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I'm from Mumbai. I just wanted to share my ghostly experience which is completely real. For me it was truly a bad experience which I don't want to forget and to be alert for my whole life.

It was August 2014 and I just completed my graduation few months back and there is a huge financial crises in my family, so we shifted to Navi Mumbai (Jui Nagar) from Nariman Point. We shifted to one building called Shraddha Apartment.

The day when I saw the building I was unhappy because it was dark from outside as well as inside. Even stairs are all dark and there is only one light in the staircase. But we got that flat in cheaper rate than the actual rate. Even my mother and sister was unhappy with the building condition and darkness. We got to know that the owner also hasn't visited the apartment from last 5 years and only brokers are coming for the rent or selling purpose. Building was also empty for 10 years and people shifted there only few years back.

First day when we entered the flat, I felt someone is watching me. But I ignored thinking that it is common in a new place to feel weird.

The same day I asked my neighbour for mobile charger but they refuse to give and banged the door immediately after hearing that I m a new owner of that flat. Whole floor started ignoring us. Even watchman was not talking to us. We felt weird and something is wrong in this flat. Then we had dinner and we went to sleep. My bhai Bhabhi was sleeping in the room and me, my sister, niece and mother was sleeping in hall area. I woke up around 2 am and saw someone walking in the kitchen area.

I thought it was my Bhabhi so I called her name. But there is no response. Then I gathered my courage to go inside the kitchen to look whose inside. Surprisingly there is no one in the kitchen.

I started shivering. I ran and got inside the blanket. Then the worst thing happened. Someone touched my feet and told me to get out of the blanket. I removed blanket from my face and there she is " White Kurti, Hair open, somewhere around 23 or 24 in age, eyes completely white, no black eyeball, Hair covered in one eye ".I was not in a sense to utter a word. She was sitting just beside my feet and telling me to give her one eyes back. I fainted.

The next morning I was not in courage to tell this thing to my family members. I was scared to go to kitchen area, even to washroom. But somehow I went to toilet and there I saw one name written in the door inside " Seema ".Even today I'm getting goose bumps because of this name. I came out and spent my whole day in the hall. Even food was served by my mother and I used public toilet near my building.

Two days went like this only. I saw her roaming here and there, sitting in a kitchen area watching every member of my family but she never harmed any one of us. Even my niece saw her and told my sister that he saw angel flying in our house. She thought it is just his imagination and ignored him. Although she and my mother also feels the presence of someone in the house.

Fourth day I was sitting in terrace with my mom and sister. They told me everything what they felt and want to leave this house and go somewhere else. Then I told them about that horror night. They were all shocked because exactly the same thing happened with my Bhabhi and Mother.

That night we were all in a fear, restless and want to run away from this place. That night once again my niece saw her flying here and there. I and my family sat near Big Ganapati Idol which we placed in wall near the door. It was uneasy for us to stay there that night.

Suddenly my mom decided to leave that place at least for this night and stay at my granny place and decided to leave that house the very next day. We started moving outside. We kept our bed sheet and pillow in a proper place and closed the window tightly. My mom and brother was the last one to lock the main door and my Mom's Saree palloo stuck inside the main door. My mom was so scared that she tore the saree and ran outside the building.

We reached to Charni Road and suddenly rain stopped. We got down there and searched for a cab at around 2pm. But we found nothing. Than we decided to sit in a Ganapati Pandaal in Chowpaty (Girgaun Chowpaty) because of the heavy rain. Ganapati Bappa saved us every time.

Next morning around 5 am we went to our granny place and rest for few hours. Than we booked a tempo to empty the flat and again went to that scary house. We saw that all bed sheet and pillows are thrown here and there and all the windows are open. Windows were too tight that even we take so much of time to open and close it, so there is no possibility that any bird or animal have done this.

We started packing everything; we saw one big gunny bag inside the kitchen slap. I tried to touch that gunny but I fell down. Same happened with brother mother and even with my sister. That was completely weird. The next worst thing happened is that the tempo driver stuck somewhere and came late in the evening.

My cousins arrived with tempo and started teasing ghost with her name " Seema I Love You ", "Seema Marry me ".I tried to stop them but they were laughing and making fun of her. After 6 pm the only light in the staircase broken and suddenly there is electricity shortage in the whole building. We started to move outside the apartment with small luggages in our hands. First my brother saw her in the stairs calling his name and teasing him. He came running and told us this thing, Secondly both the cousins saw her in a different way. My first cousin was getting down with the luggages in both the hands and mobile with open torch in his mouth, someone snatches the mobile from his mouth and there is no one he saw. He was shivering and never want to step inside the building again. Another cousin saw her hand in his shoulder and came running to us. Finally we moved from the place and shifted to my granny place.

We never want to visit that place for our life. We not even saw a single horror movie for next 6 months. I was too scared that I was sick after that. My mother got danger disease which I don't want to share. My brother got heavy loss in his business. But that ghost never followed us again. We don't know what was there in that gunny bag. Might be her dead body? We got to know her story from the watchman. It was painful story of a girl. I'm scared to share that.

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SheetalDharia (1 stories) (6 posts)
2 days ago (2017-04-24)

Thanks for reading the story. Yes there is no one in that flat right now. Because after my incident 2 families faced the same issues. The same borker informed me this. Laugh
SheetalDharia (1 stories) (6 posts)
2 days ago (2017-04-24)
Hey VivekThekote

I thing u r right and thanks for the support too Happy
SN_kumar27 (2 posts)
4 days ago (2017-04-22)
Scary one. Really haunted story. May be no one living on that flat now. God bless all
VivekThekote (1 stories) (79 posts)
4 days ago (2017-04-22)
Hi Lady Glow, Yes maybe the gunny bag will not have a dead body but may be it will have the personal belongings of the Soul and may be she is possessive for the same. God Bless All.
lady-glow (6 stories) (1308 posts)
5 days ago (2017-04-21)
There's no way a dead body was in the gunny bag... The stench would have been unbearable.

Were you able to confirm the story of the murdered girl? I don't get the reason for her to show to you in a scary way and like an angel to your niece, perhaps she didn't want to frighten her?

Thanks for sharing.
SheetalDharia (1 stories) (6 posts)
5 days ago (2017-04-21)
Hey VivekThekote.

Thanks for your advice dear.
Actually neighbours were not at all strange but they are scared of telling the actual story and even they are warned by owner. Because last five buyers of the of flat ran away like this only. Few neighbours met us after some days. They told us they don't want to share the story but we are happy that we left the place for good.
SheetalDharia (1 stories) (6 posts)
5 days ago (2017-04-21)
Hey Darby72.

That girl was in love with one guy. She is from Mandavi,Maharashtra. We don't know the actual story. But That guy killed her in that flat. Her soul is waiting for that guy to come. Watchman told us this.
Darby72 (1 posts)
5 days ago (2017-04-20)
Wow. Amazing story Did anyone really no who this was in the flat? Did this spirit get any resolution
VivekThekote (1 stories) (79 posts)
6 days ago (2017-04-20)
Hi Sheetal, Also like to know whether the neighbour's had talked to You at last day of your stay and when your cousins saw the ghost at stairs so no body neighborhood responded? Also the neighbours were strange? I would like to say when you move to any new home kindly do the Holy Cleansing of the HOUSE also I know some part of Jui Nagar at it is near to Sanpada Station where I used to work before some 7 years back there are many mangroves there which is said to be haunted during nights. God Bless All
VivekThekote (1 stories) (79 posts)
6 days ago (2017-04-20)
Hi Sheetal, Your Name reminds of Purity as the meaning of the name is so. I am sorry to listen to Your Story it was spine tingling and very scary also feel bad for the girl who passed away. Lord Ganapati had saved Your Family also there is no better protection in this Universe than Divine Protection. The girl may have gone through worst phrase of life so even after death her soul wandered. It was also strange that the people of the buildings behaved strange at first also when you get into new house it is suggested to Bless the House with Holy Rituals. I hope Your Mother and Your Family Members are OK also I would like to suggests to have Gods Photo or a Holy Tabeez with You for protection. Its wise that all of you moved from the house also like to inform that as you said that the cousins were teasing in the spirits name. I am not an expert but it is not advisable to tease these spirits as they feel bad as there souls are restless. Hope now You and Your Families are OK. Kindly reply if still there is any other things happened next. God Bless All.

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