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Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-18)
Hi Jasmine08
Thanks for sharing. Are you able to please elaborate on the following aspect of your story that confuses me?
This figure tthat you met deep in the dark woods early one morning by yourself, you said that your flashlight made it glow - that would suggest that it was a solid object that reflected light. If that was the case then that suggests it was more of this world than another.
But then you go on to say it was glowing all by itself.
Lady-Glow, you surprise me. I have to say your advice is a bit irresponsible here. I think in this situation hitting this entity with a toothbrush is simply too risky; I suggest that throwing a toothbrush would be a wiser option, as that way you don't have to get too close. Safety first!
funeralmass (1 stories) (27 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-18)
Jasmine08, I'm not entirely sure this was a demon. It could have been a nature spirit/elemental, or some kind of dark and or chaotic entity (dark/chaotic seems unlikely in my opinion, as it didn't really do anything to "freak you out"/mess with you, it basically seemed to mind it's own business). It could have been some otherworldly entity that may have been just as startled and curious about you as you were about it.

Demons normally have a purpose when visiting our plane of existence. They normally have to be summoned/invoked/evoked to manifest in our world (even then, it's normally a fleeting encounter when called upon) and, while most have forms they prefer (or forms they may take based on your pre-concieved notions and it's purpose and whims, most are naturally invisible. Also, even very experienced occult practitioners may spend years attempting to get a demon to manifest before they get results (many are unable to get a demon to ever manifest, even with years of training and practice). Demons generally do things on their own time. Very rarely do actual demons (in the sense most people think of what a "demon" is) just appear without being invoked.

The advice to never project fear in the presence of a "demon" or dark/chaotic entity (or any entity) is sound advice. If you do, they are far more likely to screw with you to feed on the energy produced by fear, or just for giggles (yes, demons have emotions, including a sense of humor for many). Keep in mind that "true demons" (such as King Paimon, Azazel, Uphir, Lucifuge Rafocal, etc..., including the nine demonic kings, the crown princes, etc...) are not all evil or want to destroy you. Are there some that are dark, chaotic, or hate mankind? Absolutely. Are there ones that would like to destroy humanity? Yes. Are there ones that want no contact with mankind whatsoever? Sure. But some actually enjoy teaching mankind knowledge that has been purposefully hidden from us or that we simply aren't even aware of. Some can even be quite beneficial. I am not suggesting that you seek to commune with demons (especially if you have no occult knowledge or training and, even then, you must be very careful because, even people with occult training sometimes make contact with something they want no part of and those entities can do a lot of psychological damage).

My point is that I'm leaning away from "demon" on the encounter. In my humble opinion, it sounds more like a nature spirit/elemental, or maybe even some form of cryptid which inhabits those woods. I would avoid that patch of woods, day and night. Hope this helped give some insight.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-18)
lady-glow - The multipurpose toothbrush now has a back-up in the form of dental floss (if you have read the comments of Macknorton and Randym)!

Jasmine - If you walked past this entity you would have turned your back on it at some stage and nothing happened to you. In any case it might in fact not have been a demon. I have read accounts on this site of people seeing scary-looking elemental beings, most of which are apparently harmless.

By the way, if you want an answer to "the toothbrush", ask lady-glow, she's the one who started it, so let her deal with it 😜 😆!

Regards, Melda
lady-glow (13 stories) (2934 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-17)
Hi jasmine: I did some google research about this Rake thing only to find that it's not a real entity.


I'm curious about your following statement:

"...everything I had heard from my family about demons was to never show fear or to turn your back) and also to not startle it by running (That I don't know why I felt that way but I did) so I chose to walk past it quietly and to not make any eye contact whatsoever with it and that's what I did..."

Do you mean your family has a long history of encounters with demons? If so, have they asked for any kind of religious help or did they get rid of the demons only by 'not looking at them in the eye and not running'? 🤔

Are you aware of any other sightings of this creature in the area?

In my opinion, it was very irresponsible from your part to walk alone in the bush at such late hour, there's always the possibility of an encounter with wild animals or with people that may take advantage of the lack of witnesses and hurt you.
I know, every one has done stupid things during their youth... Even betraying their parents trust.

If you see the Rake again, hit it with a toothbrush!😆

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