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Articles on Ghosts

The following are informative articles and editorials on the subject of ghosts written by Anne V.

What Are Ghosts?

We have all been raised with ghosts in our lives. Cartoons, stories & Legends, Halloween, and deceased relatives that we wonder about.

What Is the Difference Between Ghosts and Angels / Demons?

If we adhere to theory -- ghosts are deceased humans, while demons and angels are not of earthly origin.


How Can Mediums Talk to Ghosts?

First, I think we are all capable of talking to ghosts, but we don't work on the skills that would be needed to do this. And most of us don't want to see, hear or feel a ghost!

Ghosts Gone Bad

The premise of this article is that ghostly beings (human or otherwise) dwell on the other side and while there are garden variety good ones, there can sometimes be bad ones.


Incubus and Succubus

Medieval legend claims that demons, both male and female, sexually prey on human beings. The male demon is known as an incubus and the female is the succubus.

Shadow People

People from around the world have written to our site about something they have seen that they can only best describe as, “Shadow People”.


Other Writers

Native American Smudging Ceremony

You should pick a time when you are least likely to be interrupted while performing this ceremony as it is a lengthy one and does require your complete attention.

Before You Improvise Yourself a Ghost Hunter

You think you have what it takes to be a ghost hunter? First question you should ask yourself is: am I ready to deal with what I am about to experience?


Ghost Hunting Etiquette 101

The image and perception of a ghost has taken on so many attributes and illusions over the centuries that it is difficult to distinguish the difference as to what is and what isn't a true haunting.

Sleep Paralysis

Throughout the history of mankind there have been the reports of people awakening to feel a sense of weight on their chests and an inability to move their limbs to escape this pressure.


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