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As some background information, I'm going to explain my house a bit. I live in an old Cape Cod style house (my family knows a woman in her mid to late sixties who lived in our house as a child) though the house has been changed quite a bit through the years; the signature windows that make a Cape Cod easily recognizable have been removed, the stairs to the second floor moved to a different spot, and-most importantly for this story-the roof over our back porch has been rebuilt, making it much longer. The house is a one-and-a-half bath, and the full bath is on the second floor, where all of the bedrooms are. Having explained that, I can get into my story.

This happened only a few days ago, and I was quite shaken when it happened. I should probably mention that I have hated the location of the window in our full bath since moving into the house; the window sits above the toilet, and at an angle to where you can see out the window when you step out of the shower if you turn your head slightly to the right. The window overlooks our backyard, so I typically put a towel or something over the window when I go to take a shower (due mainly to the fact that right off our back yard are several other houses that are easily seen from the window) the other night, as I was taking a shower, I had music playing from my phone and was waiting for the next song to start. As I was standing in the shower, I heard a series of knocks. Thinking it was someone in my family, I simply ignored it at first, as the bathroom door was locked.

I heard the knocks a few times during my shower, but just thought someone needed the bathroom and continued to ignore it until I was done.

When I went to get out of the shower, I heard the knocks again, but, as I listened, I realized something that chilled me to the bone; the knocks were coming from the window, not the bathroom door. I stood stock-still as the knocks subsided, terrified to remove the towel from the window. I dressed quickly, removed the towel from the window, and ran to my bedroom without looking towards the window. As I sat in my room, trying to calm my nerves, I thought back to the knocks; there was no way anyone could get to the window. For one thing, we have three dogs that bark at anyone aside from my family, and the dogs were silent. And another thing, my father was in the living room, and would see someone walk onto the porch through the back window. And, finally, the only way to get onto that roof is to crawl out my bedroom window or with a ladder, because it stretches out so far, and is too high off the deck to use the railings to crawl up. There was no rain, we have no trees close enough to that window for something to hit it, and there was a pattern to the sound. So what I want to know is, what the hell was I hearing?

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kentucky_believer (9 stories) (20 posts)
11 months ago (2017-01-30)
Bibliothecarious Thank you for letting me know! I defiantly will be looking into that.
Bibliothecarius (5 stories) (745 posts)
11 months ago (2017-01-29)
Greetings, kentucky_believer.

While researching a couple of cases of plagiarism, Manafon & I found this story reprinted without any mention of you or of YGS on "tumblr." Look through the archive ( to see if any others have been taken.

kentucky_believer (9 stories) (20 posts)
11 months ago (2017-01-03)
BrokenTree We have woodpeckers, but not this time of year and they've never come to our porch. Tretinray, nothing significant was going on that I can think of, but thanks for the advice.
trentinray (2 stories) (63 posts)
11 months ago (2017-01-02)
Kentucky_believer- Okay, well after I proved there were no structural reasons for the knock I would ask, do you have any family or friends that may be trying to send you a message? Maybe it was a "hello" from someone you have lost? Were there any important things going on around that time? Were you thinking about anybody or anything significant?
BrokenTree (76 posts)
11 months ago (2017-01-02)
I think it was a woodpecker. Damn things are eating my porch and have put two holes in the sides of the house. When I hear that knocking, I bang on the window and it flies off. It usually comes back and starts knocking again. I mean, really, how rude and I feed them in the winter.
kentucky_believer (9 stories) (20 posts)
11 months ago (2017-01-02)
Trentinray that entire wall of my house was rebuilt just before we moved in; also, the frame is aluminum. And our neighborhood is quiet with no renuvations or construction going on.
trentinray (2 stories) (63 posts)
11 months ago (2017-01-02)
I would ask about the window first. Is it able to rattle at all? I have had old windows with wood frames that would sit loosely, so that if someone bumped a nearby wall the window would knock, or bounce a bit. Was anyone in neighboring rooms doing anything? Or any large equipment or goings on outside? Those would be my first questions 😁 Wow how scary that would be, did you have relaxing showers after the event? I would probably ask someone to come with me after that! LOL

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