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This is my first post here, so please be kind! I've had many what I would describe as paranormal experiences throughout my life. My earliest memories are of my 5 or 6 year-old self late at night, snuggled in bed. I'm not sure I'd classify this as a "ghost story" but I feel like I should start sharing from the beginning.

My parents leased a working farm & acres of wheat-fields from my paternal grandparents. This was in rural Oregon, and the three of us lived in an old ranch style home quite literally in the middle of nowhere, with our closest neighbor nearly a mile away, and maybe a half mile away from the highway. It was pretty isolated.

One night, right outside of my bedroom window, I heard what sounded like a human voice saying, "No-ahhh... Noah..." as if a mother was calling her son, Noah. Being young, I didn't think much of it, and hopped out of bed to investigate. I looked out to the back yard, and saw nothing, and alas - the voice had stopped. I was just falling back to sleep when I heard the same, "Noah, Noahhh...". My parents' bedroom was just on the other side of the wall from mine, so I peeped in their room to see if the noise was coming from there... Total silence as they were sound asleep.

Though this was over thirty years ago - especially given my age at the time, but I remember that voice like it was yesterday. The Noah callings began to happen more frequently, from what I recall it seemed like weeks on end... And always after my parents had fallen asleep. It got to the point where I'd expect it & just lay there, petrified. Once I recall asking my mom who Noah was and why someone would be yelling for him at night, and she told me that deer sometimes make noises that sound like people. I'm not sure about you, but I've never heard a deer sound quite like that.

I don't recall any other strange experiences in that house, other than I had a lot of imaginary friends... Being an only child out in the sticks, I'm sure my folks shrugged it off as normal. Looking back as an adult & having my own experiences pile up, I'm certain there was something there. A few things to consider: We did not live far from the path of the Oregon Trail, and on our property was also an old two-story bunkhouse. It had long been abandon, but some furniture & drapery remained... I remember going in there a time or two with my mom & the place was just plain creepy. Our property wasn't anywhere near posh, but there was also a large in-ground swimming pool that was quite a ways away from the house & bunkhouse... Never filled, never maintained, which I still find odd to this day. I mention this as the voice calling for Noah may have been a residual haunting of sorts.

Sadly, when my grandfather passed in the late 80's, a family feud resulted in us having to relocate & essentially start a new life. My mom & dad purchased a business and we moved into a new house in town. That time being a painful memory for my parents, I hesitate to ask questions about the property, the bunkhouse... And I wonder what they would say about the Noah experiences today.

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Cups (4 stories) (20 posts)
2 months ago (2017-11-08)
Well friends, I messaged my youngest cousin tonight and asked if he or his folks ever had any strange experiences at the house or property - nope. And apparently the old bunkhouse has long been torn down, he didn't even know it had existed. 😢 I'm kind of disappointed and saddened that the bunkhouse doesn't stand any longer... I feel like the whole property has been wiped clean of our existence there.

Thank you again for the comments & interest! I feel that this "case" is deemed open-ended, so onto the next! Be well. ❤
Cups (4 stories) (20 posts)
2 months ago (2017-11-07)
Well, thank you! I do think I needed to talk about it some... Family affairs can indeed get pretty messy. I'm so sorry to hear yours are scattered... I hope the miracle (or curse!) of social media & the interwebs can help you gather your family once again.:)

I am definitely interested in asking my cousin if he heard the woman growing up. He's several years younger than I am, so would have been about the same age when they moved into that house prior to leveling it. Now comes the challenge of bringing it up so I don't sound like a loon! 😁
Jubeele (9 stories) (471 posts)
2 months ago (2017-11-07)
Oh Cups, what a sad tangle of affairs. Don't worry about "rambling" - you obviously needed to talk about it. Family disputes are so complicated. All too often, people get torn in all directions like pull-apart bread.

When my paternal Grandma passed away over 36 years ago, the feud at the time was over money matters too. Then after Dad went, Mum had a dispute with his side of the family over something else. Both sides of the family are now scattered all over the world, but I hope to get in touch with more of them next year.

But I'm pleased that you've made contact with your cousins and taken the first steps to building new (and improved) family ties. That is so good to hear. Some traits run in families though. Don't be surprised if you've got certain things in common!

I wonder if that woman still calls for Noah outside the new house... Do keep us updated. 😊
Cups (4 stories) (20 posts)
2 months ago (2017-11-07)
Thank you for reading, Jubeele! I distinctly remember the voice to sound female, probably a younger woman, in her 20's or 30's if I had to guess. I've always "felt" that it was a woman looking for her son.

Family feuds are the worst! I'm sorry to hear you've been through one as well. Mine happened in 1987 or '88 when my grandfather passed; my dad is the youngest of 3 kids. I would find out years later that the family estate was worth a very large chunk of money. My dad's two older siblings (a brother & a sister) are/were of the not very nice sort - my dad's mother, a million times worse. How my dad ended up a solid, sane person with a mother like his, I'll never know. My grandmother drank vodka all day long, and once scolded my mom for holding me "too much" when I was an infant... She told her to just keep me in a playpen with a bottle (that's what she did to my dad & his siblings). My aunt got pregnant in high school - my grandmother deemed her a nymphomaniac, had her sterilized after giving birth to my cousin and had her get shock treatments... You know, totally logical stuff here. 🙄

At any rate, dad & my grandfather were very close - he was the favorite, hence the reason they farmed together, and why we leased the property. This didn't sit well with my aunt & uncle, who teamed up with "grandmother" to write my dad out of the will. They also forced us off our property. Dad hired an attorney to fight it, but my mom didn't want any part of a financial fight... She said it wasn't worth the pain. They took what money they had and bought a house & business in town. We had a fresh start. Of course I thought this was the coolest thing ever, not knowing what was really going on.

My uncle married a Native American woman in the 80's and they adopted a baby from Iran...I'll call him David. They lied to everyone & said the baby was also Native American... To this day, I don't know if David even knows he's actually Persian. They ended up moving into our old house on the ranch and selling all the surrounding farmland. They tore down the house (and the bunkhouse) and put in a manufactured home. 😢

I apologize for rambling here... I know you didn't ask for the details, haha! I'm only sharing because just in the past six months, I have reconnected with my estranged cousins through social media. My uncle had a daughter from a previous marriage - David put me in touch with her, and through her I was able to find my aunt's daughter. It has been absolutely amazing catching up with them & trying to piece together all the nonsense that happened back then. After posting this story, my curiosity in the property & history is definitely piqued! I am also curious to find out if they had any experiences akin to mine... I will update if I find out!

(again, sorry for all the rambling!)
Jubeele (9 stories) (471 posts)
3 months ago (2017-11-06)
Hi Cups, I enjoyed reading your account. You paint such a sad, haunting picture. Do you remember if the the voice sounded male or female? Was it like a mother searching for a child or another child calling for a playmate?

When my Grandma passed, there was a bitter family feud too. The last I saw of them was at Dad's funeral over 13 years ago. But I do hope that someday you can be in contact with your relatives again and perhaps find out more about Noah and the family property.

Thanks for sharing your account. 😊
Cups (4 stories) (20 posts)
3 months ago (2017-11-06)
Hi, Melda & EmmalineTexas! Thank you both for reading & for the kind words. I have no idea if my parents ever experienced anything there... I will try to bring it up at Thanksgiving and see what I can get out of them - hopefully I'll have something to add to the story in the coming weeks! 😊 Now I need to concoct an ice-breaker so I can bring it up tactfully!
EmmalineTexas (10 stories) (148 posts)
3 months ago (2017-11-06)
Cups - Thanks for posting your story. It sounds like you're very tuned in when it comes to residual hauntings. I'm curious; did you parents ever hear anything? Usually, if your property has residual energy or spirits that come through there are odd little things that people notice. Like furniture moving, or shadows that you see in your peripheral vision. Even sounds like whistling or hearing someone call for you that sounds like a family member. It would be really interesting to find out the history of that property. Because it was near to the Oregon Trail, it could be almost a path of people who left fragments or imprints on the land. It could also be an active haunting because of the bunkhouse. Wow, great story. I really look forward to reading more of your experiences.
Melda (9 stories) (798 posts)
3 months ago (2017-11-04)
Cups - Very interesting! I too believe that this was a residual haunting. It sends the imagination in all sorts of directions. Who were they, what did they look like, what were their jobs on the farm, were they the owners or just employed workers? I love it 😊

Regards, Melda
Cups (4 stories) (20 posts)
3 months ago (2017-11-03)
Thank you for the kind words, Manafon! Ugh, hearing a couple arguing every night doesn't sound pleasant... I will check out your story - I'm intrigued now.

I have thought of this voice over the years & could never find an explanation for it. I'm now 36 years old, and we have deer (among many other animals) in the yard & surrounding areas year-round... Never have I heard anything close to the "Noah" bit.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (539 posts)
3 months ago (2017-11-03)
Hi Cups - I enjoyed reading your account. When I was the same age as you were in your account, I heard a man and woman arguing every night for several months. The voices were clear but oddly muted. I detail this in an account I submitted on YGS some time ago. It does seem likely that your young mind, being more open and receptive to the paranormal, was indeed picking up on a residual type of voice calling out for "Noah".

I can understand how hearing this voice nightly would freak you out. For whatever reason the voices I heard never scared me. In the end it seems you were just receptive to hearing a voice imprinted in close proximity of your house. Thanks for sharing!

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