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South Africa
Pretoria/Johannesburg (click for map)
SPITSA is a brand new South African Ghost hunting team where we share our experiences about the paranormal with anyone interested. SPITSA was created by a mutual interest in the paranormal field and our members met via the internet through their individual research and interest. We are four dedicated members at this stage.

Our aim is to do as many investigations as possible and we would like to share our findings and photographs with everyone interested. We would also like to see your photos and we would like to hear your stories. Paranormal activity remains an unknown field of study as there are very few facts and many theories. We would like to dedicate this website to sharing those theories and experiences, but most of all, to document any paranormal activity.

We at SPITSA firmly believe that ghosts exist and all of us have had some or other experience in this regard. On our website, you will find our field experiences, EVP's, footage, images. We are more focussed on areas where you need answers and will only publish details as requested by our site visitors. Many people believe that ghosts or spirits as they are also known do not exist. We are not going to try and convince anyone otherwise, but what we provide might just change your mind.

We do paranormal investigations in South Africa. Should you have any reason to believe that you may have unexplained activity in your environment, feel free to e-mail us anytime. Our investigations are done using scientific methods and equipment like video cameras, voice recorders, thermometers etc. We are not in any way conjuring spirits or contacting the dead

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