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You Cheater!


Another interesting story that I wanted to share, I was having an afternoon tea with a few of my friends. One of them, let us address her as B, is sensitive to spirits. She does not have knowledge on how to communicate with them and touch them but from stories by people around her, would say that she would accidentally greet an unseen being.

We all were talking stupid and kind of got into the topic about dreams. I told them stories that I heard and read from reports, of course that ended up me being a boring guy who does not have a story from one's experience. Sorry, I have no imagination and hate to lie. B talked about her boyfriend's dream the night before, he was saying that his ex was in the dream, in his dream he was sitting at home and suddenly his ex came up to him to the new home that she did not know the address of. His ex in his dream told him that she wanted to meet him so bad and wanted to be with him again.

That lead to a conversation about having nasty relationship and things most ladies around me likes to talk about, we men step aside and drank our coffee listening to the ladies. The conversation heated up and B started to say that her boyfriend was trying to cheat her.

Coincidentally, her boyfriend came over and sat at the stall seat. Suddenly B stood up and stomped towards him and shouted "Seu trapaceiro!" (You cheater!). Her boyfriend looked at her in wonders and we all had lost our word seeing B just stomping towards him, I was confused and did not know what was going on.

B's boyfriend hugged her, eyes tearing and said he have a few thing to tell her. Later on B told us that her boyfriend's ex had committed suicide. But then she said, she swear that she saw his ex trying to kiss him while her boyfriend stayed chilled on his seat staring at the menu, then she realize that there were nobody beside him.

I did not see anything at all but saw all these happening in front of me, I felt really strange because I did not experience any temperature change and heaviness and all the feelings that people would say when experiencing a spirit. Also, because it was afternoon, there was no spookiness. We were thinking that B might have saw somebody else kissing but like how can she suddenly see hallucinations all the sudden? We were just having tea and coffee, not whiskey and gin?

I myself is not sensitive at all as you can tell, I read people's stories to gain such knowledge but almost had no experience on paranormal activities, I mean even if I have they are explainable, right? But this, I find it hard to think as a paranormal encounter but at the same time strange seeing a person encountering one. Unlike the story before about my sister seeing a white smoke, B was ready "to hack a bottle at her boyfriend's head", I mean she sounded as if she really saw a real person, not a blur or a shadow or smoke, but a solid person. I cannot find any better words to describe it anymore, but I am hoping that at least one or two of the readers here would know what I mean.

Hope this is one interesting story for you all, thanks for reading.

Love from São Paulo


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roylynx (24 stories) (622 posts)
5 months ago (2017-09-07)
Eden14, Well, I respect your comment and thank you.
Well, additional information just for you if you want to know.

That actually was not the first time she does such things, the other day I was walking in a park with some of my friend I saw her walking towards us, she said hello and tried to pat an invisible dog, but then she realize that it was not "real", my friend then told me that his dog passed away just weeks ago giving birth to 6 puppies.

Wow, she really need to see a counsellor, if she knew what was going on.

Eden14 (14 posts)
5 months ago (2017-09-07)
Something is definitely wrong with B. She needs psychological help. How can she confront a man & accuse him based on dreams? I think she sub-consciously seeks attention. There is something in her childhood that had lead to this behaviour. It's best to see a counsellor.
roylynx (24 stories) (622 posts)
6 months ago (2017-08-27)
Spiritual_Paganist, Possible! I do not know well of "sixth senses" of other people, not even people close to me. Maybe she was not seeing a spirit, who knows?

Spiritual_Paganist (9 posts)
6 months ago (2017-08-25)
So she was seeing things that wasn't happening at the physical moment? If she was because she is a sensitive she may have accidentally read a mind, reading minds gives you strong visions and overlaps what your physically seeing sometimes when strong enough. This can happen and may have been accidental, if I made the wrong assumption I must have misread the story, I apologize if I did
roylynx (24 stories) (622 posts)
6 months ago (2017-08-15)
Oh, Good observation senhora lady-glow!
I am guessing something more complicated had happened... But let's don't get too personal here lol

Las penas con pan, son buenas... Haha!

lady-glow (9 stories) (1738 posts)
6 months ago (2017-08-15)
So, B's boyfriend learned about his ex's suicide and went straight to the restaurant to have a snack?!😮
Well... At least he had the good sense to cry!

As we say in Mexico, "Las penas con pan, son buenas" (grief with food is not so bad).

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