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How Can Mediums Talk to Ghosts?

First, I think we are all capable of talking to ghosts, but we don't work on the skills that would be needed to do this. And most of us don't want to see, hear or feel a ghost! Ịt would be rather unnerving, if not terrifying, to look up from a moment of respite and see some blank eyed little girl starting at you, mouthing something you can't hear. Visions of The Shinning become all too real at this point and nothing we want to mess with.

But then, there are those that are born natural Mediums. Their ability to detect outside the normal human frequency, like many animals, is heightened. Their E.S.P., or extra sensory perception, extends beyond the normal physical senses. They simply are able to tune into a frequency band greater than most. Some can see ghosts; some can only hear them, while other Mediums are shown visions and guidance in their mind's eye, or "third eye" from the beyond. These are the John Edwards of the world, or the crime solving specialists on the fascinating show, Haunting Evidence on Court TV.

How Can Mediums Talk to Ghosts? If you personally are interested in learning the skills of the Medium, there are things you can do.

First, visit haunted places. It doesn't have to be a frightening place which will close you down to the experience, but a location were many lives had crossed over, like an old battle field, a cemetery, or a known haunted hotel. There are plenty of books out there that detail these places throughout the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

Second, find a place where you can be very quiet and still. You are trying to open up that sixth sense which has been dormant for a very long time. We all have this capability, but like any muscle, it's become weak over time, maybe an entire life-time.

Third, start shutting out the thoughts in your mind that are racing about. You need an open receptacle (the quiet mind) to allow very soft utterings from beyond. You can't hear if you're too busy talking in your own mind (much like any conversation). The more you go into a meditative state, known as Alpha, the more you'll open up to hearing frequencies not normally heard.

Next, after you are quiet, calm, and clear, extend a request that a positive entity make itself be known to you. Then, just relax, wait and listen. If the situation is right, they will try and make themselves be heard in some way. And hearing is easier to attain than breaking through the physical dimension with actual matter, so expect that. It will probably be something short and perhaps blurted out, so don't expect a huge dialog, more like one or two words, or a hurried rush of whispering.

The few times I've heard ghosts, I was quiet and calm. Usually coming out of sleep, meditating, or spending time alone in a quiet and solitary state --all ideal for extended communications with the dearly departed.

Of course, once you open this type of ability, you may have started a new journey for yourself and one you may not entirely want! So be sure this is the type of thing that really interests you. If not, keep that TV going and stay away from the cemetery!

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