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WIPS(Western Illinois Paranormal Society)

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United States
Galesburg Illinois (click for map)
Shelly and Sean Are Founder and co-founder,We have been up since 2004. We are a Scentific group but we also do use Sensatives as well. We are based in west central Illinois but will go all over illinois and surrounding states. All of our members are trained on all of our Equipment and are very professional. We do try and debunk every investigation and if we are still left with questions we will say its a haunting. We believe that half the investigations we do can be solved somehow. We DO NOT use Boards or have Seaonces to get a spirit active in anyway, We believe you and do not want no more harm to come to you. We do house cleanings as well and we are a NON Profit Group (we don't charge for our services). If you wish your investigation can and will be confidental apon request, we respect all our clients and their wishes. If you need an investgation done in your home or business, or just want us to check out a place or even a question than feel free to get ahold of us at our website anytime. We are here to Explain The Unexplained To YOU!

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