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Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society

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Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society is very professional acting, confidential, experienced, and best of all, free to all clients, we take the paranormal very serious and will not give you any false information or information that we can not prove from a scientific view as well as from our professional point of views, we will not give you pictures of "orbs" and tell you your home or business is haunted, we do research the property prior to investigating it to see if any of the claims may be from things that has happened on the property in the past, we do follow-up with our clients within a week after investigating and reviewing evidence to let them know what, if anything we may of found or any explanations we have came up with as to what they are experiencing, as well as recommendations of the next step that can be taken for them to feel more comfortable in their places of residence or employment. Ghost Hunting is something that we really enjoy doing, although it is fun doing it, our main concern and objective is helping and educating people so that they no longer feel threatened or afraid in their home or business. If you are experiencing things in your home or business, please feel free to email us or give us a call, visit our website at for contact information.
We are based out of the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area's but we do cover the surrounding states such as Indiana, Tennessee, etc. NKYPS has had several articles written about us in a paranormal examiner as well as in a local magazine, we also were featured on the travel channel's website by Ghost Adventures, you can view these articles as well as our group on the travel channels website by visiting our news & events page on our website.
Christel Brooks
Founder/Case Manager
Christel [at] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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