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I'd like to start by saying that I have lived in my apartment for almost 14 years with my boyfriend. We live above a Harley Davidson Bike Shop that my landlord runs downstairs. There are two apartments upstairs and we rent one of them.

Soon after I moved in I started feeling the bed shaking. In the beginning I thought could that be my own heartbeat being felt. Through the years it has happened so often that I have analysed the "shaking"... It's not a shaking from side to side but rather an up and down motion while I'm lying in bed... No, I'm not sleeping... It's certainly not sleep paralysis... Since most of the time I'm wide awake! And the more my mind thought about what was happening, the more aggressive you could feel the shaking... Almost like whatever it is knows what I'm thinking inside my head. This happened off and on through the years... And by the way, my boyfriend has never felt any of this.

Well, after living here for at least 5 years or more, my landlord told my boyfriend that the prior owner of this building, that her grandson hung himself "downstairs"... (I think this happened roughly 28 years ago)

A little over a year ago, there was a young man renting the other apartment upstairs (next door to my apartment) I didn't really know my neighbour, just a friendly hello or goodbye while passing one another in the hall way... What I did know of him was that He was a United States Veteran and a local volunteer Fire Fighter... He lived as my next door neighbour for only 6 months before he took his own life by shooting himself in the head... I was in such shock over finding this out... How very sad

Now, with all that being said, shortly after the second suicide took place in the building, the poking in my back started. I would be lying in bed watching TV and could feel something poke me in the back... A few weeks later, the poking stopped but then I would feel something pressing down on my body as I lay on my side... I could feel this sensation from the top of my shoulder to my feet, like a cat was on top of me kneading, I could feel the motion cats make by rhythmically alternating their paws... Now it's advanced to causing me to get goose bumps and causes my muscles to twitch... I wake up every day feeling like "it" is stealing my energy.

I'm wondering if "it's" the 2 lost souls... What would they want from me? What can I do to make this all stop?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-26)
This is definately a job for Rooks cleansing method. It works with any tradition, too, and it's easy for anyone to do. I almost feel sorry for the guy that shot himself though. Almost sounds like he's stuck, and would love for someone to help him out of here. I wonder if all of us try holding the guy in the light, would he find it? Just a thought. Interesting story.
Triskaideka (2 stories) (369 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-24)
While I do see the feasibility that there is a haunting, I'm concerned about this shaking that you feel. I've only ever felt that way when I've been sick from the flu or if I'm really hungover. And I did experience the kitty paw-kneading in my sleep before as well. I'd say don't rule out possible medical causes, as well. Drink plenty of water, and consider perhaps a medical exam along with some sort of home blessing.
Aprilsnanny35 (3 stories) (35 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-22)
Hi Paradise777; It is very sad that there have been 2 suicides in the building and I believe that their spirits, particularly the most recent, may have heightened the activity you are feeling now but I get a really strong sense that there may be something deeper within the history of the building that is causing the current situation. Do you know what it had been used for previously? I agree with previous suggestions of cleansing your apartment. I have used the Sage stick for cleansing which is very easy to do and for me has had good results. Stay positive.

Wishing you well.
Lunahenry (2 stories) (48 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-22)
Hi Paradise
I feel the need to comment on this story because I have experienced exactly what you describe. My experience started with the mattress undulating beneath me. There was eventually walking on the bed, poking, and many other things which I will not divulge. I also experienced the entity being startled by loud noises. This has been happening since 1999. It is not focused on one location. It can follow me anywhere. Just want you to know that you are not alone (in more ways than one).
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-22)
I still would try honestly. Because then you can interpret if it is nice or not. And then cleansing would be the next step, regardless of what you find out.
psychopat (3 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-21)
Hello, I must say this is really interesting story, however. The body " shaking " in other words when you feel vibrations in your body. Its sight of " soul " leaving body or someone, human soul / evil entity trying to pull your soul out of your body. Also the entitys trying to scare someone bcs when human have high emotions they can suck the energy that come with the emotions. Sorry my english isn't that good to explain this. But you should read about astral stuff abit.
Paradise777 (1 stories) (2 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-19)
I appreciate the replies 😊
I'm nervous about trying to communicate with "it"... There has been a few times that I've gotten mad that "it" chooses to disturb me in the middle of the night... So, I would say something like "damn~it, please just leave me alone"... But can't really say that I recall the spirits leaving me alone... I seem to be able to deal with it better during the day... At night when I'm exhausted and just want to sleep, is when I feel much more irritated...
The other day as I laid in bed for a few extra minutes after waking up, I immediately could sense and feel it next to my legs, my boyfriend was already awake and out in the kitchen drinking his coffee, when my boyfriend accidentally dropped his coffee mug and at the same moment the mug hit the floor and shattered, I felt the spirit jump/jerk, as if the sound of the mug braking frightened it!
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-19)
It doesn't seem like it wants to cause you harm. Since it is so physical, it really seems like it would just want your attention.

If it's being a bother, maybe do a blessing that suits your beliefs?
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-19)
Those are very good questions and thanks for answering our questions in regards to your situation. I was trying to see if reasonable explanations could be solutions for your inquiries, so please do not take offense to my previous comment. If the owner of the shop and you are both experiencing different situations, then it may very well be haunted. It seems from what you're telling us is that the person haunting the place is severely trying to get your attention, whatever it is. My advice to you would be to try communicate with it and find out exactly what it is or cleanse the building and try to bring it some peace.
To answer one of your final questions, it depends on the strength of a spirit or entity, which means it can harm you if that is its will. There are numerous reports of scratches for example that have happened on people or even burning marks when dealing with negative energies. It could also not have enough energy or not wish to harm you, but could result in things disappearing or things being knocked off shelves, etc.
Paradise777 (1 stories) (2 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-19)
Thank you guys for commenting...
My bed shaking/vibrating has only ever happened in the middle of the night... (Harley Shop is closed) Yes, I realize starting up a Harley in the building can cause the building to shake a little... My landlord has owned the building for 25 years and he wouldn't even work downstairs at night for the first few years... He see's shadow's often in his shop... And he has felt "something" breathing on the back of his neck... And things go missing downstairs in his Harley Shop but then reappear later... None of that has happened to me upstairs...
My bed shakes almost every night off & on through the night... I can literally feel something touching my left arm off & on throughout the entire day... Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to a continuous poking in my back... (I can still feel the poking/nudging even after I'm wide a wake) I am too frightened to communicate with the spirit/spirits... As I said in my story earlier, the shaking of my bed has gone off & on for 14 years... But now, it has gotten a lot worse about 6 months after the 2nd suicide... I also don't believe the 2 suicides have anything connection, other than they must've been severely depressed, I assume...
As for the 1st suicide, he was the grandson to the owner of the building at the time... And for some reason, the road I live on, has the same name as that previous owners last name...
For all these years I've only ever had to deal with the bed shaking... But for at least 9 months now, (about 6 months after the 2nd mans suicide) everyday/week " it" seems to do something new to try and get my attention... The poking/nudging, causing me to have goose bumps only on certain body parts, (not both arms at the same time) Just a certain section of my leg or arm... The sensation of something touching me in waving motion up & down my back and my legs... The muscle twitching, the feeling of some kind of pressure to one shoulder or my entire back and down my legs, while I lay on my side... All this has only started a few months after the 2nd suicide...
I personally don't think what ever it is wants to cause me any harm... I just don't know what it wants from me... I'm a highly sensitive person and wonder if it's stealing my energy? Or can it cause me harm?
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-19)
Have you tried moving the bed to another part of the room? It could be something as simple as placement on a vent or over a pipe that is causing small vibrations.

This is sad, but Vets have very, very high suicide rates. What they have to do and see scars them. Combat PTSD is horrible. I don't think this man's suicide is in any way connected to the other suicide. Suicide is more common than most people think.

Have you tried talking to the presence you are feeling now?
Wish-Not (16 stories) (522 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-19)
Paradise777- Well I believe ifihadyoux covered all the questions quite well. You might want to look into a "cleansing". There are several options that you can do yourself. If you feel that you are up to it. But one needs to believe in what they are doing for the best results. There is a member here with YGS by the name of Rook that has a general "all purpose" cleansing method. Has worked for many. I'm sure he would not mind posting it on your comments.

Good luck. Keep us informed.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-19)
Personally I think the two deaths are unrelated. It is very sad indeed but without knowing your neighbor, and considering he was a vet, he could have very well had PTSD from the war. Do you know any more information about the other man who hung himself? I think there would be more to look into if the vet had hung himself personally, but that is just my opinion.
As far as the shaking goes, can you describe if this is in the middle of the night or if it's when the store downstairs is open, or both? I know if a truck making a delivery, or a motorcycle can cause a building to shake. Or even a truck passing by on the street. Does it happen the same time every night or is it random?

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