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Indian Paranormal Team

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Pune (click for map)
411 038
Founded in 2013, we helped people with quick solutions to their paranormal problems over the internet. As more and more people were satisfied with our solutions the demand for personal visits rose. As the two founders had a decent experience in this field, they started visiting people and healing them. The people saw amazing results and the demand rose. An organisation aiming to help people had gathered attention and we had to live up to their expectations.

Carefully selecting its core members through various filters, we now have a core team of 5 members. Each of the members has a God-gift. Some members can travel astrally and heal, while some can read minds. That is not all, we also have brave investigators who do not feel threatened by the energies and communicate with them through psychic medium. We also have a spiritual healer who heals through touch and can heal distantly. He can connect to people anywhere in the world and perform exorcism. Our members have deep knowledge about the various types of energies and what needs to be done to to tackle them.

We strive to give you all the solutions to your paranormal problems over here. We investigate all the locations using spiritual and scientific methods only.

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