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Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research

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United States
Water Valley (click for map)
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Haunted Mississippi Paranormal is a North Central Mississippi based paranormal research group. The goal of HMPR is to research, investigate, and document paranormal activity in an unbiased, logical, and scientific manner. HMPR is dedicated to the discovery of truth, and to helping those who experience severe, disturbing, or frightening activity. HMPR members will conduct research and investigations according to the rules and policies of the group, and with the utmost respect for the privacy and property of our clientele, the community, and the group it conducts. HMPR conducts investigations free of charge in the search for answers to the paranormal.
HMPR takes a more scientific look into those things that do not appear as normal in nature. While not all things paranormal are necessarily ghost per say, HMPR extends is services free of charge to thoes who need assistance. Nearly 80% of all reported paranormal activity can be revealed and explained through proper investigation.

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