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Quabbin Valley Paranormal

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United States
Quabbin Valley Paranormal was founded in 2007 by Philip Sheridan with the help of co-workers Julie Sisson, Joe and Gerry Powling and friend, Dennis Peck. QVP was established after a mutual desire by all the founding members to research paranormal activity, more specifically, reports of hauntings. We are located in north central Massachusetts and have done investigations here as well as in other states. Most of our members work full time in the fire service, law enforcement, and emergency medical services. As they do in their full time professions, QVP founding members maintain a high standard of ethical conduct and strive for honest credibility during paranormal investigations. This standard will be upheld by all subsequent members of QVP.

Our goal is to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding a suspected paranormal event in their homes or businesses. We hope to do this by investigating and researching the situation and educating clients as to the true nature of their event as well as giving them the information and understanding to create a livable resolution for their situation. In the process of pursuing that goal, we also wish to gather and collate data that will lead to the better understanding of true paranormal activities. We will always conduct ourselves in a professional manner and do all we can to aid our clients. We will never charge a client for the services we provide.

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