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Daffodale Estate Ghost Tours

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United States
620 W Washington St (click for map)
Join us for a haunting experience
Reservations are required
Our tours begin with either an appetizer (tour) or dinner (tour).
Appetizers and/or Dinner are prepared by co-owner Cathy Ebberbach and assisted by Salli Squitieri and served either in the grand dining hall or the Victorian Tea Room. Dinner includes Beverage, delicious meal, and decadent dessert.
Proprietor-Scott Ebberbach enters as dinner closes and shares assorted stories.

The Tour then proceeds to the front porch where community details and history are provided and then a full room by room tour of the Daffodale House Estate circa 1897... It is not unusual for paranormal investigators to be present or on site.
Scott shares ghostly tales and encounters while guests takes photos and use assort ghost apps.
The finale is a lantern lit stroll through the grounds comprised of three acres filled with natural beauty--over 100 old growth Camellias, old oaks adorned with Spanish moss, Ginko, Pecans and assorted flower plants. Ghostly stories emerge along the stroll...
This is a must experience tour... Contact us for more details

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