm having things go missing all the time. I put it down to, just things being new and unfamiliar, but they don't turn up, and really, where can things go sometimes! I am a very organised person and put things in spots where they belong, then to go back and they are not there. I do have children, and a lot of the time I blame it on them. But you know, sometimes I know it is just not possible for them to reach etc... I posted a story a couple of weeks ago about my new house, and have had a few strange things go on so far, but not all the time. Things happen when you least expect,don't they!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-13)
Thank you Peter for sharing your experiences with us. Sounds like you may have a little bit of Medium in you.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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