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What Are Ghosts?

We have all been raised with ghosts in our lives. Cartoons, stories & Legends, Halloween, and deceased relatives that we wonder about. We all die so it's part of our heritage, no matter what culture that is. We know as far back as man has been writing symbols on walls that we've contemplated spirits from another realm.

Ghosts are more than deceased people. If they were just that, there would be nothing to talk about. Crossing over to the next dimension doesn't make you a ghost. Ịt's when you come back and let your presence be known among the living. They move an object, provide a fleeting glance, come to us in our dreams, and whisper to us though we may not be able to see them. They are souls that have something to show, do or say to us.

What are ghosts?Why do they come back? What is so compelling to them that they are not in final rest where they are in the afterlife? I think there are many reasons. For some, it's unfinished business. For others, it's pure love. They simply don't want to let go. Something strong exists within them to want to come back to this realm to hold dear, expose or endure something strong to them. I think it applies to the living as well. Why do we cling to thoughts of those that have passed, even to those that are still living? I guarantee you it's for many of the same reasons they do. Just because we leave this dimension doesn't mean we stop being human in our thoughts and desires. What we are here is what we take with us. The same love, fear, and desires don't cease when we do.

I think ghosts are just those souls strong enough to break through the dimensions to express their will or cling to some past. There are several ways they can do this. One of the most common are those that have just recently crossed over. Their energy is still strong enough that it's possible for them to be seen and even communicated with just a few hours or days after their departure. One might call this their etheric presence. It fades shortly after the physical perishes but it too diminishes quickly, like an aura that no longer has a host.

Equal to the pull of love is anguish. More than not, a ghost is a person whose life ended abruptly and sometimes violently. This can be known as a haunting because they are haunted by a life now gone. The haunting is from their thoughts and their presence become testimony to that.

If you think about it, ghosts are just you and I. What will become of us when we move on? Will we come back? Will we want to? I guess we'll find out.

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