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Back in the 1980's my lover and I moved from parkdale in Toronto to 419 sherboune. It was an apartment on the 3rd floor, the door to our apartment was on the 2nd floor. We moved in with 3 cats and a dog. It was a large one bedroom with the bedroom at the top of the stairs across from the kitchen, it had a long hall way with the bathroom 3/4 of the way down the hall and the living room at the end. The building was old and the living room had a kitchen sink in a small room type area behind a wooden book shelf. I was told that they use to rent each room out, a rooming house kind of thing.

The first time I thought that something strange was when we came back from London and found a wooden cross that was on the wall on the floor and one of our cats in the bathroom on the windows seemed frightened, our two siamese were under our bed. It was strange as they always came out to greet us, especially after we were away over night.

The door to our apt was on the second floor, there was about a 6 inches between the door when it was closed and the first step. The steps had a carpet but the cats discovered the carpet under the first step could be pushed back and they could get into the walls. I put a small window screen between the step and the door to keep the cats out of the walls. My lover worked in a beauty supply shop and closed the store at 6:00pm every night. On several occasion I would hear what sounded like our apartment door being opened and someone coming up the stairs, but only to the third step, the dog would hear it too, and would go to look with me but no one was there.

One evening I heard the door open and someone come up 3 steps then stop, when I went to look there was no one there but the screen from the bottom step was laying on the 3rd step. I mentioned this to my lover who just laughed it off and said it was my imagination. One evening a friend of his came to visit at around 4:30pm and we had a coffee and talked waiting for my lover to come home. My dog was in the living room laying facing the hall. Our friend and I heard the door open and someone come up 3 steps. I looked at the clock and it was just 6:00pm so I knew it wasn't my lover. I looked at my dog who was looking down the hall and had just started to wag her tail when she suddenly jump to her feet and started to bark and growl, every hair on her back was standing up. Our friend grabbed my big ashtray for a weapon as we thought someone had just broken into the apartment. We rushed to look down the hallway but my dog kept blocking me and would not let me enter the hall, all the time she had her eyes fixed and appeared to be looking at something about 6 feet from the floor, all the while growling and barking. My friend and I could not see anything.

We searched the apartment and found the cats on the bed with their tail all fluffed up and eyes as big as saucers. After searching the apartment with me, our friend left, asking me to have my lover phone him as soon as he came home. I took my dog and sat outside till my lover came home and asked him to call our friend right away. Our friend told him what happened and we wrote a notice to our landlord saying we were moving out.

As soon as we got the keys to our new apartment I took our cats over, usually when cats are taken to a strange place they hide, but this time our cats ran around and played. I went back once after moving our stuff out to check the mail, I took the dog with me but when I reach the steps to the building she refused to go up.

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luvparanormal (12 stories) (268 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-19)
thanks for sharring, As everyone here I agree that animals have this thing that they can sense anything and of course they will also try and defend us the best they can.
I do find it very interesting and wonder did you ever ask the landlord if something had happened or did you ever investigate the property to see if anything had happened in the property? I am sure that something must have happened in the property or the house. I also think that based on the attitude your dog had it was not a good thing either.

KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
13 years ago (2007-11-15)
I am certain your animals were warning you of a prescence. They can feel and sense when there is 'something' there, I believe they become more aggitated because they know that it is not the usual variety'something, I believe they become even more aggitated when they feel danger may be involved.

God Bless our animals and how they look out for us! 😁
Martin (594 posts) mod
14 years ago (2006-12-16)
Well it has been said that many animals actually avoided the indonasian tsunami some years ago by fleeing to the moutains a few hours before it actually happened. I'm not sure what to think on that matter between animals having additional senses that we don't know about or if they are just more sensitive, or possibly, just paying more attention to their senses.

Humans have a lot of business on their minds, so much so that they don't look for clues in their surroundings of what's going on.
Matthew (guest)
14 years ago (2006-12-15)
Most animals really feel these sort of things, they have a sixth sense. Now the sixth sense to my understanding does not necessarily mean that you have a third eye. The sixth sense is just an enhancement of the senses that you already have. I have this friend who can see better than I am. Some can smell better and some can feel stronger about these sort of things. But we all can see ghosts and believe me they are out there. I believe your story and I also believe that strange things like these sometimes remain in certain places.

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