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Ghost Tours at Slater Mill

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United States
Rhode Island
P.O. Box 696 (click for map)
Slater Mill presents its second season of Ghost Tours, sponsored by Chatterton Insurance Co.

Pawtucket has a long and rich history of the unexplained. Interwoven with history is always ann element of legend, at times entering the realm of paranormal. Join us for a stroll through our site, located along the Blackstone River, where we can explore a trove of these mysteries. Your paranormal experience will end in the same location as an episode of 'Ghost Hunters' was filmed. This episode aired September 2008. Stand in the same spot as T.A.P.S. Crew and search the paranormal.

The 2009 season was kicked off with the lecture Practical Ghost Hunting presented by Keith & Sandra Johnson and Carl Johnson of New England Anomalies Research (N.E.A.R.). This presentation eludidated on the basic protocol and procedures involved in paranormal explorations, and how to prepare for the unexpected which most often applies to investigating this realm. They also shared some of their experiences with hauntings they have encountered, displaying pictures and playing examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena: alleged spirit voices through a Power Point presentation.

Ghost Tour dates:
* August 28 - November 7
* Fridays & Saturdays at 6:30 & 8:30 PM

Ghost Tour fee: $15 per person

Reservations suggested; space is limited.

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