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The "boogieman"


My name is Savannah. I have been dealing with many paranormal encounters at my workplace. I work at an Assisted Living Facility. I have been here for four years. I started back in high school, and am now almost 21.

Our facility has 2 different units. The 1st unit, "AL", is in the front of the building, it consists of elderly who only need a small amount of assistance. The second is our, "MC- Memory Care", unit, consisting of our Alzheimer's and Dementia/ sundowners residents. I have experienced lots of unexplainable things in my four years of working here. I have worked all three shifts, those being day shift, evening shift, and night shift. Currently I have been doing strictly nights.

Last night, the night of June 22nd 2019, I experienced something that had topped everything I have had to go through here paranormal wise. It all started with one of our residents in the MC unit seeing a man in her room. I will call this resident "Pam". (All names mentioned from here on out will be fake names due to HIPPA.) Pam was up all night long, saying that there was a man on her room. Due to her dementia, she often sees her late husband in her room and often talks of seeing people who aren't there. She also has brain cancer which contributes to this. So, knowing this information we normally would have assured her that no man was there and she would go back to sleep.

After multiple occurrences of Pam waking up and talking about a man, her neighboring roomate, whom I shall call Brianna, was wide awake in her bed. She was talking. This was not normal for Brianna. During this time my coworker, Kate, was working MC. She was brand new, and this was her 1st night by herself. I,on the other hand, was working in the front of the building in AL. Kate went in the room to see what was going on with Brianna. Kate then came to me, telling me that Brianna was scared, also saying a man was in her room. Kate asked me if I could come help her because I normally work in the MC unit. She thought that if I came back there it would be easier to calm Brianna down. I agreed.

When first walking into the room I could feel the energy was off. As I walked up to Brianna, I could tell that she was terrified. I sat down on the corner of her bed, and grabbed her hand. I said, "Brianna, baby, what's wrong?" She looked at me, with terror in her eyes and said, "Boogieman". I then felt my gut sink, and my skin crawl. I jumped up, and ran out of the room. Due to fear I had to try to gain my composure. I wasn't going to leave her in there with this so called, "boogieman".

After calming myself, I went back into her room and turned on her light to see Brianna pointing at the corner of the room. She was silent. I sat beside her, and she rattled off more broken sentences about the man. I was able to calm her down enough to where I thought maybe she would be able to get so sleep but as I went to leave she yelled, "please don't leave me". I again sat with her as she sat up and was still pointing at the corner of the room. I was able to get her to lay down and attempted again to let her get some sleep. This time she shut her eyes. I wanted to check in on her often, because I didn't want to leave her alone and afraid. I checked every 15 minutes only to find her awake and pointing at the corner with tears in her eyes. It was 5am at this point, and this has been going on for almost two and a half hours. I decided that we should go ahead and get her up and dressed for the day, since she wasn't comfortable sleeping.

At this point our nurse was passing morning meds on AL, so I went to the front to update her on what happened. She was in with a resident whom I will call Jessica. (Mind you, the AL unit is for residents who need little to no assistance. All of them are in their right minds.)

So, our nurse was in Jessica's room, and Jessica was also terrified. As I walked in, Jessica was telling our nurse that a man was pounding on her door all night long. She said that he came into her room and was talking to her. Jessica said she couldn't make out most of what he was saying because she was so terrified. She pretended to be asleep hoping that the man would go away. While explaining to us what had happened she kept repeating how he was, in her exact words, "panting" at the door and banging on it constantly throughout the night and then finally came in not too long before the nurse came to give her her morning medication. She said he was standing at her bed looking at her, and said at one point the man had mentioned something about the pants she was wearing. She pretended to sleep until the nurse came.

After talking with Jessica I pulled the nurse as side and updated her about the chaos in MC. The nurse informed me that while passing meds in MC, where Pam and Brianna are, she was in with Brianna's neighbor. A little information on Briannas neighbor, who I will call Lacey, Lacey is hard of hearing, and can not see very well. Her dementia is a special kind. She lives in her memories and will talk to herself. Normally when talking to herself she will be the one leading the conversation. Asking direct questions, and making direct statements. Okay, back to what the nurse was telling me. The nurse went into Lacey's room to give her morning medication to her. When she walked into her room, Lacey was looking at the corner of the room having a full conversation with something... Saying things like, "Oh, that is funny!" While laughing. This is unlike Lacey because like I mentioned earlier normally she will make statements and not get a response (because nobody is there to respond) but she never responds, if you can understand what I mean by that. It's complicated, but as caregivers we know our residents and this behavior wasn't like Lacey. The nurse was trying to get Lacey attention but she was focused on the corner. She then stepped into her view, telling Lacey it was time for her morning medication. Lacey acknowledged her, and physically looked around her to say to the corner, "she said something." Telling whatever she was talking to that the nurse had attempted to talk to her!

After replaying everything that happened last night in my head I keep bringing myself back to Thursday night, June 20th, a couple days prior to all of the things that had happened yesterday.

I was training Kate, my coworker in MC. We were exchanging ghost stories of things we have seen throughout the years of working in nursing homes, and Kate had mentioned something about hearing things in her head at her old nursing home... I told her that had happened to me a couple months prior. And that I haven't told anyone because I hadn't physically heard it out loud, but in my head. I went on to tell her while being on Brianna's room I had felt breathing on the back of my neck, and heard a man's voice in my head say, "GET OUT!" Later on Thursday morning, one of our residents in MC told the nurse a man was standing in front of her door watching her for hours... It makes me wonder if me saying what happened to me out loud made this, "boogieman" more active. Who knows. I guess I will find out tonight since I'm sitting at work in the MC unit as I type this. It's 3:30am. That's what time when he made his appearance yesterday. Wish me luck!

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MrsRizzo2429 (4 stories) (93 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-25)
I enjoyed reading your story! I hope you will keep us updated if anything else happens. It sounds creepy and I wonder why it told you to get out. It seems nice to some people and it seems like it wants to scare others.

Sincerely mrs rizzo
Darkangel73 (4 stories) (126 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-17)
I remember working in a nursing home, years back. It was a strange experience. I believe that those residents see things, because some are closer to the veil of the spirit world. We had a lady who worked 3rd with myself, and three other ladies. She saw black shadows... Each time after she would see one of those shadows a resident would pass away. Always in 3's too. One other time I was working on C hall with mostly residents who couldn't dress themselves or were bed ridden. The light went off on one of the residents, I went to check thinking she was awake and needed something. NOPE. She was out cold. Then a man passed away, that very next night his light kept going off. And what was messed up the door was locked. So Boone could go into that room.
Po5itive_vibe5 (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-15)
Well, we did have a women pass away in the same room as the women who seen "the boogieman" 3 days prior to this happening... Lots of the residents called her a man because of her short hair. I just wanted to give a quick update, the night after this happened after I typed all this up and posted it, the women who I called "Pam" was yelling out the residents name whom passed away 4 days before. (The one I just mentioned above.) Pam never knew the womens name and always called her "that boy" so it was very odd for her to call out her name in the middle of the night.
Raseco62 (4 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-14)
Although some of these aging individuals are having medical difficulty. It doesn't mean that the clergy shouldn't pay them an essential visit.

Perhaps, their last rights are important.

It's always best if one if this patient sees a "scary" ghostly entity to practice daily Christian repentance with or without a clergy.

I understand it's easier to refute my inclination of daily repentance. However, it a critical role in our Christian faith and it's truly best to depart our Earthly Realm with repentance to our Lord God Jesus Christ.

I am a powerful intuitive with crucial insights into the supernatural. Our Earthly realm is one of God's realms and it's obvious that we are accountable regardless of our age, for instance, for misdeeds, for the mishap and for any form of havoc we caused against another individual.

It's my experience if a person is visited by a malevolent entity, other than a departed loved one, it's an obvious time for repentance and confession to the Christian clergy or a Catholic priest.

You don't know everyone backgrounds history of their true individuality, and therefore we shouldn't judge, but you can assist an individual who is in need of repentance--call their family clergy for assistance.

It's also a possibility that a departed (apparition) loved one was trying to ask the elderly in section AL to repent because of the obvious malevolent entity was presented that night. This is a reason for the high numbers of ghostly apparitions activity.
Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-13)
Po5itive ~
First I'd like to commend you on the care you seem to take with your patients. My wife is a volunteer coordinator for Hospice locally and I do seasonal work with facilities such as yours around the holidays as Father Christmas. Thank you for your important work.

I hope your patients are left in peace by whatever/whoever it is and look forward to reading more about your experiences in the future.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (286 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-12)
I love that you seem understanding, and respectful towards your patients, as they do need amazing people to be such great caregivers to them, especially given how their lifestyle is for them. As for your situation at work, I don't think your thought on bringing up your experiences with your new coworker, is off. I've learned how just speaking of the paranormal side, can give out energy to let them be more known. But whether or not that's what happened, either way it still seems that something is obviously there, and letting itself be known. I wouldn't say that it's exactly a malevolent spirit at this point, as from what you've said about it so far, it hasn't seemed to cause any harm, other than just scaring a few of your patients. Which don't get me wrong, isn't nice, but it may not mean to scare them, but just rather wanting their attention. I think LuciaJucinta question on asking if any male has recently past away there, is a good question, as maybe it could be someone that stayed there in life, and knew the patients you said that are claiming to see him. Hopefully whatever, or whoever it is, isn't meaning any harm, and doesn't get worse, to where you can possibly figure out what you're actually dealing with. Thank you for sharing your experience with us 😊 I really enjoyed reading about it, and hope things don't get worse by your next update on what's going on at your work place.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-12)
Wow, really great story. I've worked in similar places and had weird stuff occur to me as well.

Sometimes I do think talking about them brings them on to be more active.

Did any men recently die? Could it have been the spirit of a recently deceased male resident?
WisconsinLady (1 stories) (52 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-12)
How is everyone doing? Have your residents been able to sleep well since this happened? I hope so! ❤

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