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Caz (222 posts)
7 months ago (2017-05-22)
Hey Biblio...I've only just read your 'Clash of Personalities' and as with this one, I'm amazed at the amount of detail you manage to provide. As I read, it seems to play in my mind like a movie and I feel as though I'm there. 😊
As I was seeing these metallic things, or 'thing' as it may be a single object that can morph, it struck me that the way it/they move suggests they/it is sentient or controlled by something that's sentient. That's just my thoughts though!
Argette (guest)
7 months ago (2017-05-22)
Truly, Bibliography, your name is well chosen as I can tell you are a reader.

But back to these objects. Is it possible that whatever manifest itself to you in such a way would choose a different method to reach someone else? This is kind of in line with Melda's question.
AugustaM (2 stories) (429 posts)
7 months ago (2017-05-22)
Interesting experience! The only thing your experiences resemble to my mind would be alien encounters...though, albeit miniaturized! Really fascinating. As you mentioned there were no previous structures on the land, is it possible that there could have been a Native American settlement or that it may have been a sacred site? I am not sure if you put any faith in the notion of ley lines (I'm not sure myself) but perhaps the property was located near a significant convergence... I really don't know but this just doesn't strike me as a human spirit but something else, something more abstract.
BeautInside (2 stories) (186 posts)
7 months ago (2017-05-22)
Hi Biblio,

Thanks for sharing these interesting experiences! 😊

Just like Argette I've never heard or read about this type of experience, it is very intriguing indeed. I'm curious as to what other members might have to say; if anyone has experienced something similar.

You wrote "...I had enough trouble staying in touch with reality, but that's a different story...", may I ask you if this happened during the early stages of your childhood? I understand if you don't feel comfortable answering my question.

Once again, thank you for sharing those amazing (and intriguing) encounters.

Melda (9 stories) (717 posts)
7 months ago (2017-05-22)
Biblio - That is truly mind boggling and I'm very pleased that you did eventually decide to submit this account! I'm assuming you were the only member of your family to witness this.

These objects don't appear to have frightened you in any way but as you said, you were transfixed! So would I have been 😕

This is perhaps an extremely dumb remark but do you think that the pen and paper-looking objects could have been an indication of what your career path would be? I can't think of an explanation for the balloon-like object. (Not that my other remarks about the pen and paper are particularly clever.)

All in all a totally fascinating account!

Regards, Melda
Bibliothecarius (5 stories) (745 posts)
7 months ago (2017-05-21)
Thanks, Argette.

That's a lovely compliment to receive as the first comment on this peculiar story.

I often write out the initial event, then edit the diction (even rewrite paragraphs!), so that the descriptions are clear. Despite this time-consuming process, I've posted comments and narratives with typos or grammatical inconsistencies due to incomplete editing and old-fashioned human error. 😊

I honestly have no explanation for the manifestations, either, nor why they were confined to the one house I've ever lived in that was a newly-built structure on previously uninhabited land. There was a freshly-poured concrete basement downhill from us (I checked on Google Earth, and it is still there!), and there were remains of an old farmhouse stone cellar in the northernmost 1-acre lot, but there had been no previous structure on the site of that house according to the records in the Town Clerk's office or the Historical Society's maps.

We discuss "inhuman" spirits on YGS from time to time, but these objects didn't even appear to resemble sentient life forms, which makes little sense to me.

Argette (guest)
7 months ago (2017-05-21)
Shape-shifting metal objects are something I've never read about, but somehow seem totally believable to me, as I, too, have seen and heard things I have no explanation for, Biblio.

I don't know what to make of these occurrences, but I do appreciate the time and care you put into your account.

You are truly a fine writer.

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